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Which is sexier, the dissected corpse or the unborn baby?

Pregnophilia is being sexually attracted to pregnant women; it is when you shove your penis into an unborn fetus: just one of the many fucked-up fetishes that swarm teh interbutts.

What's Wrong with Being a Pregnophile?

Having sex with a pregnant woman is ALWAYS damaging to the baby, the woman, and YOU. Having sex with a pregnant woman leaves a 100% chance that the baby will be retarded.

The Effects

There are 3 main forms of retardation that are caused by Pregnophiles.

Downs Syndrome

Aww isn't she a cutie?

When a man has sex with a pregnant woman his penis penetrates the baby's head, leaving a hole in it's brain. If he comes in this hole a new baby will form in the fetus' head, leading to Siamese twins. Any baby born with a Siamese twin inside it's head will have to be aborted so the public don't have to waste all their money operating on this one lump of inhuman flesh.

Some argue that even if the man doesn't penetrate the baby's head, it will be retarded anyway. This is because if the baby's mother is willing to let a man fuck her while she is pregnant, then obviously she is already a fucktard. The chances of this double if the man fucking her is the baby's father.

Turning into an Attention Whore

Because they have been swimming in semen since an early age, the offspring of a Pregnophile will grow up to be a whore. This varies depending on the gender of the fetus.

Being Ghey

If the fetus is male and has been hosed down with a fresh spray of cum while in the womb, then he will be born a faggot. This does not stop the fact that being gay is always your mom's fault.

Over-exposure to semen is the main cause of homosexuality. Does not count as a Pregnophile however...

Sometimes if the fetus is female, she will not grow up to be a cumwhore but a lesbian. This is because all lesbians have been raped at least 100 times, which include all the times before they were born. It would seem therefore that being a whore isn't always passed on, since their mothers like teh cock and dykes don't. But remember, all lesbians are secretly asking for it.

The only solution to the Pregnophile problem is to have the baby, the mother, and the father aborted.

So . . . do YOU liek preggo chicks?

Who Become Pregnophiles?

  • Furries Because Furries love any sort of fucked-up fetish.
  • Japanese See note on furries.
  • DeviantArt members. See note on Japanese.


The main reason people develop pregnophilia is because they are some of the some of the most depraved pedophiles out there. Worse than toddlercon or baby fuck. They are aroused by pregnant woman because of the developing fetus in their wombs.

Eventually the pedophiles looks for younger and younger victims, the most extreme cases being attraction to sperm. At this point the pedophile will search hungrily for cock to suck, and ends up becoming a faggot - thus the circle of life continues.

People Who AREN'T Pregnophiles

  • Gays Gay men automatically hate women because they are breeders.
  • Lesbians Gay women hate pregnant woman more than regular faggots because it means they have had sex with a man, and therefore condone rape.
  • Childfree people. Obviously.
  • Niggers It's a known fact that 100% of black men will run after the woman they raped tries to sue their asses for child support.

What to Do if You are a Pregnophile

  • Stop breeding. Seriously. We don't need any more sick fucks on this planet.
  • Stay away from pregnant women.
  • Please, for the love of God DON'T go anywhere near Mpreg fanfics.
  • Commit Suicide. Its the only way.
  • ????

Pregnophilic art

Britney Spears

In 2006, before she upgraded from attention whore to batshit insane, a statue was made of Britney Spears giving birth. She did not give permission for the statue to be made, making it even more lulzy. The statue was suppose to be a part of the pro-life movement. This however failed because the sight of the statue made people want to tear their eyes out. You can see the baby's head and vulva.

In reality, the thought of Britney breeding was so fucking awful that doctors tried to get rid of the little shit by cutting it out of her grossly swollen belly, hopefully killing Britney in the process. Sadly both mother and baby survived.


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