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Police.gif FACT ALERT:
This is serious shit and has been known to cause drama and IRL Ban Hammers. Actually doing this might get you v&. The information on page is provided for educational purposes only.
Prank calling
Exercise caution when making prank phone calls
How right they were

A prank call is what sophisticated prepubescent youths do for fun while not playing World of Warcraft, or participating in daily circle jerks. This phone call will be recorded on Skype and uploaded to YouTube immediately as an attempt by the caller to increase his/her e-penis.

Prank calls are a timeless classic. Since the dawn of the telegram, people would pick up to hear "CLICK CLICK CLIIIICK" and a sudden hangup, I assume. But now, our enemies are more sophisticated, and so are we. They never stop finding ways to advance their power- and neither do we.


Typical Prankers

Prank calls are usually made by small dick teenagers looking for kicks. Most of the time these calls are full of fail, and are usually fucked up by their mates laughing in the background. A good Pranker will keep his calm and try and keep a level of sensibility among all the madness (or at least shoot his friend for being a giggling faggot). Experienced Prankers will generally move on to other forms of entertainment, such as literature and music.

Pranks calls shouldn’t be confused with Social Engineering although a talented Pranker could combine for WIN.

How to make a prank call

  1. Get a phone
  2. Act retarded
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!

Recording and Sound

We recommend the Freecorder Toolbar for recording your prank calls. Prank call recorders have to be able to capture your incoming AND outgoing sounds, and Freecorder does it well. It seems spyware free too. You will need a mic to make your noise. If you don't have a mic, google for a text-to-speech program and do as you do in soundboard use or just use a soundboard/play Lulz: A Corruption of LOL (soundtrack) music (music is great for voicemail flooding too)

VoIP Services

VoIP is Voice over IP, aka computer calls. With nary but a microphone (or even without one, through soundboards) an /i/nsurgent can drive an enemy up the wall from the comfort of their own home, and fairly untraceable.


Fuck Skype, get a Gmail account (Google you fucking noob) it now has free phone calls to any number in the United States for free until at least the end of 2010. Hopefully, for prank callers everywhere, this service by Google will continue forever.


Well shit...

Ah, Skype, a $$$ name synonymous with prank calls and VoIP. A well established program, Skype is based in Luxembourg, and they don't give IPs and account names of callers to anyone. The numbers appear on caller ID as a random string.

Common Sense PROTIP: If you threaten the White House, they will probably give your IP; if you threaten the whity, no one cares. Call targets, not presidents (except the president of Nigeria, I did that once it was hilarious he's a cool guy, eh is black and eh doesn't afraid of anything.)

Skype has the best quality internet calls one can get for a good price; the largest downside is that you must pay to call landlines and cellphones EXCEPT for a free 10 minutes of calling they give you as a demo. You can use this 10 minutes to call and do as you please, and make a new account when the trial runs out. You can buy SkypePro online or pick up an $8 card from Wal-Mart that gives you 3 months of SkypePro. SykpePro is unlimited calls to the US and Canada and like 15 bucks of international credit.

Another great feature about Skype is the ability to hold conference calls, and make multiple outbound connections at once. (Up to 9 people in one conference) Even if you do not have Skype Out you should still have Skype to join these calls. Skype also allows free outgoing calls to toll free numbers in USA, Britain, France, Poland. You can use tools such as 1(800)GOOG411 or 1(800)FREE411 to connect to businesses and residences. A trick in Britain which allows you to call the same 0800 number twice at the same time is you enter the number like this +440800... then you add the same number but starting with +44800. This is good when calling call centres as you can have the same business talking to themselves.


Recording on Skype is another great feature as it has Pamela Call Recorder that will let you get 15 minutes free to record the calls. Just make sure you turn off the silly warnings in the options tab. This is great for capturing the contents of a call in its natural form.


iCall is just like Skype, but free; the call quality can be sub-par at times, though, but it is a good alternative for the budget saver. For money you can get better call quality, but don't bother, it's ok without it or you could pay for Skype.

Pro Tip: Either have a really fast VPN or proxy if not then hold onto your ass and not proxy since iCall derps when trying to make calls over a proxy.

VoIPx Suite (VoIPBuster, etc)

It's one program with like 4 names, all pretending to be different while identical in every respect. VoIPBuster/VoIPStunt/VoIPCheap is a VoIP service that claims to have a free trial period. It CLAIMS this period is about one minute or three minutes per call, but many people go as long as 10 minutes a call without it disconnecting. Why is this? Blame shitty European program, bank error in your favor. It all seems like a fairly shady company, but the programs work fine and are good calling quality. Eventually though, it will say your account has run out of time, so uninstall and redownload, or create a new account (using a fake email address). Some report this does not work, and try doing it over a proxy or changing their MAC address. Eh, who can tell, just move onto the next identical program.



Just register using a fake email, enter the bare minimum of fake details as required, start pranking, use up the 15-30 free minutes, rinse and repeat.

Indirect Methods


Free computer based phone service intended for use of the deaf, but is free for anyone to use. The company also will not give out IP numbers unless you're calling the white house or issuing bomb threats.

The service is slightly slow because there is a middle man - the operator. Their job is to call the target for you and reading what you type. The person on the other end is talking to the operator and the operator will type out what they are saying. The operator for the call cannot hang up on you and is required to say everything you type to them, no matter how ridiculous. relay Google for an IP relay and do what the site says to get started. Wait for a bit and the operator will call the number you specify. Type whenever you want to say something, then type "ga" ("go ahead") to let the operator know you're done talking. If the target hangs up, you can request the operator to redial. A hang up button is at the bottom middle of the window if you want to hang up at any time.

***NOTE*** On AIM add the buddy "My Ip Relay", you can now make relay calls through AIM which is much more efficent then their URL. Simply Message "My Ip Relay" from fake screen name, and say Dial ###-###-####, from there it's standard Ip relay procedure.

PROTIP: Before you make a call, type this to the operator "please do not announce relay ga" The operator will not voice an FCC required script about how to use relay to your caller, allowing more time for the lulz.

This is a slow method, but an easy to do through a computer that ensures anonymity and you can make multiple calls through multiple windows to flood the target with relay calls. You'll get IP banned after a while, and if doing something stupid use a proxy, but it's easy and effortless.

About IP Relay [4]

Prank Message Websites

There are a couple websites out there that if you give them a typed message and a phone number they'll send it. What's awesome is that you can apply them to a macro for spamming delight. If you do, use Tor or a proxy or they'll think something is up and might ip ban you. (EPIC, lets you choose from a library or set your own)

After Voice

Free Text to Phone Call with Selectable Voices (logs IP's, use an anonymizer)

Phone Trick Page

Banned from CDYNE, they're working on a release version.

IRL Phones

IRL calling is more traceable, especially when done from your own phone. But is is more portable, convenient, and can be lulz with friends if done right. Also note that recording is much harder, unless your phone has one built in or you use [Phreaking.html phreaking] techniques.

*67 or 141

Not much to say. Enter *67 before the number on a US phone and it shows up as Unknown or Anonymous. Note that the police and phone companies can easily trace this, and if the pranked uses *69 immediately afterwards it sends the number to the police (but no one knows that). *67 is great for just calling your local idiot or a friend.

Also, this does not work when calling toll-free numbers.

Same in the UK, but 141 is the prefix

In Ausfalia, it is 1831 <number>.


Some payphones have security cameras nearby, so if it's a major prank call, not a good option in that case. If you just wanna call a regular target, payphones are an ok way to do it, though costly, public, inconvenient, and traceable to the phone. But then, if you just pay with coins, they can't trace it to you (unless a local camera catches you AND someone cares enough to track you down). The number shown will be the payphone number, which can be called back. Most payphones are used when one is waiting in a airport or for a movie and is getting bored.

Also, be aware that the only people who prank call using a payphone are complete pussies. Unless you want to ruin your reputation of a cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything, I wouldn't advise using payphones to prank call. Save your money.

Prepaid Cell Phones

Prepaid are a readily available resource, though costly relative to VoIP. When paid for in cash you get a cell phone that is mostly untraceable to you, just make sure to remove the battery when not in use so nobody can figure out your physical location. Also note that the phones location is almost always logged and can be traced after the call.

  • The cheapest phones are often available for as little as $15 US (see your nearest Wal-Mart).
  • $10 US can usually get you 30-50 minutes depending on the carrier, though most will sell minutes for around $0.10/min if you buy enough minutes.
  • Note that it may be difficult or impossible to record calls done on such a phone.
  • Net 10 offers the Nokia 1600 for $30 and it comes with 300 minutes free.
  • MetroPCS allows for unlimited voice calls from your metropolitan area to any number in the country for $35/mo.

Another Option is that if you already have a phone just buy a SIM card to be placed within your phone that you can change easily for yourself. And is much cheaper than buying a new phone. "this applies to prepaid phones only" many phones on a plan do not have the option to remove the SIM card.

Phone Cards

Phone cards show a random bogus number. They can be bought at most Wal-Marts, drugstores and gas stations. If bought with a credit card, it will of course be traced to you, but bought with cash it makes a fine portable anonimizer. The infamous prank caller who tricked fast food workers into performing sexual acts used pre-paid phone cards, and was eventually caught when they found the date and time of the purchase of a card and watched a surveillance tape of him buying it; bear in mind the cards are well monitered in terms of activity, so if doing something v&able don't use your own credit card and don't use your own phone. For most other activities, a phone card is fine too.

Mall Kiosk/Store phone use

Many Mall Cell phone company kiosks, and stores, have cell phones that are already activated. This is similar to buying a prepaid cell phone, but cheaper. Verizon is especially good with their Text to Landline service, allowing you to send a text message and have it delivered and read to a landline recipient. Be careful of cameras and security guards, as well as nosy employess. One way to pull this off is when the store/kiosk, is really busy, that way they will be less likely to wonder what you are doing; You could also bring a friend to create a distraction.

Free CallerID Spoofing

Note that these only work within the US and Canada:

Screw those previous services, this link gives you 83 minutes of free spoofing:

How CallerID Spoofing Is Done

Op Diverting

Walk up to a payphone and get the operator on the line, tell her your blind/special and need help dialing an 800 number (this is for a calling card, don't say so), have her dial your calling card access number and wait for her to get off the call, then enter your PIN and call out. If you do this with a prepaid calling card that you paid cash for and have never used before, you are basically untracable. The calling card company gets no ANI or Caller ID, you arn't charged any extra for using a payphone, and you are seriously close to being untraceable.


The legality of prank phone calls is surprisingly harsh. Adults can serve time in jail for what is known as "Annoying Phone Calls." One troll, who had their info given to the police by a spai and called a Gamestop during that raid was visited by police over the issue; due to a /b/tard on the inside Gamestop dropped the charges, but phone calls are, to many, serious fucking business.

Beside that little known "Annoying Phone Call" which can be any prank call, the most common charge that Anonymous is threatened with is Harassment. Harassment, as pertains to phone calls, becomes harassment after the 3rd call received; during the Gamestop raid, 18 calls were randomly noted in a one hour period as soon as police were involved, though their calls reportedly hit in the hundreds before the phone system was shut down.

Goddessmine had Officer Santana come to her house and start taking calls, probably recording and tracing. As stated in the VoIP section, Internet calls will probably not be traced, though it is extremely easy for them to trace your silly *67 calls, and phone companies will not wait till they have a warrant; most are compliant with the police to the extent that they will give your full dox to the cops upon a mere phone request.


Vista Users: Volume control > Recording Devices > (right click) show disabled devices

Some soundboards to use

Types of prank call

Soundboard prank

These are gay as fuck and most people will hang-up before you even create any lulz. There only good for tricking old people and dumb Arabs.

Advert prank

Advert + Loser = WIN as shown by the Fonejacker (VID BALEETED doo tuh turmz uf raep)

Reverse psychology prank

You're gay if you watch this, go to the Goatse page for rehabilitation.HAHA DISREGARD THAT,I SUCK COCKS

Business sales prank

Great for megalomaniacs

Trolling sales clerks

eBaum wants your sole

Teh Fuckin Irish Way

Good if your a butthurt inbred north-Dubliner

Epic pranks

Famous callers

Dex - Pranknet leader

The Fonejacker - While a closet Furry and gay nigger lover, his calls are full of win fail and is a shining beacon for all retarded teens.

Brandon Dicamillo - A Jackass star that spends too much time fucking Rake Yohn with mustard.

Howard Stern - Meh…who gives a fuck.

RedBoxChilipepper - Phone Losers of America founder and responsible for tons of lulz.

Jerky Boys - The kings of prank calls.

Sharolaid- Started the whole "Prank call businesses and act like a nigger" fad.

Ownage Pranks- One moar person on jewtube that is NOT gay

The 100% safe method: Reverse prank call

Learn from a Master:


Big targets

Shooting fish in a barrel while simultaneously throwing a grenade at a beached whale targets

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