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MS Office 2003 makes communicating bad news easier than ever.
More like .. pointless presentation amirite?

Powerpoint Presentations are a series of image macros made less informative by replacing all the kittens with stock report figures. Generally used by people who wouldn't know a computer if it raped them in the ass, to show their worthless colleagues pieces of worthless information, in an effort to somehow justify their pointless existence as a pathetic office drone with nothing to show for their lives whatsoever. With flying text and clipart.

Powerpoint has been known to cause herpes, genital warts, heart failure, gum disease and pancreatic cancer.

OpenOffice.org provides an open source alternative to Powerpoint, but is just as useless.

If you are faced with the prospect of sitting through a shitty Powerpoint presentation, here's some things you can do to lighten up the mood for everyone.

  • Yell "Go back a slide nigger, I wasn't done reading that shit" every time the slide is moved forward.
  • Haxor your teacher/coworker/boss's laptop and replace all images in the presentation with mudkips and/or goatse.
  • Kill yourself.
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