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A fageek. This is a combination of fag and geek.

A portmanteau is a suitcase.

Hugh Moore uses this word to mean a word that fuses two words in a single word to create a new word. Some argue that this is yet another diabolical plan of the Jews to achieve world domination. Through portmanteau, the vocabulary is being butchered until we are become robots. A prime example of this already occurring is in Japan, where almost every word is a Portmanteau, and we all know Japanese people are robots, or pedobots.

Roughly 99% of articles on ED contain a portmanteau of some form.

The word was first introduced into this common form by noted author Lewis Carroll, in his book Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. The White Knight tells Alice the story of the Jabberwock, a poem specifically intended to mock the speechification patternizations the upper classes used to try to separate themselves from the more plebeian aspects of society.

Basically, they made up words so they could have yet another fucking reason to laugh at poor people.

The White Knight explains that some of the obnoxiously obtuse words in Jabberwocky are "Portmanteau words", made of two separate concepts glued together ("mimsy": miserable and flimsy; "slithey": lithe and slimey), likening them to Portmanteau suitcases which are suitcases mixed with magic and the power of imagination to also be coat stands.

Portmanteau on TOW

Depth of vocabulary is closely correlated with intelligence. So closely correlated, in fact, that psychologists used to give vocabulary tests as a measure of IQ. As a result, douchebags get bonus points for using the term portmanteau in a Wikipedia article. Using the same logic, brilliant Wikipedia editors have created numerous, highly WP:RELEVANT pages, including a list of "border towns in the United States with portmanteau names".

As of January 2011, the word appears on 2,146 Wikipedia pages.

How to Make a Portmanteau

  1. Find two words with a common letter or syllable, or that define somebody you know
  2. Blend them to make a new word
  3. Spam it
  4. Get b&


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