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Jennifer Marie Baquing (a.k.a. Jee Jing, shelovesdresses, therealjennybeeee, Kim Jong Jew and Cha-Ching!) is a 34-year-old Azn-Americunt photographer, fashion designer, admitted high-class prostitute and self-proclaimed "disabled emo queer" whose near-immediate reaction to supposedly being brutally raped by a poor leftist white man on August 12, 2017, was to start a blog whining about how she was traumatized and in constant pain and then begin begging people on the internet to donate money to her crowdfunding campaign so she could move into a new house, smoke lots of marijuana and wouldn't have to resort to killing herself.

Unfortunately, Jennifer made the unbelievably stupid decision to never actually go to the police to report a rape that was supposedly so violent that it has caused her to suffer over half a year of unbearable pain and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses – most likely because the rape never actually happened and it was all just a lie to make some quick and easy cash from feminist retards on the internet. Despite never offering any evidence to back up her claims and the fact that she was constantly harassing and insulting the very people who were actually giving her money, Jenny still managed to raise over $30,000 by merely claiming to be a rape victim on the internets before her YouCaring campaign was abruptly shut down on March 14, 2018.


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