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Brittany Venti apparently.jpg

Brittany Venti (or Brittany Deer) is an edgy 24 year old trumpette that makes streams pandering to lonely betas on 4chan by flashing her cleavage on Twitch for 12 year old boys. When she's not playing as target practice for horny teens, she's trolling libtards epic style, her most notable example of this is when she went on Shia LaBeouf's He Will Not Divide Us stream and... screamed like an autist and got pick-pocketed by someone right in front of her face. The reason for this being that her eyes are too far off to the side to see anything in front of her.

Despite believing that she is original and coined edgy trolling by girls on Twitch, she is a shameless rip-off of every other e-whore that thinks they're the first to come up with the idea of an edgy girl on the internet that can appeal to chan culture. Unlike every other e-whore, she isn't actually attractive so she compensates by having her tits right in front of the screen as if anybody wants to see them.

To better connect with the people that jerk off to her videos interested in meme culture, she piggybacks on other bigger e-celeb's (such as LeafyIsHere and Baked Alaska) success by flirting with them and trying to get into their pants (even while being in a relationship) and promptly leaves once she is either called out or said e-celeb falls from "grace" and has to get a real job while the internet forgets about them and Tittany hopes that they also forget about her shameless dick sucking to weasel her way into the top. Here's a fun game: Ask her about why she tried dating Leafy and see how long it takes her to block you.

(( Coolest Mutt In The Mill ))
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