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AIDS, by many it is seen as a tragic disease, others, however, see it for what it really is, the greatest source of lulz ever conceived, for example: every 0.0001003402 seconds a baby in Africa dies of AIDS. It stands for Anally-Inflicted Death Sentence, Adios! Infected Dick Sucker, "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" for Wikipedians, and "S.I.D.A." in French, meaning "Sauvagement Introduit Dans l'Anus" (Savagely Introduced into Da Anus). AIDS is the politically correct term for GRIDS, Gay Cancer, and The Ebonic Plague.

In spite of the disease's name, AIDS involves no aid or assistance whatsoever.

Created by Ronald Reagan trolls during the 1980s to destroy niggers on the Internet, furries and faggots, AIDS is transmitted predominantly via buttsecks between two men. Aside from buttsecks, gay people can transmit AIDS by touch or injecting their tainted blood into harmless str8 people on the street. It is even possible to get AIDS by looking into the eyes of an infected person for more than roughly 8.3 seconds or by being kind or compassionate to any HIV-positive individual. Simply reading the Dan Savage web site can give you AIDS, and rumor has it that the code is encrypted in recent versions of the Conficker Worm. There are two different sets of diagnostic criteria in the first world and in Africa, to guarantee as many people die as possible!

AIDS is proof that God hates fags, and niggers, because ALL niggers have AIDS.

(( AIDS ))


Penis, vagina, and sometimes anus. This is the sex portal, where you can read about something you will never experience while on this site.


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