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The 2020 American Presidential Election is the latest clownshow in the cycle of American politics. While Encyclopedia Dramatica used to have an article on this drama-filled presidential race, it got lost in the turnover from our old site (.se/.rs) and thusly this article has to be created from scratch.

After going through four years of businessman and internet troll Donald Trump as USA President, the American populace has been given a choice. President Donald Trump's tenure has seen an excessive amount of REEEE'ing and BAWWWing from the left-wing politicians and SJWs in America. ISIS has "been eliminated", but BLM and Antifa have taken to LARPing in the streets and massively chimping out about fake police brutality.

In the meantime, the fake news media, or Lugenpresse in some dialects, has massively colluded with commies and "The Resistance" to push their propaganda and try to oust USA Troll-In-Chief The Donald. The "outrage" resulted in a massive amount of Prez-wannabes in the 2020 Democratic candidate field, but only dementia awareness advocate and successful "Master of The Grope" Joe Biden came out on top as the Dems' "Chosen One". With a choice between law and order, or an authoritarianism based on "muh feelings", science denial and massive censorship, the American people are at a crossroads. Who will win?...


This is Encyclopedia Dramatica's politics portal, the place for all things politics. Be sure to rotate this portal every two weeks.

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