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Welcome to the FurFaggotry Portal!
Real Name Dominique McLean
Given Names Sonicfox, Sonicfox5000
Nationality: Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Birthday March 2, 1998
Species Homo
Sub-Species Black
Genus Furry

Sonicfox, a.k.a. Dominique McLean, is a self-described SJW anti-hero of his own making, who, as his self-promoting Wikipedia article claims, is capable of mastering all new games and characters at a phenomenal rate, most likely because he won't leave his house without his fur suit on.

He has recently made a name for himself by overcoming his blackness and lack of opposable thumbs by becoming the highest-paid fighting games player in the world as of December 2018, proving that it is possible to make a living without having a life.

Like most left-leaning libtards with newfound fame, he is convinced that there is a right-wing conspiracy against him and has no qualms about voicing it, in some rather spectacular and lulzy ways. We must admit, it is better than most sitcoms on TV.

I’m gay, Black, a furry—pretty much everything a Republican hates


Sonicfox at Game Awards

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