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The trick is to work smart, not hard…

Some articles are Stubs. Some are crap. Some are out of scope. These are some of them.

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Bad Articles?

So, you've come to join us at Encyclopedia Dramatica, the best wiki on the Internets, and written a scathing article about someone who's wronged you, only to find it tagged with {{crap}}. What does this mean? You worked long and hard on your page! Or did you?

Why these tags exist

We understand that not everyone is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer but we do expect at least a little bit of effort put into your articles. Encyclopedia Dramatica is about drama on the internet so at the very least, your new article should relate to those two items. Rare exceptions can be made regarding the latter, but do try to stick with actual drama. We simply cannot tolerate articles such as these for obvious reasons. There's a good chance that if your page looks like one of those, it won't even be given a trial period, we'll just remove it on sight. Basically, we're striving to improve the wiki and new pages are the easiest place to enforce this.

How can I make my page better?

If your page has been tagged, take a moment to really read it. What kind of voice have you used? Does it read as if a bratty sixteen-year-old girl has written it? Is it full of played-out memes and other such garbage? Does it come across as a vindictive personal army request? These things are all negative, and if your article falls under one of these it doesn't have very good chances. The first order of business is to read Encyclopedia Dramatica for Dummies and get the basics down. Learn wiki formatting, when and where to pipe links, and what's so overused on the wiki that we've had to resort to banning people for it. Secondly, you should check out our required reading for articles that pertain to ED's history or are good examples of the kind of thing that lasts here. Next, avoid pointless racial slurs and swearing, as they come across as juvenile and tacky. Write your article as if it were going to be published in a tabloid newspaper; fill it with scandal and yellow journalism, not random invective.

If you'd like help from a live person, come join our Discord server. Many of our sysops lurk there, as well as more experienced wiki editors who know all sorts of interesting formatting tricks, can give advice on writing style, and generally are more helpful than the residents of other channels. Most importantly of all, don't be afraid to ask for help! We won't think you're stupid unless you prove otherwise.

When will I know if it's improved enough?

Many of us patrol the new wiki pages and keep an eye on new articles. If you've followed through with the advice available above, it's likely that one of us will remove the tags and your new article has been granted a pardon. Breathe easy and move on to your next article, as you're on your way to becoming a seasoned EDitor.

What if none of the above happens?

If no one attempts to improve your article, it will be removed after two weeks (maybe sooner if we're feeling particularly irritable). You're welcome to attempt it again, but please spend time practicing in the sandbox or your own userspace, where we're much more lenient. Lurk a bit and read more of the more successful articles and learn why they're good, edit existing articles that need improvement, and generally get a feel for what ED is about. If you're angry over the deletion and want to leave us, never to come back again, well, so be it. There is always the chance that ED isn't the best place for your article.

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