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The Lizard Squad is a group of young skids that still live with their parents and will most likely die alone in Guantanamo due to AIDS and arrests. They got fame for ruining gayming servers during the second period of 2014, for tweeting a false terrorist act on a plane and especially for shutting down PSN and Xbox Live gaming networks on Christmas. Later on however, they got V& - press F to pay respects fam.

Yes. Hello!

This page is a place to organize the articles on all things Anonymous! From Chanology's start to its somewhat finish, and everything between, to AnonOps and the hilarity that came with it, and all the other funny shit that follows in the wake of Anonymous. Please don't hesitate to help out in a non-fucking retarded way! If you find a great video or article on anonymous, feel free to add it to the Portal's featured content.

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