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Pornography (known as Porn to lazy asses and Pr0n to fuckfaces) is the best thing since sliced bread the reason you're not allowed your cell phone in school anymore, it's the reason all your relationships are fucked, it's the reason your homework is never done on time, it's the reason your parents put filters on your computer, it's the reason your boss installed security cameras in the dry storage room and it's the reason you will die alone. Ninety-nine percent of all bandwidth on the internet is devoted to porn and it's a proven fact that if live-action porn includes both genders, the director will spend 90% of the shots with a close up of the men's ass and 90% of his paycheck on smack.



All Feminists are against pornography and think that men who watch it, or even think about it, are rapists. Feminists say "They may feel shame inside, badness, and a sense of pain, which they can’t seem to escape. They assume that they could never be forgiven or loved again.", however, they just say this to lower men to their level of lovelessness. They also state that all pornography is rape and violence against women, even if it's male-to-male porn. But the cunts are not alone in this. Christians are also against porn due to the typical Christian's infantile phobia of anything that might become more popular than God.

The conflict between men and women is brutal. "The normal fuck," writes Andrea Dworkin, "by a normal man is taken to be an act of invasion and ownership undertaken in a mode of predation." This special insight into the sexual psychology of males is matched and confirmed by the sexual experience of women:

"Women have been chattels to men as wives, as prostitutes, as sexual and reproductive servants. Being owned and being fucked are or have been virtually synonymous experiences in the lives of women. He owns you; he fucks you. The fucking conveys the quality of ownership: he owns you inside out."

Dworkin and her colleague, Catharine MacKinnon, then call for the censorship of pornography on postmodern grounds. Our social reality is constructed by the language we use, and pornography is a form of language, one that constructs a violent and domineering reality for women to submit to. Pornography, therefore, is not free speech but political oppression."


Explaining Postmodernism



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Notable Porn Alumni

Be careful. Because you can get me so angry, I'm going to blow right by your fucking safeword, and I'm going to tear your head off. You hear me?


—The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Meatholes was a bad time in my life. If you liked that I am sorry but don't ever plan on seeing me mentally abused ever again or for that matter abused in any way like that. I would never do it again. I do not like being MENTALY ABUSED! No one should ever have to be mentally abused like that. I do porn because I love sex and I love to have fun but Meatholes was not fun. It is just sick and I am sorry to say that is something that I am not proud of. Because I am generally proud of all my work.


Taryn Thomas

I actually had lunch with him one time, and he tried to choke me in public.


Dana DeArmond

I had a situation where I met Khan Tusion, the guy from Meat Holes. I was twenty. And he tried to strangle me. This was not even on camera. This was like him strangling me in a bathroom somewhere. And it was terrible. And I thought, 'Oh my god, I'm gonna be murdered, this sucks. Everyone was right. Porn's so evil.' But he's like the most evil person to ever come into porn. He is like that nightmare that every mother and father who's child is in porn is like, 'That’s who they're working with every day. It's Khan Tusion.'


—Kimberly Kane

So what they did was leave the crying and the kicking and the screaming in when I was saying, 'Stop the cameras' because this man was hurting me. He tossed me over his shoulder and was using hard fists and slapped me on the ass and grabbed me by the throat and grabbed me by the neck and I was choking and I wanted them to turn off the cameras because I thought that wasn't really what I wanted to get involved in. I was scared for my life, to be honest with you. And they literally brought so much terror to my forefront, and I was so horrified, and so shocked that their glory was showing on camera that I had no idea that I was going be beaten up. They basically caught that raw emotion and they also caught me sobbing and saying, 'Can you stop it? Like for real, for real, for real.'

I saw the one cameraman put down his camera and walk away, like, 'OK guys, she's not joking around,' and then I saw the back one kicking in and shooting as I'm running off the set in tears going, 'You fucking assholes.'... I felt like I was getting totally violated, how somebody being raped would feel when they're saying, 'Stop it,' and then the guy doesn't stop and then she feels that she deserved it. I was crying and it's just... it's really sad.



—Regan Starr

Choked Out describes how Khan Tusion told her [Ashley Blue] he loved to choke women out in his videos and asks her to let him do it. Her then-boyfriend also gets in on the choking out action. At one point, she looks up in his eyes and sees sheer hatred a desire by Khan to stomp her into the pavement forever and ever. This man's hatred for women is simply visceral. We watch the video as her face gets red and then purple. Finally, she passes out. Small claims she almost died on the set that day.


—Robert Lindsay

It's exciting as Hell. It's better than taking drugs.


—Khan reveals his motivation in Hardcore

  • Max Hardcore (Powerword: Paul F. Little): Another champ, he always has sex with a cowboy hat on, and helped to popularize many acts of sick fuckery that we now take for granted, such as golden showers, throat fucking a bitch so hard that she vomits all over the place, and goatsing orifices to unheard of levels. V& after making a bunch of videos of himself fucking boobless skanks (dressed up and made to act like twelve-year olds) in front of older whores pretending to be the distraught mothers of the lolis.
  • Rob Black (Powerword: Rob Zicari): A sleazy and probably Italian fellow whose company specialized in pornos full of blood, beatings, rape, torture, pretension, and scenes in which women are made to do things like eat their own enemal expulsions out of doggie bowls. Ran for mayor of LA for the lulz, and was v& after he dared the government to try and shut him down.
  • Lizzie Borden (Powerword: Janet Romano): Rob's fat but still doable wife, she named herself after a psycho who hacked her own parents to bits with an axe. Being abused by her mother (surprise, surprise) apparently warped Lizzie to the point that she now gets off on creating pornos in which men savagely brutalize girls playing roles like "Underage Virgin" and "Expectant Mother".
  • Duke Skywalker (Powerword: Donald Emil Vollenweider/Donato Cassano): Khan Tusion 2 - Electric Boogaloo; a Joisey redneck and the proprietor of websites such as Facial Abuse, Ghetto Gaggers, and Black on Black Crime, he has been called the Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay of porn due to possessing a razor sharp wit when it comes to mocking and belittling sluts, which is admittedly not that difficult. His stable of studs (which once included the "funny" and "female friendly" Tommy Pistol) is mostly made up of hairy middle-aged fatsoes and/or probable ex-cons who couldn't make it in Hollywood porn, so they take their RAEG over this out on any bimbos who are dumb and/or desperate enough to agree to appear in one of The Duke's franchises. Call him a misogynist, and he'll claim to have a girlfriend who it seems like no one has ever met or seen.
  • John Holmes (Powerword: John Curtis Holmes): The King of Porn, at least until he was reduced to an abusive, alcoholic, drug-addicted, disease-ridden wreck whose mile-long rap sheet included suspicion of involvement in a gang-related mass murder case. His huge schlong made up for him being a complete and utter failure in everything he attempted that did not involve sex.
  • Steve Driver (Powerword: Stephen Clancy Hill): A loser even among other no-name male porn stars, Stephen at least went out in style, jumping off a cliff after attacking three people with a fucking samurai sword when they tried to evict him from the studio office he was squatting in. As the only fatality was a fellow nobody (and a Chink, to boot) not much of a shit was given.
  • Lara Roxx: A Moralfag cautionary tale come to life, Lara was a Canuck butterface who got HIV on the set of the very first porno she appeared in, at age 21.
  • OG Mudbone: A nigger with the biggest niggerdick in porn. Famous for his hilarious grunts and moans and being able to shower his hoes with GALLONS of cum. Literally showers bitches in cum so that they can't fucking see shit.


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