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Fuck you, I'm a B-52! Note the Narutard shit in the background, as well.

Popcorn (aka Whileyouwereout) is a shitty furfag artist who, like many furfags, feels compelled to share her fucking weird fetishes with the rest of the saner citizens of the internets. Her art consists of not only the run-of-the-mill furry porn but mech and airplane porn as well. She even went so far as to create an orange plane called "Allison" to be her fursona. See the gallery of her 'art' to witness what goes on in the head of an attention starved, crazy otaku girl.
She was outed on SomethingAwful by forum poster TheJrab, who "showcased" some of her material, who then found out about the thread through roommates. As of January 2008, the thread has been going on for well over six months -- making it one of the most epic SA threads ever.

While many people have imaginations, Popcunt lives in a twisted and gross fantasy world where anthropomorphic planes (all of whom happen to be bisexual, and have sex with each other) frolic and think she's a hot man-eater. She stalks other furry, otaku, loser guys, sleeps with them (usually taking their virginity), then does the exact same thing with their friends, leaving a trail of disgruntled and disgusted men. She also proudly talks about her feelings for the current guy she's fucking in her LJ or FurAffinity blogs, in full view of her friends and current boy toy.

Example: She and her boyfriend Josh move in with their friend from work (Rami). Within the span of a week she "fell in love" with Rami and promptly told Josh to pack up and get out.

Also, she has openly admitted to masturbating with Rami's bokken. A fucking bokken. To his friends. He is also apparently--aside from a shitty furry artist--a martial arts master, and is training Popcunt to be a Samurai. Putting all logic and common sense aside, she fully believes she can become a Samurai warrior.

Notable Quotes and Stupidity

For some reason I have been super-depressed about everything lately. I just don't seem to be good at anything anymore. I can't draw what's in my head, I can't play the gametypes that everyone else does on Halo/Halo 2 because I obviously lack skill, I don't really enjoy my job at the moment, and generally I just feel like a failure. I just don't really seem to be going anywhere ALL by myself.


—Popcorn throwing a pity party.

It doesn't help that Rami has sentenced me to 2 weeks of no sex as part pf my Samurai training. I'm wondering if i should just stop having sex altogether and just marry his damn bokken. He doesn't seem to enjoy doing it that much, but then again I'm worse than most men with my sex drive.


—Popcorn complaining about how she can't please her man.

Actually, I got this abuse on a much harsher scale publically, thanks to somethingawful.com. I had people searching me out at my work and house to give me crap. Also, some of my family got in on it, as well as my ex and his GF. It only stopped when I told the guy who started everything that if he didn't stop, we'd tell his psycho mom that he does pot and gets drunk underage. And even then, my ex still won't shut up after almost a year.


—Popcorn thinking she's really that important.

Just hide the comments and buck up. I know you've heard this before and you'll probably just get mad at me, but it works. It is EXTREMELY HARD and it can take a long time, but it works. their opinion doesn't matter anyway becasue it is an OPINION. Only the opinion of people who care is what really matters. And by writing these journals, you're just feeding the fire. A good thing to do is start a livejournal where you can rant and set the journal to be viewed by friends ONLY. That's where I do most of my ranting about the crap that has happened to me.

I really hope things work out for you, you're a wonderful artist and one of the people who inspires me. ^_^ *hugs*


—Popcorn getting sympathy from fellow furfag and drama whore Snapesnogger

The only reason i was aroused my my aeromorphs s becasue Josh wasn't satisfying me in any way, shape or form in the lat year we were together. If you look at any of my submission dates, I have not drawn any for quite some time. And whatever claims Josh may make, he is/was a furry in a worse way than I. He also has some very dark secrets which I will not share with you at this time, but rather will leave you to see if you can pry them from him yourself if you so desire. I will only share that they were homosexual in nature. And no, apart from a sex toy, i have never used anything else on my body in a sexual way.

I have change much and matured alot since being with Josh, and there is/was no love triangle. I broke up with Josh for Rami becasue Rami loves me, and Josh and I clashed horribly. Now, let me be and got find someone else to make fun of who deserves it more than I.


—Popcorn, August 14 2007, her defensive reply about drawing airplane porn and masturbating with her boyfriend's bokken (see next quote)

So...after watching Rome, andHBO series that has LOTS AND LOTS of sex and genitalia and boobs in it and after having heen left hanging halfway through an orgasm...I found a new use for Rami's bokken. Wasn't too good seeing as neither end was quite the proper shape, but DAYUM it relieved some tension.

Why the hell am I writing this?! I have no idea. Probably becasue I will later draw a picture of Ichinore employing a bokken/ sword hilt or scabbard in the same way later on.


—Popcorn discovering a strange new fetish she enjoys.

Why can't I just be ten years old again and live carefree, without worrying about bills, relationships, sex, or what others think of me? I would most definitely kill just about anyone for that. Possibly even Rami. I want to be free of the hassles of being a legal adult.


—Popcorn whining about life.

Ex-Boyfriend Drama

Since I obviously can't get to you any other way, I'm sending you a message here.

I'll keep this simple.

I've done my best to stay out of your life. I haven't posted journals about your idiotic ideas and every little thing you like to broadcast on your journals, and I haven't made an effort to make your life miserable, or even contact you for any reason, until now.

So why do you insist, upon hearing a small bit of gossip, on spreading my personal business all over your blog? Furthermore, you completely jumped the gun before getting all your facts straight.

Now, first off, I want to say that I don't want you posting ANYTHING about myself on your blog, anymore. I'm not part of your life anymore, and don't plan on ever being a part of it, so please, refrain from including me in your retarded perception of the world.

Secondly, Paula never posted your personal info ANYWHERE. She happens to have an account on Encyclopedia Dramatica, and noticed there was personal info posted in an article about you. Mikey asked that she remove it, since any user can modify a page. So, to protect your anonymity, she removed it. Keep in mind, she knows enough of your personal info to have every goon on the SA forums after you easily, but she won't post it because no matter how horrible a person we think you are, we don't believe anybody deserves that. Your eccentricities that outcast you from normal society are ones that you'll have to struggle through yourself and come to grips with before you can become a normal functioning member of society instead of a bottom feeding rodent living off of your sad excuse for a boyfriend. She's done her best to protect your anonymity so that you don't get flamed or attacked.

So, in short, back the hell off, please. I don't want to have to deal with your irrational, paranoid accusations anymore."


Butthurt ex, on how Popcorn is more a crazy bitch than ever expected!

Obviously, Popcorn was trying to get sympathy out of this by putting alot of 'T_T' emoticons and claiming to be a victim of this awful crime in her journal. Only one ass-kisser left a comment,

Wow... What a bastard... I think you did the right thing. Kudos from me! *hugs*



She also got a very awesome comment, but due to her faggotry, she didn't get it.

You know, I feel bad about it, but...

That ED page...I lul'd. Long and hard.



Journal can be found here. (lol bawwwleeted)

Delusional "Samurai" Bullshit

Cheap kimono, or bathrobe? YOU DECIDE!
"People want me to leave them along, even years later...wanting me to go away. And I say...if I am still affecting them, then I will never truly leave them. I...or should I say...Popcorn...will always be lurking in the darkest crevices of their minds, chained to their imaginations for all of eternity. Call it wishful thinking or all that rot, but I wish they would give Kenji a chance. A chance to realize that people can make drastic changes in themselves. I want to obliterate Popcorn from the minds of these people and replace her with the Samurai I am quickly becoming. I want to slay the person I once was, and put her to an eternal rest. But if is up to those whom she wounded to give the Samurai a chance. Just as a wounded pet has to trust it's caretaker to heal it, else it will bit the hand that feeds it, or run away to die.

It is here and now that I sever myself from my past. I will take the good part with me and burn the rest in a cleansing fire. Fire is my engine, fire is my weapon. And I'm getting entirely too philosophical and mystical with this whole damned entry.

I am a new person.
I am stronger.
I am wiser.
I am more patient.
I am more disciplined.
I am more powerful.
I am Samurai.

And yet I am still the same as I have always been. In the good aspects, that is."


—Popcorn, deviantart journal Sep. 30, 2007

So Rami had the bright idea to teach me hand to hand today. So we're going and I'm doing just craptacular as usual, when he decides that it would be THE best idea in the entire fuckin' UNIVERSE to attempt to piledrive me. I came out of that one with a dislocated wrist, thankyouverymuch. So I go and try to hold back the pain of having an already fragile joint dislocated and get my old wrist brace out, and on the way back outside I fuckin' twist my ankle in a hole. Not really that bad, but just insult to injury.

So now I'm trying to decide if I really want to train or not. Or at least if I want to train with Rami. Then again I'm already 21 and between life and work I probably won't get much better than I already am. Rami said that my ch'i is locked behind strong gates anyway, so what's the point? Besides, he's got Billy to train and he's far better at combat than I could ever be. At this point in my life I'm too busy trying to survive in a hateful world full of malcontent. And I don't care if I used that word in the right context, dammit. I HURT.

I dunno. I'm mentally at war with myself right now. Part of me wants to just give up martial arts entirely becasue of lack of time, but my pride and determination won't let me if it can help it. Then again they also don't want me to change. it's a big-ass circle that's probably going to lead to a mental breakdown by the time I'm thirty. Oh god...that's only nine years away. o.O; Midlife crisis *snort* my whole life has been one big crisis after another.


—Popcorn, crying in her FagAffinity journal about the hardships of being a damn otaku weeaboo

SomethingAwful Lulz


So. I have become somewhat of a celebrity on the SomethingAwful.com forums. I am SO loving it. I love the Goons, man, they are awesome folks. The only ones who have managed to irk me so far are the ones who are

A) jealous of my artwork so they result to calling my art horrific and saying that use Photoshop to try and make my art look professional instead of good, even though I loathe the hell out of Photoshop. Hell, I don't even use it for cleaning up and resizing. I use GIMP.

B) And the ones who label me as a 'total' furry. Yanno, like those nuts who make dog cock dildos to use on themselves, justify their bestiality by drawing the most animalistic anthros they can get away with, and claim to have been an animal in a past life. Not to flame some of the good artist out there like Dogsoul from FA, and a few others I can't name of the top of my head that draw animal genitals; while animal genitals aren't my preference, I still enjoy the art.

Other than that, this is awesome. I gets teh free publicity. More than one goon (I think) admitted to fapping to my artings. And I know there are those tere that secretly lurve my stuff. And even if I'm wrong, oh well. Can't please everyone all the time. Also, I got requests from them, wether intentional or not.

Anyway, here's a link to the thread. Ya can't sign up and yelle at em either becasue it costs moneys. ---> [link]


—Popcorn, revealing her attention whore side

Apparently we may have done a bit more emotional damage than I anticipated. I hear she's not exactly handling the criticism too well. I'm going to go see her tommorow and try to get her an account, though.


—TheJrab, SA thread

Troll's remorse or last attempt at lulz? It remains to be seen...

"Hm" she peeped, looking at the SA front page update. Something about aspergers. Classic SA stuff. "haha, like assburgers" she laughed, covering up the embarrassed giggles from Palver and I.

"Yeah, SA likes to make fun of people with that" I helpfully tried to steer the conversation away from the subject, "now, [Popcorn], sweetheart, you should go to GBS so we can see what the thread looks like." While I frantically gesticulated at the screen, trying to show her the link to the forums, Palver exited swiftly, beckoned by Rami about something.

"You know it's funny you should mention that," [Popcorn] chimed back in, "I actually have aspergers."

No. No certainly not. The goons won't even believe this.

"You do?" I hadn't yet worked up enough of a laugh in my throat to suppress it, but I could feel it inevitably forming, "W...when were you diagnosed?"

"When I was younger. My brother and I were both diagnosed with it. it's like OCD lite."

Before she could finish I had stumbled into the living, falling over Palver's shoulder and stage whispering, "Du...dude, she says she has Aspergers."

"Aspergers?" Rami gave me a hard questioning look, "Is that like a kind of retardation"

"More like autism" I offered, my head swimming with ideas for ways I could tell the goons, "Yeah, kind of a crazy syndrome, eh?"


—TheJrab, SA thread

BREAKING NEWS! New roommate/future conquest?

From November 23rd:

This just in: word on the Intarwebz states that a new tenant has recently moved into the House of Debauchery. An unidentified virgin male, known only at this time as "Billy." Who is this new character in the 'Saga of a Planefucker'? Will he be June's new man? When will Rami meet the same fate as Josh? Do YOU have any information on this exciting new chapter? If you do, please, for the LULZ, add every horrible detail.


I'm a catgirl! Moo!
p-38's are so sexy

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