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He then arrested the differently coloured, yet equally valid, doll on suspicion of sex with different, yet equally valid, levels of consent. Because he was a nigger.
The bogeyman of political correctness
Ben telling it like it is again

"Politically correct" (formerly known as "Pussified Content") is a term which denotes language, ideas, policies, and behavior seen as seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, penis size and age-related contexts.

In current usage, the term is primarily negative, while the term politically incorrect has been used as a positive self-description. In these cases, the term politically incorrect connotes language, ideas, and behavior unconstrained by a perceived orthodoxy or by concerns about offending or expressing bias regarding various groups of people.

Political correctness, formerly known as manners but later known as corporate legalese, is a way of tiptoeing around the truth so as not to get in legal jeopardy or offend any precious snowflakes or hurt anybody's feefees, because feeling good is more important than the truth. If it's true but it doesn't make you feel good, then that's problematic and pretty much a hate crime. If it's true but doesn't make you look good, Jews call that a liability so shut it down, like the ex-Mossad agents working for Harvey Weinstein who found out Rose McGowan was a cokefiend and leaked it to the police to punish her for blabbing that Harvey is a disgusting rapist, unlike a good-looking rapist in the Oval Office. Political correctness is what liberals use to censor free speech, particularly among people in the media. This Orwellian NewSpeak is a form of liberal fascism and thought control.

It is the cancer that is killing Truth, Fact, Science, Communication, Knowledge and Human Civilization.

It is commonly abbreviated as "PC." Do not confuse this with the use of "PC" to refer to IBM's computing devices.

Where PC came from

It's not racism, it's "racially insensitive"!

In addressing the linguistic problem of naming, Edna Andrews says that using “inclusive” and “neutral” language is based upon the concept that “language represents thought, and may even control thought”.

Advocates of inclusive language defend it as inoffensive-language usage whose goal is multi-fold:

  1. The rights, opportunities, and freedoms of certain people are restricted because they are reduced to stereotypes.
  2. Stereotyping is mostly implicit, unconscious, and facilitated by the availability of pejorative labels and terms.
  3. Rendering the labels and terms socially unacceptable, people then must consciously think about how they describe someone unlike themselves.
  4. When labeling is a conscious activity, the described person's individual merits become apparent, rather than his or her stereotype.

The usage of such terms is commonly referred to as "political correctness" .

The terms chosen by an identity group, as acceptable descriptors of themselves, then pass into common usage, including usage by the racists and sexists who the terms were made to stop. The formerly inoffensive terms in turn become taboo themselves and must be replaced giving rise to lengthy progressions such as Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-American, African-American. This is called a Euphemism Treadmill.

Some critics claim that political correctness is a Marxist undermining of Western values. William S. Lind and Patrick Buchanan have characterized PC as a technique originated by the Frankfurt School, through what Buchanan describes as "Cultural Marxism". In The Death of the West, Buchanan says: “Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, a regime to punish dissent and to stigmatize social heresy as the Inquisition punished religious heresy. (Political correctness') trademark is intolerance.”

Bean boredom.gif

TL;DR, "political correctness" took over because bleeding-heart liberals in the Jew media decided to prevent the working classes from enjoying entertainment they actually understood. There was outrage in 1969, for example, when this BBC sitcom was banned in Britain, yet the vibrant mirth of all involved shines through from start to finish. (In the opening scene there's some sharp observational humour about Pakis enjoying being covered in flies, but you can skip to 7'20" for a discussion on the merits of being murdered compared to the alternative of being "raped by wogs").

(It assists one's appreciation to know that the Paki is a blacked-up Irishman and the factory foreman is a comedian who was Britain's most outspoken supporter of Rhodesian apartheid.)

It's not polite to call them freaks

The rise of political correctness can be traced to the fall of circus freakshows, which had nearly vanished by 1950, as science and medicine started diagnosing freaks, and the public's wonder at the superstar freaks was replaced with pity at their medical conditions and physical deformities. Whereas "Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy" retired with the equivalent of nearly $8 million, thanks to doctors other hairy freaks became poor sufferers afflicted with "hypertrichosis." However, today there are people who seek to revive freak stardom and "let their freak flag fly" and engage in extreme body modification since they are ugly attention whores.

Today, everyone who uses PC language thinks they are superior, and condescendingly pities the demographics they are describing. Many terms now considered un-PC were originally used by medical doctors ("mongoloid idiot").

Protip: To be politically incorrect today, just think what a doctor in 1940 would say about any person who wasn't a healthy white male.

Politically correct language was refined by PR hacks who realized that old rich white politicians using the word "negro" weren't polling well. "Um, sir, we need to advise you that you can't say nigger anymore, that's not politically correct." Certain words like "retard" and "colored" and "midget" and "sweetie" and "cunt" had the potential to offend voters (now known as "trigger").

Don't trigger me

Being offended by words is the worst thing that can ever happen to someone. Words rape brains. Rather than wearing earmuffs or ear plugs, offended people would rather slit the throats of people talking.

Political correctness has led to college students wanting everything they read to be full of trigger warnings, lest they read anything that doesn't 100% match their existing worldviews. Any words or sentences that might challenge their worldview is a threat and must be censored.

Political correctness is the Left's version of banning books and book burning. Rather than ban a book, the Left wants it totally rewritten so nobody will get their feewings hurt. Rather than burn a book, the Left wants to throw all the objectionable words down the memory hole.


PC language is a form of self-censorship and avoidance of the certain words that might offend hypersensitive thin-skinned snowflakes, or challenge someone's worldview. PC language is about appearing to be a good person, while hiding your true feelings. In order to not offend anyone ever, politically correct language is watered down into the vaguest blandest generalizations and seemingly neutral labels, but thanks to the euphemism treadmill (where everyone knows "little person" still means "midget"), PC language has to continously be updated like all the bloatware on your adult Gameboy (handicapped disabled special needs differently abled). Public relations firms and marketers and propagandists (all the same thing) owe their very existence to political correctness, and act as guru advisors to properly frame a narrative to make it palatable for the public ("it's not shit, it's organic environmentally friendly all-natural fertilizer!").

Corporations later adopted PC language in an attempt to maximize profits from consumers (see "big and tall", "plus size", etc). Capitalism requires consumers to feel a lack and a void to fill, but directly insulting consumers ("you're a fucking loser") isn't good for business. Academia adopted PC language due to liberal guilt after people suddenly realized that there were virtually no well-known female philosophers in the last 3,000 years because women are stupid. PC language is cultured in the petri dishes of college campuses and the Interwebs, both cloistered echo chambers.

People who are politically correct (and expect others be politically correct)

Here is a small sampling of the many fine groups out there who feel that political correctness is the only way

Those who are politically incorrect

RuPaul checks his CIS privilege

Conventional wisdom paints the politically incorrect as heretics and misogynists, such as RuPaul who lamented the erosion of free speech by those offended by RuPaul's Drag Race and its use of the words "tranny" and "shemale", calling them "fringe people who are looking for storylines to strengthen their identity as victims."

Pop will eat itself... So will the "Gay Movement"


—RuPaul, on political correctness

Here are some examples of those considered politically incorrect. This list is hopelessly incomplete.

Ideal politically incorrect person

Exhibit 'A'. Writer and broadcaster James Wentworth Day (1899 - 1983) gives his opinion on the subject of interracial marriages, during a 1958 British TV documentary.

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