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Bitches don't know... how to properly use photoshop.

PogoRoo aka Jivyra (real name Forrest Gump Grant Conner) is a lynx-goat-kangaroo aka furfag who recently faked his own death in order to obtain internet fame and scam his commissioners out of money so that he could spend it on more hookers and blow. This isn't very interesting nor very surprising seeing as all furries lie to get attention but the fact that he failed to cover up his tracks is an epic fail. Even for a furry. He is also a shitty artist.

His Attitude

The lovely art people actually pay for.

Pogoroo is something of a douchebag. He's more than eager to take your money for his shitty art, but as soon as you ask him to actually draw something you want for your money, he'd turn around and call you a "faggot". He's also homophobic, claiming to be straight himself -- except for a secret furfaggotry site online where he posted that he was bisexual. He also often claimed that he was not a furry, rather that he was an "Anthro Artist". And heaven forbid you ask someone (not even him) for free artwork - he'd jump on your case about how you should pay like everyone else does. He also changed "best friends" on a weekly basis. He also went as far as to tell someone that their friend (Mikomi Uncia) had committed suicide (apparently trying out the role of faking death). He thrived on attention, the fuel for his ingenious plan of pseudocide.

He's had a long history of having like the worst attitude of any artist on the internet. xD He's been known as an infamous troll for his attitude alone, let alone his actions. He's beyond two-faced. If you don't have something he wants, you're trash. It's just how he rolls.


—Leon Dusk, on PogoRoo's douchebaggery

His Art

just one example of how he screwed over his commissioners - $40 plz
Pogoroo admits he's not an artist

In the furry "fandom", you can be a so-so artist and still be popular. All you need to do is draw furry art with dogcock and copypasta Disney-esque art with sparkledogs. At first, PogoRoo's art was somewhat "ok", but, like most furries when they become popular, it deteriorated into boring flatly-colored sparkledog bullshit over time. Of course, furries, being the idiots that they are, wanted a piece of that action -- so they filled his PayPal with their Social Security check money for being disabled just so they could get their cute fursona in a generic pose. Not just any generic pose though; Heavens, no! PogoRoo would "hire" other artists to draw his sketches for him, and he would also trace over old reference pictures from other reference sheets!

But all these commissions can be tough work. It's hard keeping up with all these commissions when you do nothing in your spare time aside from masturbating to furry porn. He became somewhat notorious for badmouthing his commissioners and basically being a little highschooler bitch to anyone who wasn't his friend/love interest of the week (over the course of a single year, he apparently managed to woo and break the hearts of 17 girls desperate enough for attention to be his girlfriend), all in the hopes that it would make people forget that they spent their money.

But it didn't. It just pissed them off. So when that cunning plan didn't work, he did what any sane adult furry would do.

His (Fake) Death

literal necroposting

STEP 1: open commissions

STEP 2: fake death

STEP 3: ????


The missing step was don't get caught, dumbass.

A friend of PogoRoo's (supposedly his girlfriend, another FA user by the name of "GhostlyDingo") posted an announcement on June 30th saying that PogoRoo had been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver on June 19th. Instead of being a smart con artist and just saying he had been killed the night before, Pogo decided that he had been killed a week and a half prior to the announcement. The message was a relay from a woman who had suspiciously called GhostlyDingo announcing the accident. But a closer examination of PogoRoo's FA page revealed that a previous journal entry, dated June 24th, has another friend posting on his behalf saying he had been kicked out of his house and would refund commissions once the move was finished. So it seems PogoRoo dies, then 5 days later, asks a friend to post something for him.

After several people expressed their condolences (as he was now yiffing in hell), others began suspecting a death hoax, as no obituaries could be found for the name (Forrest Grant Conner) provided in the announcement despite having supposedly died almost two weeks earlier. The incriminating journal was deleted only a few hours after the lulz began in the comments of the journal announcing his death.

Both an admin of FurAffinity and a former friend of Pogo contacted his roommate at the time to confirm that he was, in fact, alive, having been kicked out and now working at Walmart, and that he had no intentions of refunding his customers. Classy.

PogoRoo is now claiming that he was "hacked", and that someone else posted the death announcement, despite the fact that the IP associated with GhostlyDingo was linked to PogoRoo's account as a result of having logged in to post the announcement herself. This is obviously just another attempt to cover up his obvious epic fail of a scam.

Not only does PogoRoo fail at life, he fails at death too.

IP confusion

One of the admins had tracked down the IP address of several accounts said to be linked with the pogoroo incident. Unfortunately, there were errors in this tracking and "evidence". Because GhostlyDingo had used Pogo's account to relay the message she had received earlier, her IP was connected to his account making it appear that they were the same person. Because of this "linking" her other account and her friend's account (who was in no way affiliated with this entire incident) were also destroyed because they used the same computer to log into FA.

However, it is still highly likely GhostlyDingo was somehow involved in the scam. As a few days AFTER she would have thought PogoRoo was dead, she posted an entry in her journal advising people to contact her or him for concept art for fursuit designs. No medicine is going to make you so crazy you forgot your boyfriend died, yet still coherent enough to make an understandable journal entry. Although, folks who have met GhostlyDingo (aka Zombi, Fayskunk) face-to-face consider her to be pretty damn batshit.

GhostlyDingo and/or her friends have been editing this article to make her appear innocent, so be on alert!

A Community Grieves

totally not gay

This first journal had over 9000 (read: 500) comments at the time of deletion. An archive can be found here. When you are fursecuted by other furfags instead of mourned after your internet death, then you know you've dropped to the lowest totem on the pole. A second journal was posted after the first one was deleted, and had over 200 comments. An archive can be found here. It was supposedly written by GhostlyDingo again, apologizing for not realizing her internet boyfriend wasn't really dead sooner. Of course, considering they're the same person, people quickly put two and two together for great justice.

In the comments on the second journal, a theory was presented that "GhostlyDingo" was, in fact, PogoRoo in disguise. The "GhostlyDingo" account was created just a week before PogoRoo's supposed death; not only that, but "GhostlyDingo" was allegedly PogoRoo's "girlfriend" and was the one to break the news to everyone about PogoRoo's "death".

Also, a website PogoRoo was working on was updated with a single image the day after he supposedly died. Which, were he actually dead, would be some freaky shit, but he's not dead; he's just an asshole.

The "PogoRoo" FA account is now also banned, and according to a post on FA's forums (yes, they have another use for the forums other than telling people how often they're down), the admins are looking into banning several other accounts (which they refuse to name) that can be traced back to PogoRoo's IP address.

After his phone number was posted on the internet many people called him, mainly leaving spam. Something funny happened however, after numerous calls his voicemail mysteriously changed to some guy (that sounded identical to pogo) talking in "Arabic" and then later the number was unavailable. We all know how ghosts get testy with their voicemail.

the world isn't lucky enough to lose grant :/ and im sorry...not really to say if its true, yeah many people will miss him but for those who REALLY know what hes like and i mean really fucking know what a scumbag he is, he wont be missed, good ridence but i think its just another one of his schemes to get away from you all...he hated you all any way, i know he only thought of you guys as i quote from him "as numbers" to him


—Lunar the Snow Leopard

Grant Conner will always have a special place in our hearts,


He has lied to us. Deceived us. And played all of us in one way or another. He can make you feel like the most incredible person in the world one day of the week, but then the scum of the universe the next.

Many of you have suffered at his hands directly, others have yet to be thrown to the curb. May your memory of him remain untainted.

For the rest of us, let us remember him as the mighty Grant, the douche who shook the fandom to it's roots. We can only hope he gets eaten by something when it really is his time.




What have we learned from all this?

Furfags are the most crafty people on earth.

As big a douchebag as Jivyra was, he was still deeply affected by common sense, even through the tough, old leather exterior he wore. Just being an ass isn't enough to avoid being butthurt. Learn from this internet hero, kids. So if you're going to be completely offended by everything, at least act like it so the rest of us can have our lulz.

In Memoriam - A Gallery


These aliases have been confirmed and are proven to be "Grant Conner"

  • Citrus
  • Kira
  • Nanuk
  • Momo
  • Tsubaroo
  • Jivyra
  • PogoRoo

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