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Attitude of most podcasters.

Podcasting is a techno-catchphrase invented by the corporate whores at Apple to bugger you into buying a brand new, sleek, super-sexy iPod for the low, low price of only 300 dollars. Podcasts are small radio-esque audio files that you download to your iPod, and are only used to take up space as they will never get listened to.
Podcasts purport to discuss any number of topics, though nobody knows for sure because nobody ever listens to them. Topics include things like enormous fat women in bath tubs spraying shit all over themselves, men with horrifically stretched anuses, and unbearably cute/cheerful feline animals. Some people also make podcasts pertaining to news, games, technology, and religion, among many other topics, but such things haven't really caught on so far.

Podcasting in Two Simple Steps

Podcasts are extremely simple to create and distribute. The procedure is so simple that some argue why it needs to be defined with its own word.

  1. Record yourself talking about either a favourite or controversial subject. Inviting guests is optional.
  2. Upload it somewhere to the Internet.

Example Podcasts

Podcast Description Rating
Lulzcast ED's very own podcast. ☠Deceased☠
Distorted View A daily news podcast known for being TL;DL and making otherwise lulzy topics somehow boring as fuck. Hosted by Tim Henson, also known as Cubic Laser Wolf. ☆☆☆
Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! The host, Lou Fernandez goes around to the internet's more "interesting" forums and blogs and simply reads them. Each podcast is essentially the podcast version of ED ☆☆☆☆
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