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LOLCow.jpg This luser is an unmilked lolcow, and should have been trolled a long time ago.

You can help by starting a Flame War at their own expense.
This is him/her. DO NOT WANT!

Pixelmari or by it's real name, Mary Walker, is a pussy loving weeaboo. It's unclear if it's a female or male, but all the same, it fills it's loneliness gap by collecting and watching hentai and has over 9000 cats living with it. He/she is, in fact, going to die alone with his/her BDSM collection of VHS tapes. Some argue that it wants to be just like the sexy anime girls it loves looking at. In reality, this fag is a sick fuck and should be not only be baleeted from teh internets but IRL too.

Youtube videos

Moar of it's shitastic video can be viewed here. The weeaboo has a voice that's similar to the sound of a bear fucking a pig, so you can't distinguish it as a male or female's voice. Also, as you can see in it's collection video below, his/her's living space is small and very uncrowded, so it must be a basement. Isn't that so uncommonl?

It's cats are worn out over the furry sex they just had, duh.

You can find hentai in the video below this text if you search very carefully

It steals art on DA! Who would have guessed?

Banned from an anime collecting community

It must watch a lot of hentai
Shows that it can't get none
Any loyal otaku would rage out of envy for not possessing one of these fantastic posters
It's not as good as the real thing

It was banned from a faggot LJ community because it tried to cheat someone out of their monies and also failed at being anonymous because it doesn't know the existence of proxies. This is an insult to the Anonymous everywhere and he/she should be trolled consistently.


If hentai isn't enough for it, it would decide that a cat is fine too. In fact, he/she is rumored to have been the man responsible for this, under the name Keith. That poor little shit. He/she is not a confirmed furry fan, but they say that hentai is the gateway pr0n.


As of late, Pixelmari has been making fail attempts to re-enter the very Livejournal community from which she was infinitely banned. (Tis community requires a shoutout picture to enter) During previous attempts, she(he?) went as far as photoshopping a creepy hand onto the image of another user in said community. Later, some other time in 2012, Mari decided to try her trick again, by using a pawn to enter the community. She attempted to buy a friend via Yahoo!Answers in order to try to gain membership on the Livejournal community. Well, that didn't work out, so (s)he did the next best thing. Pixelmari recruited a family member to take the shoutout picture for her. The result was an image of a 45 year old male Nascar fan holding a sign to enter a Sailor Moon community. Version 2

Technical Information

IP Address:

Server DNS A:

Server DNS NS: dns1.midphase.com dns2.midphase.com

Server Name: slmp-550-43.slc.westdc.net

Server Type: Apache

Contact Information

Home Address

Mary B. Walker aka Theresa Daynorowicz

PO BOX 683

Bensalem, Pennsylvania 19020

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