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The average Pivot animation.
This stickman now has a severe case of Assburgers.

Pivot Stick Figure Animator is a shitty freeware download, created by some Jew named Peter Bone who had too much time on his hands. The shitware lets any retard animate stick figures. It's so simple that even complete morons could use it, which is why morons occupy 95% of the entire userbase. The average person will download it, play with it for five minutes and then never touch it again, considering how fucking shitty the program is.


Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Hundreds of retarded underageb&s think that after a while they can master it, like the hotshots on jewtube. The people will always ended up with failure videos put up that have five stars only because the posters friends were the only ones who ever watch them. When you try to tell them how much they fail they will almost always reply with "I don't see you doing better." Truly a staple of debate faggotry, it is only rarely replaced with "it's my first, so of course it's going to be bad." These people are under the delusion that you always have to publish your work, no matter what.

Stick Figures on Crack

Respect the Emperor Oh, wait! His channel got baleeted.

The most famous and probably the only lulzy stick figure animation out there, SFOC was created by former YouTuber PivotMasterDX. The videos involve a bunch of stick men screaming in random situations while getting pawned by cheeseburgers. The upload of the series generated much enthusiasm and resulted in the long-running drama and conflict amongst the depths of YouTube, as several other unfunny hacks attempted to create more stick figure animations involving the uncalled for pwnage of many friendly Stickmen, boosting up and popularising the Pivot Animation community. PivotMasterDX, the original uploader of 3 Stick Figures on Crack videos, was hacked by some faggot and had to close down his account later on, which had 100,000 subscribers and 24 videos at the time. This created much butthurt and several other users ulpoading the original stick videos created by PMDX, and some fuckwit fake PMDX and his haters generating more Jewtube drama. Everybody knows that this user is not PMDX since the original actually stated that he hated his username Last Thursday, but this did not stop the obnoxious youtube fags to celebrate the much anticipated return of DX. The videos were later ripoffed severely through videos such as Lazer Collection and ASDF movie, and as no one really knows about SFOC, it was rather easy for them to get away with murder. The Pivot Drama died out somewhere around 2009 as people stopped giving a shit about crappy stickmen animations, yet the legacy of PMDX lives through shitty ripoffs.

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