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Two models discover they've been lied to by their talent agents and that peeing on camera DOES feel violating.
People are fucking idiots.

As a noun, piss (or, to use medical jargon, pee-pee) is the fluid waste that exits teh cock and/or whatever-females-piss-out-of.

There is piss on the floor. lulz.

As a verb, piss is the act of ejecting the fluid waste from teh cock and/or whatever-females-piss-out-of.

Liberty is pissing on the couch

Sometimes when I piss, it burns. This is called gonorrhea, which is related to Judaism.

Urolagnia or Urophilia


  • Watersports For obvious reasons.
  • Golden Shower
Wrong kind of Watersports.

Urolagnia is the hearty enjoyment of urinating or being urinated upon in public. Some urophiliacs go as far as to save their piss for periods of months and then gorging themselves until their stomachs burst. As urolagniacs are all sick fucks and have no friends, relatives, or even coworkers willing to talk to them, they would then be left to die in a pool of their own urine, grinning like idiots, which they most certainly are. They regularly break very sensible laws about not pissing in the street, and would quite enjoy paying you for the privilege of having you piss in their eye, thank you very much.

As all society's evils naturally trace back to Emos, it is important to remember that most Emos are urophiles who piss the bed even though they are generally in their mid to late teens and should fucking well know better. It's yet another of their attention seeking techniques.


We were much moar innocent back then.
Cheerios goes well with peeing, apparently

This being ED, there are many sick fucks (liek YOU) who want to know as many deviant sexual practices as possible. So here are a few that involve Piss:

From Rotten.com:

Cataracts of the Nile

The woman lies on her back with legs apart. While his penis is flaccid or at least semi flaccid, the man kneels or stands between her thighs. He then pees forcefully onto her clitoris. Note that this game will be nearly impossible if the man has a full erection. Also, a better effect will be achieved if it is done when the woman is already highly aroused. Also, while the stream of urine will miss the clitoris if the woman is manually masturbating her clit at the same time, the couple could try inserting a vibrating dildo for added pleasure. This game could be adapted for lesbian sex, with some effort and concentration.

Log in the Amazon

The man lies on his back while his partner squats over his penis and stimulates it manually. When the man signals he is about to come, his partner pees forcefully onto his penis, moving the stream of urine up and down the length of the man's shaft.

The Fountain of Venus

When the woman's bladder begins to feel uncomfortably full, she lies on her back with legs spread. Her lover begins licking her vulva and clitoris (this works best if he/she lies between the woman's thighs, to avoid putting pressure on her bladder), giving special attention to the sensitive region just below the clitoris. The woman continues to hold her urine until either she reaches orgasm or can hold it back no longer. Her partner should ideally continue licking even while her stream is releasing, and the woman should fully void her bladder.

Watering the Oak Tree

The man lies on his back and a female partner with a full bladder squats over him. She inserts his penis into her vagina, but does not begin the usual motions of intercourse. Instead, she simply pees. Some men experience orgasm immediately. Some possible variations on this game include stimulating the penis before "Watering the Oak" and for the woman to masturbate herself while astride her partner, allowing herself "to let go" when she orgasms or can no longer hold back the flow of urine.


WARNING! Drinking too much piss can have some unwanted side-effects:

Can I get STDs from Drinking Piss?

No. Of course not. Never. Except AIDS.

Why Does my Piss Taste So Sweet?

You have diabeetus. This is not surprising considering you are a fat lump of steaming shit. You're so fucking fat you would even drink piss.

Who drink's piss?

All woman.


Who's Thirsty? About missing Pics
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Pissing in action!

For the Furfags

MILFS have trouble holding it

What men like to do erryday.

List of Urophiles

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