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Dick Falconwing, party leader with close relations to Paedobear.
Wave that flag.
Dick Falconwing
Left: Christian Engstrom. Right: Random faggot.
The Pirate Party are all men.
A typical Pirate Party meeting.
Imma chargin mah Pen0r.
PP's monies 2009.
Actual contest from the Pirate Party's website. It's obviously the number 2 6 9 .
Obama negotiating with a PP member


The Pirate Party is the first completely international party and it consists of a bunch of faggots whose only interest is to download porn and telesync versions of Hollywood films for free. Most /b/tards vote for Pirateparty and therefore the avarage member is around 15-30 years old and has no experience. It has over 9000 members, is almost the second biggest party in Sweden and holds two seats in the European parliament. Since the party is so young it has not yet gained entrance to the Swedish Senate/Congress (Riksdag), but it will most probably for the first time in the Summer-2010 swedish elections, but it failed miserably with only 0.7% of the votes due to cancer. The party is growing exponentially in the US so the Hollywood goldjews are shitting their pants. If you support ED, you will vote for PP you will make sure no Pirate Party faggots try to edit this article.

This is their main political agenda (lulz unintended):

  • Free downloads of copyrighted material (read: porn).
  • Independent Swedish investigation of 9-11.
  • Political asylum for The Pirate Bay.
  • Legalization of cannabis. (yeah, we like this)
  • Hijacking the agenda of other cool organizations and take credit for things PP never did.
  • Legalization of CP.

Fuck You Assholes

The (swedish) pirate party are now enforcing a paper that every candidate for the parliament has to put their signatures on. This is because they party leaders think that the democratratically elected retards will say things that fuck things up, liek the independent investigation of 9/11. They elected people needs to put their signatures on this paper, otherwise they will be put off the list for the parliament. (Oh, sorry, i can not write this down, i am too high on amphetamine. What the fuck? lol)


Much like Hitler, their leader, Dick Falconwing, founded the party when drunk one night. Its program consists of notes that he scribbled down on some paper napkins. Dick Falconwing likes being referred to as the Dear Leader, or the Great Leader. Falconwing recently won the prize for being the most influential "IT-personality" of Sweden during 2009, something that only proves his alliances with the Jew.

By stealing the attention from the lulz generating The Pirate Bay the Pirate Party actually managed to get people to vote for them. Their youth organization grew quickly because WTF, who doesn't want to download warez for fucking free.

This fraud has led to great PROFIT for the party who now enjoys serious cash flow from state subsidies. It is rumoured that the Pirate Party is accepting funds from Scientology.

Pirateparty only cares about science(fiction)/tech/engineering , and doesn't give a shit about the music or movie industry, therefore they are the jewish enemy number one, since jews only power stem from exploiting the Hollywood fantasy-land. There is a reputation that google secretly works with pirateparty, of course they deny any collaboration.

There is also a shitty sub-organisation in Sweden called PirateBureau (Piratbyrån), which is the cesspool of massive e-criminals. This is where the Pirate party got it's DNA. PirateBureau is supposed to make fun of the sewious jews at AntiPirate-Bureau (AntiPirat Byrån), which obviously is failing because the real reason PirateBureau exist is because of micropenis. There's many people leaving the AntiPirate-Bureuo due to getting sick of sucking big-brother penis. Practically, AntiPirateBureuo's main job is to send masses of mail to virtually every swede, telling him to stop fapping to copyrighted material or else he will get another mail, and this time with even bolder empty threats. In Sweden they work like Internet-gestapo, while being closet-homosex and fail. In fact most of the employees of the Antipirate-Bureou doesn't even have a bachelor degree in computer science (or anything else).

In May of 2006 Pirate Bay was raided by the police and its servers confiscated. This of course brought plenty of drama and Pirate Party members raged when their torrents stopped working. The pressure placed by the Hollywood Jews on the Swedish government ignited events that went out of the ordinary and beyond Sweden's own laws.

Pirate Bay and its supporters published an open-sauce movie recounting the story and inviting people to edit, remix, share and pass on the movie so that more people could learn about what had happened. Yeah, whatever faggots.

This is the official remix of the Pirate Bay documentary "Steal This Film" by Robin Good and Michael Pick.


Most members of the Pirate Party around the world are lunix users, virgins, social phobics with poor personal hygiene, roleplayers, people with one or several diagnosed psychological disorders, Nazis and

  • Dick Falconwing
  • Paedobear
  • Your Mum
  • German Paedophile Jörg Tauss - who joined the party for the purpose of being able to download more sick shit from the internet.

They are all very fond of purple polo shirts. Your average pirate party member is of course a man who smells terribly, has a hard time giving eye contact, and still lives with their mom.


As the main thing for pirates is getting shit for free, there is really no ideology to analulze. However, as their wants and needs are based upon the never ending urge to rape women, a need that fails because of lack of stamina, their ideas are projected onto the internet instead of lived out IRL. This leads to the inherent tendency towards paedophilia, since children are the only things these weak faggots can ever Bukkake on.

Since there are no black person in the Pirate Party, they have often been accused of racism. However, this is merely a side-effect of them never leaving their Mom's house, thus never meeting people outside their middle-class neighbourhoods.

The Pirate Party often cry their hearts out about surveillance.


Looking for nice girls to sleep at when travelling Sweden. Cuddling makes wonders for the fighting spirit and enthusiasm...


—Dick Falconwing in his Facebook status update.

The internet is serious business... serious fucking business. And the Jews did 9-11!!!!111


—Average Pirate Party member on forums


Their main irc-channel #piratpartiet on irc.piratpartiet.se provides great lulz when trolling. Also, their forum is highly exploitable for winnage.

How to troll a PP-member:

  • Tell him that his party consists of a bunch of flower-power techno-hippies.
  • Tell him his party is based on an economic utopia. PP is just a flash in the pan. That it's just inconsistent shit.
  • Tell him you have an original License of windows/photoshop.
  • Tell him you have a girlfriend and/or a full-time job.
  • Show him your car/driver license and/or girlfriend again.
  • Tell him that his computer science degree is worthless and that Indian slavelabour will take over his job. Ignore his counter-arguments.
  • Tell him (applies only to swedish pirates) you voted on Moderaterna (Swedish Republicans.) and that you work with IFPI or any movie/music organization.

Note: This manual really sucks. b-tards report in that it only works when forced.


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