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Pinkiepony = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Your average Pinkiepony selfie nobody would clop to.
A rare unedited picture of Pinkiepony
Did You Know: Now that April Davis is over 18 years old and graduated from Kempsville High School, her "I'm a minor" shield is finally broken and will face a huge reality check. In short, she's fucked.

Pinkiepony, real name April Davis and not Pinkie Posh, born in May 22nd, 1996, is a 22 year old lesbian egomaniac feminazi from Tumblr and brony in denial who is described as the Avril Lavigne of the pony fandom. Being your typical Social Justice Blogger of Tumblr, she is known for her cold-hearted hatred of anything remotely offensive, male, brony, or lulzy, her hypocrisy, attention whoring, and her inability to quit bitching and moaning until she gets what she wants. Her raging estrogen and big mouth garnered her some followers on Tumblr, but she didn't truly gain E-Fame until she began to thirst for the delicious tears of the bronies. Using the alleged popping of her 12-year-old sister's internet cherry as a martyr and the ticklish subject of rape as her sword, she went full retard and started the Down With Molestia protest, though it's obvious that she wanted the blog down only out of jealousy because her own pony pornography wasn't as good and never will be good. She has an obsession and likes to pretend that she's an innocent helpless 12 year old, with the alter ego of a cumslut that thinks anything that represents a male is out to get her, even though she's a legal adult now, which is probably why she hasn't said much on the internet anymore because she's now able to be charged for all of the illegal shit she pulled in the past that's still following her. In other words, she might just now be realizing that play time is over and it's time to grow up, but with a mind like April's, that probably isn't going to fully happen.

Approximate number of rapes Pinkiepony has stopped: 0

Down With Molestia

Possibly her little sister after discovering Molestia.

In The Beginning

Somewhere deep in the skanky depths of Tumblr, shit was about to hit the fan. Tumblricon.png pinkiepony, most likely on the rag, was ready to wage war. Her 13-year-old sister had found a "Molestia" image on Google, and rather than the silly idea of supervising the little brat's internet usage, she decided to do the much more sensible (and much more lulzy) approach.

Gathering all 12 of her followers and by their MSPaint powers combined, the Down With Molestia movement was born.

Claiming that a meme that depicts one of the ponies as a violent rapist somehow promotes and encourages rape IRL, the game was on to make as many fail images of said character along with some cheesy cut and paste motivational image as possible. More and more Tumblr users hopped on the bandwagon, hoping to garner attention for their own shitty art, and before you knew it a new Drama was born!

Assault on John Joseco

A rare win for John Joseco.

Every sick fuck in the Brony community knows John Joseco, creator of Tumblricon.png askprincessmolestia that's been around for about a million internet years DELETED. Suddenly the followers of Pinkiepony, now out for his blood, were inundating him with hate mail, death threats, and the typical petitions that come with all good drama. His response was to post one honestly lulzy reply that basically mocked the living fuck out of their movement, then to simply move on with his life. Of course, the real hilarity of this is JJ's blog paints Molestia as Princess of all Equestria and a raging kinky pony-molesting slut, but the character never actually rapes anyone except for teasing. GG, guys.

Here Come The Trolls

April's fursona doing what April does best.

Like sharks drawn to the scent of blood, the trolls had caught the scent of drama and homed in like Boeing Harpoons. In true troll fashion, some took to pointing out that most DWM followers had recently (and some still were) followers of JJ who had posted tons of positive comments about his blog, while others were simply not fans and looking for a justifiable excuse to take a shot at JJ. Of course, the trolls warmed up their own MSPaints to make parodies of the DWM pictures and started plastering them all over Tumblr. Several dedicated trolls allegedly called Pinkiepony out IRL and drove her into a change room to hide, and although this story is likely just an Attention Whore tactic to gain pity and sympathy we definitely hope it isn't.

Waving The White Flag

In (potentially) a rare show of some Common Sense, the DWM supports have abruptly called off the entire thing. Perhaps it was being chased into a change room by trolls, or perhaps it was the realization that (say it with me, Dramacrats) online petitions never accomplished anything ever. We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica like think that the drama was causing banhammerings left and right, and those who started it have been left crying in the corner of a cold shower by the swift raep of the mods.

Down with Molestia 2: Electric Boogaloo

This direct-to-video sequel stars the same Attention Whore as before and all five of her followers on their Jihad to cleanse the earth of Rape Culture with the power of ponies. Rather than the foolish notion of perhaps donating to a charity or volunteering, this time she is serious enough to Twitter-favicon.png START A TWITER PROFILE. With Ask Princess Molestia still going strong and her ass still sore from her previous rape, she decided the best way to get what she wants is to use rape itself as an Ad hominem attack, and Ponies Against Rape Culture rose from DWM's stillborn fetus. Along her holy journey she will face opposition from Bronies for insulting their gay show, actual rape protesters who are wise to her bullshit, and even a few rape victims (Srs) who can tell she doesn't give even an eighth of a fuck about rape and is just butt hurt that men are scrawling porn of a show she likes. The plot thickens as her master plan is revealed: To destroy Down With Molestia, Rape Culture, and the Bronies themselves by... getting votes on her page and asking Santa to get rid of Molestia for her. At first it is easy to sympathize and even agree with her since her final solution does include vanquishing the Brony menace from the internets once and for all, but her bat-shit insanity actually makes their horse-fucking seem more reasonable by comparison. So swing by her twitter, open your heart, and let her know you care with a piping-hot plate of Pain Series.

DWM 3: Molestia Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

On January 17th, 2014, a million Brony voices suddenly cried out in terror as Ask Princess Molestia was suddenly silenced forever. Logging on to post his newest pic of Molestia ramming Twilight's ass, JohnJoseco instead found Tumblr was shutting him down and he closed his page without saying good-bye. Of course, Pinkiepony and her brain-dead followers cried victory and pounced on this like a Furry on scat porn to have an orgy in the still-warm blood of Princess Molestia. Of course without Molestia to jerk their tiny cocks off to, the bronies now had enough time to Dox the little bitch and send some yummy food and a Rootkit or two to her orgy (C.O.D, of course). Surprisingly, instead of deleting fucking everything as per the norm she instead decided to stand tall and bait the deviant fuckers by provoking them over Molestia's deletion, providing freshly baked lulz to the rest of the internet while the two groups had their 'epic' little internet slap fight.

Karma's a Bitch: The Death of Nala

An hero. Karma is a bitch. Goodnight sweet prince Rest in piss.

On March 19th, 2014, after Pinkiepony came back from a rehearsal she found her pet hamster Nala dead and rotten. What might cause Nala's death is bad karma due to her feminazi, hypocrisy and stupidity for protesting to take down Molestia. Karma is indeed a bitch. She tries to calm her depression and sadness by squawking “Think of Me” from Phantom of The Opera and reading Tumblricon.png straightwhiteboyproblems. Here's a list of possible deaths that killed Nala:

  • Princess Molestia shoving it up her ass for sexual pleasures.
  • Bad karma.
  • Suicide.
  • Bad karma.
  • Eternal torture of playing pretty princess pink dress-up.
  • Bad karma.
  • Looking at her.
  • Bad karma.
  • Bad karma.
  • Most importantly: BAD KARMA!

Revenge of the Nerds: Pinkiepony's Meltdown

Probably one of the better decisions of April's life. Now she can move on to live her dreams as being just another My Little Pony Arena freak.

Remarkably, April put her Tumblr blog into a "Hiatus" (whatever the fuck that means) and locked her Twitter account on March 22. It began soon after her truce against brony drama, where she relapsed her promise of peace and began shit-talking about a fanimation with a parody character named "Mutton Bash" where he rapes his mother as to make fun of all the incest shipping fanart there is of the fan character Button Mash in the fandom. Ironically, Hasbro decided to give a C&D to the original Button Mash fanimation studio soon afterward her critiques were made. Several bronies didn't take the news well and rising from their basements, every brony with a Twitter jumped onto Pinkiepony and blamed her for it, (and given her cries for wolf, who wouldn't?) The uprising was so big that Pinkiepony couldn't take the heat and attempted to delete nearly everything. Some say the attention from all this drama is just too much of a pull for this addicted broad and that she'll be back again, but for now all ponyfags can sit back down and enjoy their terrible horse pornography once again.

Derek 'Lucariwhoa' Dubowski

A rare win from Ask Fury Belle.

Lucariwhoa, real name Derek Dubowski, is a really ugly internet boyfriend of April 'Pinkiepony' Davis and a raging white knight who thinks he's reformed as a woman when there's nothing female about him. Wearing a pink shirt all the time doesn't make him female. Currently, he's only making an ass of himself for the internets to laugh at his pathetic stupidity. In the meantime enjoy his current posts.

Derek and April broke up their e-relationship on May 1st 2014 because her parents are very suspicious of April's shit she's spewing on the internet. Not only that, but she's also the target of getting someone's husband deported, and pizza deliveries to her home. One year later, Derek is officially dumped now that April wants IRL pussy.

My Girlfriend <3 <3 <3 So Kawaii!!! About missing Pics
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The Norsefire Rises

Dear friends, what is the best way to deal with a disparaging remark from some random person online? Is it to run upstairs and cry to Your mom, or just say something back, or perhaps nut up and move on with your life? Well, if you're a cleric in the Church of Pinkie, it's to give Immigration a call and get their husband deported. Enter VikingLumberJack, a humble user of Tumblr who had the utter gall and unmitigated audacity to basically answer one of Pinkie's suicide sob stories with a firm STFU. It was the perfect crime; she would be left aghast and bawling delicious tears as poor Pavlo was sent back to manufacture ammunition in the Union. Unfortunately they failed to realize reports made in real life don't quite work like Tumblr's report submission form. Pissing off Neckbeards online results in Drama and Lulz, while pissing off the US Government IRL results in a visit from the Party Van and an all-expense paid trip to get one's clock cleaned by Bubba. Rather than receiving the smooth ambrosia of brony tears they desired, her little sugar-frosted minion was forced to fork over 50,000 jew golds to the reunited lovers while the Bronies and the EDiots stood together in a rare cease-fire to point their greasy little fingers and laugh. As the accused stood scared, his ass agape and facing the still-pending criminal case against them, said minion handed over a written statement that it was no one other than April herself who specifically asked him to do the dirty work for her while she attempted valiantly to continue playing the victim card. Keep it up, kids! At this rate you might even reach Chris Chan levels someday.

This actually happened About missing Pics
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Reaction to this Article

Like every special little snowflake to mound their pile of Shit high enough to draw the attention of the Eye of Sauron, April's reaction to this article was by the books and jam-packed with Lulz. At first she took it as a sign of victory, bragging that her paragraph-long mention on the Princess Molestia article meant she "had made it to the big leagues". And oh boy she had: after a brony or two braved Mordor to bring Encyclopedia Dramatica a bucket or two of the bitch's shit, our highly trained E-Detectives swung by her blog and found an unmilked Lolcow just waiting to burst! Fondling those teats the way the bronies never could, she was milked of her Dox and some nasty pictures, and she suddenly realized having God only knows how many weirdos online watching, documenting, and laughing at your every move wasn't exactly a good thing. So what's a 'girl' to do? Why, blank the page of course! She sent her entire army of followers, all seven of them, to vandalize the fuck out of this page one by one. Her attempt was successful... for all of about four seconds until the changes were reverted and her article became featured on the main page for two days as a reward for all her hard work. She quickly realized that jerking her article off had only made it grow more erect and retreated to her lair to blog about calling the cops and to report a few Ask Blogs to make herself feel valid. So if you're looking to drop a few pictures of Meatspin, feel free to visit her follower's user pages and let off some steam.


Pinkiepony trying to take down Princess Molestia again.
Look who's talking?
It Supports Raep, Guize! About missing Pics
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A new video of her trying to explain how shit went down during her internet bullshit. Notice how she keeps using "rape" as her defense and "bronies" as the monsters. Doesn't regret DWM. And even brings up VLJ and her husband again. All of this and too chickenshit to allow people to comment on the video.
In a sad attempt to pretend none of her shit ever happened, April seems to have finally ditched the ponies only to start a failed attempt at a vlog to fuel her obsession for attention.
Jerry Peet, a transgendered brony lolcow known for sock-puppeteering his own imaginary girlfriend, white knights Pinkiepony with false facts. Funnily enough, the original video was monetized while he was complaining about monetization on content that didn't even have ads on them to begin with
A pointless video starring April and her extremely color-damaged hair. It's amazing how that shit hasn't disintegrated yet.
In an amazing act of butthurt, Derek bitches in defense of Pinkiepony in a video reply due to criticism. Comments and Ratings disabled on the original video.
"Bombastic" Blake Diamond, an attention-whoring ponyfag in his own right, actually invited Pinkie Posh to be in one of his shitty videos so she could see him white knight her in person.
It looks like April still has the mindset of a try-hard emo middle-schooler
April's very own personal whore-paint tutorial. Goddamn, she wears so much, looking at her real skin is scary!
Nothing wins the ladies over like talks of uteruses, pigs, and cockroaches!.
Her little educational video on stolen art nobody gives a flying pink shit about. Her femrage would turn from pink to red if her 'art' is uploaded here for lulz.


Hi I’m Pinkie and I like to draw lesbian horses


—Pinkiepony's introduction to everyone at Tumblr land.

I’m too nervous to call the cops I’m just going to go play second life and abandon my first life because I don’t like the first life.


—After she discovers her ED page.

Please don’t call me by my name. It’s not your post, I’m used to really silly things being rumored about me. If I’m accused of racism, so be it, they have no source and there are plenty of posts on my blog that would convince you otherwise. It’s the public posting of my address and personal information that scare me.


—April Davis being a hypocrite.



—She's just butthurt.

They put my girlfriend on Encyclopedia Dramatica. (I think under pinkiepony but I refuse to read it). Don’t look, TW: transphobia and everything else you can name.


—What she doesn't know that her girlfriend/boyfriend Derek was asking for it.

Bronies don't really like the show, all of them are just a bunch of fat losers who need to pretend to like a cartoon to actually make some friends.

Look at Double Rainboom, the bronies' attempt to make an episode was just all the memes they made crammed into a 30 minute animation. It was like some desperate attempt by the creators to show they fit in with he fandom.


—Translation: I'm a jealous bitch because bronies get more attention than me and I can't animate shit.

If you have to compare me to a cartoon character, then at least compare me to Lisa Simpson. At least that is a compliment.


—The only things she's compared to Lisa is that they're both unfunny, boring, and craving for attention.

All rape victims deserve protection and respect, whether they exist or not.


—Did someone say rape?

My mom is annoying the hell out of me


—A useless rant on Mrs. Davis.

It’s sad this poor boy attempted suicide because people bullied him for liking a feminine show, but I feel like bronies only care because he’s another brony.


—Spoken like a true heartless hypocritical feminazi bully.

I don’t know if I have a fear of blood or needles. I hate both and feel ill thinking of it, but my phobia is with getting blood drawn. Hemophobia is blood fear, and trypanophobia is needle fear. There’s no word for what I have, since it could be either. trypanohemophobia.


—Admitted she has phobias.

I can’t believe the person who is editing pictures of me and calling me brony hitler. Like feminazi wasn’t gross enough. Stop equating the massacre of millions of innocent people to your problems with social justice.

Do you see the black border on that picture of me in that meme? it’s taken from my blog. It’s transparent. It’s a goddamn png. You place it into photoshop, not paste it. You dun fucked up.


—She always forgets the part where she dun goofed in the first place.

My mom is legitimately so pissed off about my eyebrows that she is threatening to cancel my senior portrait photoshoot. Pink eyebrows make her so mad it’s hilarious.


—Disrespectful to her mother by being a pink whore.

I have to go to therapy today and I had plans. Hasa Diga Eebowi.


—Admitted that she's officially a crazy pink bitch.

I sincerely hate all of humanity, especially all you pathetic low-lives who want to make Twilight Sparkle their "waifu". She's a despicable being and you should be ashamed for even liking her.


—She hates everyone, including her mother, father, friends and supporters.

I have this image in my head of me walking into Toys R Us with the glitziest clothes, stilettos and a huge pink boa with “Big Spender” from the musical Sweet Charity playing in the background. "Money can’t buy happiness" is a bullshit lie the rich people tell us to keep us from revolting.


—Displaying her obsession with free toys and free money at her finest.

I no longer support RAINN because of their stance on trans victims :c


—Refusing to support rape victims because they don't share her own opinion about things.

I’m really sick of being controversial to the point that I just don’t want to share my politics on this blog anymore and just make a separate feminism blog. Sounds like a good idea. I most likely won’t tell anyone the name of it and go off a new alias. I’ll call out the bad brony behavior on Downwithmolestia and I’ll bring light to other issues on a new feminism blog but I think most of my politics should be left off my personal page.


—Waving the white flag and thinking she will ever find a safeheaven to restart her ignorant rants from scratch.

A freshman boy at school told me I look like a hooker with all the makeup I wear and I said “you literally just said I’d look like someone you’d pay to have sex with”


— Reality check. You do look like a hooker.

Pink Facts

"BAWWW I want money and praise!" bitches Pinkiepony.
  • Pinkiepony is a confirmed lesbian and in fact, even admitted to have felt lewd thoughts for a classmate during elementary school.
  • This whore's nickname came from the fact she holds her pinkie out when she gives handjobs.
  • She is suicidal just to crave more brony attention but later she lied.
  • She hates bronies when she is one.
  • She sends herself fake anonymous messages to increase her USI, a tumblrina taboo.
  • She claims to be adult and mature, yet her entire life is limited to collect toys and drawing pornography ponies.
  • She constantly invents stories about generic "cute guys" giving her gifts, wanting to be her boyfriends or being "defeated" and dominated by her. (Hint: she spent Valentine's day completely alone. And, not only that, but she spent it whining about bronies, writing to Hasbro, and sending the rabid losers that follow her to harass people for her.)
  • Pinkiepony herself claims she has ADD, ADHD, migraines, nosebleeds, and autistic condition as a blanket excuse when the idiotic things she does get her in trouble. She also claims she's hemophobia and been taking adderral, birth control pills, depression pills, psycho analysis tests, and therapy.
  • She's a hypocrite, double-standared moron: if she draws porn, attacks sites or harrases little kids, it's Ok, if someone else does to her what she does to others, she yells and screeches claiming the cops.
  • She has clinical depression and cries a lot over whenever she doesn't get what she wants.
  • She constantly Googles herself on the net to look for free praises or to see if some "Brony" is calling her out on her lies. She's also been known to obsessively stalk the blogs of the people that call her out on her bullshit.
  • She uploads slutty-dressed selfies at a daily basis. Then she Photoshops the shit out of them to make it look like she actually has nice skin.
  • She's a terrible student, yet somehow believes herself to be "smart".
  • She's in a relationship with a brony furfag named Lucariwhoa, aka Derek. His hobbies include thinking he's better than other bronies for doing the same shit they do and breaking the fingers off of anyone who disagrees with him. A match made in hell.
  • She's unemployed (and probably always will be).
  • April dresses as a slut even when it's freezing outside.
  • She's a compulsive spender, despite having no income of her own. She even spends money given to her to FEED HERSELF on toys.
  • She sexualizes EVERYTHING, either to weaponize it under the excuse that it "offends her" or simply to play her own sexual fetishes.
  • She is a compulsive liar. If she gets called out on the things she says, she immediately will claim that she never said that, the evidence is fake or planted by a "brony" and then will make a sob story to fish for pity and support.
  • She is a coward who avoids facing confronting people outside of her own websites, where she gets to hide, block and filter out any opinion she doesn't like.
  • She asks people to tell her what's she doing wrong so she could avoid offending them. When they tell her, she rationalizes everything to keep insulting people at her heart's content, then blocks them out and ignores them all.
  • She forged a "hacking" story and then invented a fake theft case in order to cover her ass after everyone questioned what really happened with the money she claimed to collect from her supporters before donating it to charity. This was after some people noticed the absurd amount of overpriced toys and clothes she kept buying and buying despite being unemployed and making sob stories about being broke. She also whined about not having enough money to set up a table at Bronycon (though now, it's been discovered that even most cons don't want her there, and won't allow her in) while she continued to bid on bootleg pony plushes on eBay.
  • Admitted that she is a furry and likes to yiff.
  • Draws lesbian underaged ponies and claims it's a good thing.
  • Dragon dildos are one of her favorite sex toys.
  • Has a phobia of needles and blood.
  • Lives with her parents.
  • Because of her inability to read her parents emotions, Pinkiepony doesn't treat her mom with respect. In fact, she constantly makes fun of her and even demonizes her for not supporting her slutty lifestyle or for not giving her enough money.
  • Her favorite game is The Sims 3 where she hits on girls as a pink skanky horse.
  • Pinkiepony supports drugs.
  • Pinkiepony is exactly like Chris Chan. Whatever shit she does is okay to her, but whenever the same shit is hold against her it's not okay anymore. Also, she blames "the bronies" for all of her problems, including the ones she invents for attention's sake.
  • The irresponsible mistress in pink sends her blind fans to vandalize her Encyclopedia Dramatica page. The results always ended up a failure.
  • She admitted that she goes to therapy and proves that she's a pink crazy psychobitch. Too bad she obviously isn't getting ENOUGH therapy.
  • On February 9, 2014, she admitted she was a compulsive liar and had been using fake stories during her entire life to impress strangers and convince them she was an entirely different person of what she really is. She made it sound as a good character trait and in fact, the only remorse she claimed to feel about lying to everyone was when her lies finally caught up with her. Finally, she also admitted she still lies at a daily basis and has no interest to stop.
  • She constantly deletes posts on her blog when she says things that push the retard boundary for her followers.
  • April is so obsessed with pink dye she even dyed her anus, vagina, and pubic hair pink to look like a hentai girl waiting to be raped.
  • She used to have a boyfriend. He was very lucky to dump the worthless feminazi for being a gender hating xenophobe. Also, she decided to cowardly demonize her ex-boyfriend by claiming his mere sight is enough to immediately "trigger" her into feeling bad. She also decided that his old gaming console (which she still had for some reason) was "triggering" her, and instead of giving it back to him, she opted to sell it, like the greedy little big-nosed Jewess she is.
  • When she was seven years old she dyed her hair pink and wanted to change her name to Pinkie after the G3 version of Pinkie Pie and not the current G4 version. Considering her disturbing fixation with ponies, obsession with dying her hair pink, and her insistence that people call her "Pinkie", it's pretty clear that this bitch seriously wants to BE a fucking pony.
  • She's a glutton for Doritos junk food chips.
  • She hates Star wars and the Star Wars fandom as well.
  • She hates women with Brony boyfriends because she can't accept that other women could be happy while she is still alone and unloved.
  • She also invented a painfully generic sob story about a recently deceased friend named "Shanti" that came out from nowhere and raged when people didn't believed her obvious lie.
  • April blogged that she liked a MLP group on Failbook, found a conversation specifically comparing her to a 13 year-old who was actually her, had someone upload a picture of her 13 year-old prostitot self, then minutes afterwards claimed the admins somehow deleted fucking everything. Cool Story, Bro.
  • During early March, she decided to make a complete 180 from her "Pony smut is bad!" rants and created an informative slideshow where she rationalized ways to make pony porn art "correct". The reason behind of this change of mind was that she wanted to pocket money off of any horsefucker dumb enough to add to her bag of Jew gold.
  • After being thrilled for months about going to Bronycon to set up a booth and sell her shitty art, Pinkiepony decided to call sour grapes after being informed she wasn't welcome there and smugly claimed she would "take her money and business to a more professional site." Nice damage control, kiddo.
  • Prior to her plans for attending, April had suggested she was going to take water guns and mace with her in order to prevent any other occurrences of groups of 6-foot tall men making her uncomfortable. This resulted in an even firmer denying of her booth as well as bans from other conventions, and let's not forget that malicious assault using a chemical weapon is a serious offense that could have sent her privileged scrawny ass to prison.
  • On March 15, after her principal enabler Purple Tinker, a trans lolcow, decided to raise the white flag and quit the internet forever, April decided to do the same and so announced she would stop shitting on bronies and use her Tumblr for more constructive means. She didn't even last a day before resuming her hate and intolerance spree.
  • On March 19th, her pet hamster died. Normal people mourn discretely for a pet's loss, but April being April, decided to use her Tumblr to make a huge deal out of it, uploading gaudy edits of her dead pet, going full emo and basically, doing everything she could to turn someone else's death into another excuse to draw lots of pity and attention to herself.
  • Also during March, April began making yet another bullshit story about how she totally was going to get the lead role on Hasbro's oncoming Jem and the Holograms live action movie. Even her own followers called her out on that monumental pile of bullshit, and as usual, April quickly backpedaled and applied damage control to pretend that what she really had said was about *trying* to get an audition for that role, followed by some cringe-inducing rant about following one's dreams.
  • She later lied about having a deal with Hasbro to create a booklet detailing how to style My Little Pony toys' hair, despite Hasbro numerous times stating that they would not be working with fans on such projects- and her hairstyling work leaving the poor toys looking like bait ponies
  • On March 23, she made yet another set of inhuman, hate-filled comments that got even her own followers rage against her, which led to April accepting her complete defeat and finally deleting her stupid Tumblr. HOWEVER, she also announced she would create a secret safeheaven to keep attacking, insulting and harrasing out people behind their backs, so the fun will resume as soon her secret hideout is found. (And it will be found!)
  • On March 30, she returned to her Tumblr account (the one she claimed to have deleted, remember?) to once again, behave like an idiot, bitch about shit she doesn't like and post random "Grease" plays at her former school to make people pay attention to her.
  • After creating her new blog from scratch and swore off drama, April hastily engaged in brony drama once more and will likely continue being an attention whore until her parents kick her out of the house, where she'll likely move in and eventually end up being domestically abused by Derek.
  • After watching her favorite anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Pinkiepony thinks she's reborn a pink-haired lesbian god.
  • April 11th, 2014, Pinkiepony has finally came...out of the closet, that is. While normal people does this in a discrete and mature way, April instead wrote a open letter to her parents about her being a lesbian, and posted it on the internet for everyone to see, which understandably, didn't pleased her poor and tired parents at all. They decided to give her some productive tasks to keep her busy and restricted/supervised her access to internet to prevent future embarrasement, but since April cannot stop being April, she labeled this as "punishment" and has secretely been using her new DS console to stay online scorning them and whoring herself out, because fuck her parent's attempts to to turn her into a productive person, fuck if they try to cut down her only source of attention and safe E-Bullying and fuck her parent's feelings, period..
  • Also during Early April 2014, she tried to get a job to escape her parent's "tyrany" and proudly announced she was applying for a job ... at a fast food joint, because that's the only thing she's capable to do. Things quickly went sour when she was informed that dressing like a whore, using tons of gaudy makeup and bright pink hair dye weren't approved by their dressing code, so she didn't got the job and basically, proved she wasn't fit even for the crappiest job ever. She has been bitching and panhandling for free money since then, arguing she wants to buy more toys, makeup and clothes for herself, despite already having enough to fill her room and her attic.
  • On April 15th, 2014, April decided to attempt another crappy Damage Control campaign by claiming that all the information posted here is fake and that she never did or said anything documented here, despite everything being you know, nothing but screencaps of the retarded things she posted all over the pile of stupid websites she dedicated to herself. That and she decided (for the umpteenth time) to try blaming her ex for all the bad things that she kept bringing upon herself through her own stupid and inhuman actions.
  • On April 26th, 2014, she was ranting and shit talking to comedian Twitter-favicon.png JimNorton on his Twitter about mocking trannies.
  • It's clear that Pinkiepony doesn't discuss and stay true to her word about staying out of the MLP:FiM fandom. She lies, she slanders, and she pretends.
  • She finds babies and toddlers gross and disgusting. Guess that means she won't be making babies for her shitty family generation.

How To Troll This Pony Weeaboo

  • Talk about rape.
  • Send her MLP rape porn.
  • Be a rapist.
  • Be a male.
  • Post Molestia images.
  • Rape jokes about her daddy in the US Navy.
  • Mention the ensign who raped her daddy in the US Navy.
  • Send an email to [email protected] and complain about her abusive harassment.
  • Create rape-only Rule 34 images of her.
  • Post Niggers. Pinkiepony is a confirmed racist to Niggers from the hood.
  • Call her by her real name to reduce her to a blubbering cauldron of lulz.
  • Kirby crossovers with MLP. Pinkiepony hates and is frightened of a cute pink balloon that sucks.
  • Edit images of Pinkie Pie trolling Pinkiepony.
  • Point out that Nicole Oliver (Celestia's voice actress) basically played Molestia in The Foursome and watch her meltdown.
  • Draw lesbian images of Molestia punishing Pinkiepony.
  • Tell her that the Les Miserables channel is gay and it suck balls.
  • Call her a hypocrite for drawing lesbian pony porn.
  • Point out whenever she contradicts herself. The thing that seems to make her cry the most is when people use the retardation on her own blog against her, and shove her fat, Jew nose in it. She starts whining and backpeddling fast enough to go backwards up a fucking mountain.
  • Due to the fact anything masculine squicks her, call her a brony, dude, guy, sir, bro, or any variation thereof. Continue to do so such even when she tries to correct you with "ma'am" or "pegasister".
  • Calling her Queen Chrysalis also boils her little pink brain and takes her apeshit attitude on the bronies at /mlp/.
  • Talk about Daft Punk.
  • Point fingers at her as one of the bullies for posting a sadistic hypocritical message about the suicidal 11-year-old brony Michael Morones.
  • Post her in memes and Rule 34 images. She'll bitch and butthurt faster than a speeding bullet.
  • Use her business email ([email protected]) to subscribe to a lot of different sites such as newsletters and male enhancements.
  • Remind her that the "Bronies" she hates so much have done more and better for charity than her and her entire group of followers combined, and while their generous efforts have reached the news, her own still haven't.
  • Remind her that she has spent another Valentine's Day completely alone, still posting random crap from her room, and still whining about bronies.
  • Tell her to go back to the kitchen and make sandwiches. Stupid young feminists like Pinkiepony can get offended with that.
  • Post Rainbow Dash porn on her pages. Pinkiepony hates Rainbow Dash for looking like a dyke and acting like a bitch. That makes two bitches.
  • Post images of blood drawn and needles since she has a phobia of those.
  • Remind her that her pet guinea pig is dead because she killed it all along.
  • Seek and discover her new secret hideout to keep her from attacking people and lying out of her ass without having to face consequences.
  • Report her Skreened shop and DeviantArt page to Hasbro for selling unlicensed merchandise.
  • File a complaint to April's former high school about her internet behavior.
  • Post comments about her lack of curves, crooked legs and receeding hairline~ she loves to body chame others but completely breaks down when she's on the receiving end. Seriously, you could write The Lord of Rings trilogy on her forehead using an oil marker.
  • Be sure to remind her that April Fool's Day is named after her stupidity.
  • Email her former school principal and assistant principals about her getting both herself and the school doxed while she was a senior there.
  • Remind her that her precious 18th birthday will not mark the beginning of an hedonistic life where she be free to do whatever she wants, but instead will mark the end of her "I'm an innocent kid" blanket excuse and it will give everyone the legal power to send her to prison if she decides to attack, harm or fuck up people, especially if she decides to keep trying to use the cops as her own personal army by inventing more stories of people trying to kill her and blaming people she dislikes as the culprits. (Previously she bragged about wanting to attack people with Mace and forging a rape attack as a blanket excuse, until someone told her that malicious harm with a chemical weapon is a fucking serious offense that could land her skinny ass in Juvi, evidently she didn't learned jack.)
  • Call her names she's been called in school such as 'pink dyke', 'flat-chested lesbian', 'weeaboo', and more importantly 'pink whore'.
  • Call her names that comedian Jim Norton called her before she apologized for being a pink asshole on Twitter such as 'dopey troll', 'pink-is-for-girls bitch', and 'fake feminist'.
  • Send her "gifts" your heart desires from now that her mother has told her she is getting too spoiled by strangers and doesn't want her accepting gifts from strangers anymore.
  • Talk about babies and toddlers. She finds it disgusting and gross.
  • Use the Goggles program to do the same thing to Andrew Dobson.
  • Say anything short about Pinkiepony on video and send it to [email protected]

External Links

  • Pinkie's website - Actually it's her Tumblr page Tumblricon.png pinkieposhart.
  • Tumblricon.png Pinkiepony - The evil pink lair of Pinkiepony. FUCK YEAH BALEETED!!! Nope, it's still up. Her claims of "deleting the tumblr app" were yet ANOTHER LIE and she even sunk so low as to fake a 404 page, but mobile browsers aren't fooled. It's officially deleted. She blames the bronies for snitching to Tumblr of her TOS breach as announced by her girlfriend Derek on her Twitter.
  • Tumblricon.png positivelypinkie - The new location of the Pinkiepony Tumblr page. BALEETED!!
    • Tumblricon.png downwithmolestia - Her protesting page. Also deleted when her account was removed. BALEETED!!
    • Tumblricon.png pinkyiffy - Her fursona page. Also deleted when her account was removed. BALEETED!!
  • Fb-favicon.png Pinkiepony - Hasn't been touched since 2016.
  • Twitter-favicon.png PrincessPinkie - No longer locked. She's afraid to post in Tumblr and 4chan so she's posting her crap here. MOVED TO @PinkiePoshArt to draw SJW furries.
  • Pinkie Posh - Pinkiepony's Pinterest page.
  • aprilasaur aprilasaur
  • Twitchtv-favicon.png pinkieposhart - Pinkie Posh's Twitch page.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png princesspinkiepony <-- Her Deviantart account, where she panhandles for MORE money. BALEETED!!
    • Deviantart-favicon.png pinkiepieg3 <-- A pathetic DA group founded by her and dedicated to her obsession with G3 Pinkie Pie. Only 2 idiots follow it, it's only comment was made by a troll and NOBODY has joined it. BALEETED!!
    • Deviantart-favicon.png Manehattanites <-- Her second DA group, this time dedicated to her shitty OC. NOBODY follows it, NOBODY has joined it and NOBODY has made any comments. BALEETED!!
  • Furaffinity-favicon.png pinkiepawsh - Pinkie Posh's FurAffinity page.
  • YouTube Favicon.png ThinkingPinkie
  • pinkiepony - Pinkiepony's Nintendo Network (Nintendo 3DS)
    • 0817-4770-9226 - Pinkiepony's friend code
    • 5000-2251-1297 - Pinkiepony's ACNL Dream address
  • Pinkiepony - Pinkiepony's Skreened clothing shop.
  • pinkiepony - Pinkiepony's SoundCloud page. Contains massive ear rape.
  • Google Plus Favicon.png Pinkie - Pinkiepony's Google+ page.
  • Instagram-new-favicon.png pinkieposh - Pinkiepony's Instagram page, aka the epicenter of all the godawful pictures she uses for avatars. Do not visit unless you want to be assaulted by to much pink and shitty filters.
  • Blogspot favicon.png positivelypinkie
  • Pinkie Posh - Pinkiepony's page. Ask her questions anonymously!
  • Pinkie Posh - Pinkiepony's Intagme page.
  • Kempsville High School - April's high school where she graduated.
  • PinkiePawsh - April herself has gotten into the furfaggotry.
  • Patreon-favicon.png Pinkie Posh - Pinkie Posh's Pateron - Wants money for fan animation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic No longer in the brony fandom, now makes gay SJW LGBT+ furry art she calls cartoons.
  • [email protected] - Pinkie's email address.

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