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The police in Australia spent so many years trying to get me for drugs that they missed everything else I was doing


A brief Introduction

Tim Sharky also known as just Sharky, real name Tim Ward, is a former debt collector and loan shark from Australia that currently lives in Thailand where he spends his days walking around virtually naked and having sex with underage ladyboy prostitutes.

About the legend

Yeah, shes got a dick

Born in New Zealand, Sharky was abandoned at birth, probably because his face looks like it was photoshopped on. After many years of being assraped in pool halls by older men, he decided to move to Australia for a better life. In Oztraya he made a name for himself on the Gold Coast running a loan shark business that made millions from drug addicts and bashing homeless people.

After moving to Thailand in 2009 he made it his goal to have sex with over 9000 thai ladyboys and post the images to facebook for the lulz, feeding all the lost puppies in the world, and challenging his haters to fights for a $10,000 reward

Tim sharky actually thinks there is a guy called "OP" that wants to fight him hahahaah lmao i'm literally laughing out loud just typing this


I become friends with most of the girls.. Its like having a girlfriend but without any of the bullshit..


—and most girlfriends dont have dicks

I like to bite cheeks, ears and noses off.. So when they look in the mirror they will always remember me


— channeling his inner Mike Tyson

Bodybuilding is a faggot sport.. I train so i can pick little cunts like you up and slam you head first into the concrete.


—forgetting that he once competed in bodybuilding

on Steroids
on Ladyboys

Stabbing Canadians

One day Sharky decided to stab a canadian man for fun, however upon being questioned by the police, he had a number of different excuses, here are a few of them:

  • I didn't do it
  • He looked at me funny
  • He disrepsected me
  • He disrespected my friend
  • The thai mafia were watching and i wanted to look cool

The Police Lieutenant Colonel asked me why i stabbed the man.. ""Well sir.. Thats because i didnt have a gun to shoot the cunt""


—Sharky on being a tough guy

Thai Police stealing his shit

Sharky makes it his mission to point out the corruption of the Thai police at any chance he gets. In September 2014, Sharky supposedly received a phone call saying his apartment had been broken into and that the police had been called. This situation somehow turned into the police setting him up for posession of dugs and finding 2 used crack pipes in his room, according to Sharky they then stole $35,000 worth of gold, which by the way, was probably stolen in the first place. So how did he respond to this you ask? The way any middle-aged Australian steroid junkie would, he walked into his local police station and started screaming at people.

Opinions on Bali 9 executions

Sharky recently spoke about the impending excecutions of two of the Bali 9 drug smugglers. While the majority of it was generic Australian patriotic bullshit, he did say some things with which the Ausfag Division of ED whole heartedly agree with.

They are laughing at you, they think you’re pussies, they think you’re weak and they’re just going to kill two Australian citizens and get away with it. If I was prime minister of Australia I’d go and bomb the motherfuckers, I seriously would.


— Bombing Indonesia

I’ve got a scenario for you: the Indonesian police take eight kilograms of high-grade heroin off some traffickers… what do you honestly believe they are going to do with it? They are going to sell it! Of course they’re going to sell it.


BAWW! the police are corrupt

You’re telling me the Indonesian authorities are serious about their drug problem? Bullshit. It’s how countries like Indonesia work. It’s “watch our right hand, so you don’t see what our left hand is doing”.


— I'm like...soooo political


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