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Piercings are things that 16-year-old girls wish their parents would let them get. There are many types of piercing, including tongue piercings for sluts who are willing to go so far as to modify their body in an attempt to make cocksucking that little bit more stimulating, and genital/anal piercings for the insane.

Don't worry about getting a job anywhere outside of an indiefuck music store or a body piercing shop, but who needs a steady job or money when you look awesome.

The most important thing to remember about piercings, Whether you think you look shitty or not, You're right!

PROTIP: Get your nose pierced at the flea market by Shaneequa with a piercing gun thats been used on 4 other people in the past half hour. Whats a little Hep C and HIV if you'll look totally fucking HARDCORE?!

As a form of body modification, they are slightly less repulsive than tattoos, but they still suck like all body modification. If you are a woman with no body modification you are epic win and are entitled to free secks because you're able to think for yourself unlike 99.9% of women; inquire here.

Animal Piercings

Now for the tattoos.
The gothic kitten was black person of course.

Some people like to put bits of metal into their pets, but insted of being sensible and doing so with a gun, they opt to pierce their animals insted.

One case reported a Gothic Kitten being sold on eBay. Although plenty of people made a fuss, it was the PETAfags and other animal rights activists who seemed to care the least. Indeed, they would also have liked to have tortured and skinned the kitten alive, just to prove how cruel humans can be.

Health Problems

After being stabbed by a hairy tattooed stranger a few times whilst his doberman licks the wound clean, some health problems can occur after getting a new piercing.

Genital Piercings

Genital piercings can be dangerous - especially for men - in several ways:

  1. Your chances of getting a boner for the next two weeks are zero. All the blood has rushed out. With no blood means your cock will rot off.
  2. With a very large piercing on the end chances are you won't be able to raise your dick anyway. Because your dick is so fucking small.
  3. Large piercings can be uncomfortable for the women. Luckily women who let you fuck them with your mangy cock have gaping pussies anyway.
  4. Sex with a woman who also has genital piercings means the jewelery can sometimes get caught. You may not notice this in the throes of passion. Mostly because your circumcised/mutilated cock can't feel jack shit, which is probably the reason you had to stick a metal rod in it in the first place.

Brain Piercings

Here's a guide: www.braininjury.com TLDR version: Start with the frontal lobe. DO IT FAGGOT.


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