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Were you looking for Why not Pie?

FUCK YEAH CHOCOLATE [email protected]!
Free Realms even has pie.
A more delicious type of pie

Pie refers to vagina in all its glory and it should not be confused with the number Pi, which is math for TL;DR.

Why Everyone Should Like Pie

If you don't like pie, then you're a fucking faggot. There always has to be one whiny little bitch who says, "No, I don't like pie." Cocksucking bastard. If you are diabetic or something, that's one thing.. .no, fuck that. Even then, you should be willing to risk it to get some pie. Of course people should risk it being a diabetic myself I recommend it.I don't care if your entire motherfucking religion is against pie. It's fucking pie. Contrary to hipster logic, pie is better than cake any way you slice it. For starters, you can put meat like steak and kidney in a pie whereas putting steak and/or kidney in a cake is just revolting. Ergo, pie > cake. Fuck cake. Eat pie. Pie is the manliest dessert. And that's saying a LOT.


But, of course, a Cake is fine too.

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