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Standard response to anything possibly even vaguely suggestive, or possible even vaguely related to the human body, by sexually-frustrated Internets users with no imagination (in other words, your average Encyclopaedia Dramatica reader, or any Internets user who is in it for more than just eBay and knitting groups on Yahoo!)


Ohbutyouwillpet: So the other day I was fucking this two-month-old...
Ed Rodriguez: Pictures plz


Mediacrat: So the other day I got this hangnail shaped like Brotney Spears...
Nicky the Goth: Pictures plz
Sometimes it's best not to know

The curious thing about the use of "pictures plz" is that there are already at least 100 more readily-available nekkid pictures of people on the Internets than there are human beings on the planet, and many of them are of people far, far more attractive than the recipient of the request.


  • gifs plz (old school)
  • jpgs plz
  • pngs plz
  • pix please
  • pixplox
  • pix plz
  • pics plz
  • pictures please
  • plz pictures (incorrect)
  • DO NOT WANT bmp!!!
  • pics or GTFO

How to Request Pix on ED

  1. Insert {{pixplz}} at the top of an article or if an article could use multiple things, use something like {{needsmore|pics and internets}}.
  2. Bask in the glory of knowing that your desperate request will probably be ignored by the greater ED community.

If you want to increase your ED Karma, however, Google up some pix for the pages listed here: Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Pixpls

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