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Not to be confused with the 2007 Craigslist killer, Michael John Anderson


Exploitable Philip Markoff
What's all the fuss?
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Markoff with his fiancé
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Philip Markoff aka The Craigslist Killer (or sexaddict53885 to his pals on dozens of fetish sites) was an educated, upwardly mobile, handsome, young white med student/panty aficionado from Boston who enjoyed chains, collars, leashes and experimentation with transvestites on, and

The former medical student was in a Boston jail cell awaiting trial in the shooting death of a "masseuse" he ordered up on Craigslist in April 2009 and some other deviant shit only hooker huggers care about, when he allegedly an hero'd by stabbing himself in the jugular with a pen and suffocating himself with a plastic bag over the head on the day that would have been his first anniversary if his bitch fiance hadn't called off their wedding upon learning that Philip was a sick fuck.

However, truth seekers believe that the young scientist was being persecuted by The Man for his daring and cutting edge research into the genetic sequence of sex workers and was arrested and jailed to silence him when he stumbled across the hooker's client list which was comprised primarily of Boston's political elite.

According to Boston PD, he used a jail-issued pen shaved into a surgically sharp razor to sever his femoral artery and ankles. He wrote his victim's name on the wall in his own blood -- m-e-g-a-n -- as he choked to death. He also attempted to write a second word in blood -- er, what looked like "pocket", but was unable to finish.

This is what he killed.
MM ivy leaguers are adoralicious. just like irony.

The Facts

-- like you wouldn't think of him being a card carrying member of the KKK. But he was someone who had issues with people of color, had issues with women."


—A friend

On April 20, 2009, Boston police arrested Philip Markoff of Quincy, Massachusetts on suspicion of two cases of assault and robbery and one murder of a woman whose services were advertised on Craigslist in Boston and Rhode Island.


Funny enough, Philip was slated to be married and he and his fiance had an on-line album people could sign, and check back for updates. The wedding is now off.

Phil tells it like it is:

Philip Markoff Wedding Album1.jpg

And his 'friends' chime in, showing admirable mental clarity:

Philip Markoff fgts marriage.jpg

When news came out that Philip spent his free time robbing and killing hookers to support his gambling habit, people tuned in:

Philip Markoff Ball and Chain.jpg

Philip Markoff 4Chan.jpg

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