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So bad, it's good So great, it's magnificent.
Sound fatherly advice about going on space ships.

Peter Chimaera is quite possibly the most important author of the modern era, with a career spanning over five years and his works being likened to those of Bojak, Shakespeare, Squirrelking and Hemingway. His writing is definitely in the top ten percent of's userbase and has received much critical acclaim!

The Peter Chimaera Collection


Boldly beginning his career with a two-parter, Chimaera explores societal decay through the medium of a nameless Digimon. The narrative becomes a commentary on the battle between scintist's and religion, showing that, when scince is left to run rampant, roads are destoryd and people become trapped on their own personal islands, the very islands they were trapped on! Islands of delusion and self-destruction.


With his finger on the pulse of modern culture, Chimaera integrates the popular All Your Base meme into the synopsis of this story. Truly his brevity of wit is unmatched! In the shocking conclusion to DIGIMON SAVEZ THE WROLD!!1111, Chimaera shows a much more refined writing style that is sure to touch every emotion one is capable of feeling, exploring trickery and subterfuge as well as his trademark epic battles. The dedication at the end of the story brought a tear to this reviewer's eye as it proved that the writing truly came from Chimaera's heart.

This work was particularly controversial for its product placement--namely, the start of chapter two, where the mysterious Digimon is eating Cap'n Crunch.

This video contains both Episodes 1 and 2!


The story starts off with Preadator who is about to crush! He crushed into a highway while Digimon was being driven to the island (presumably the same one from DIGIMON SAVEZ THE WROLD!!1111)in his limo. Digimon tries to help a kid rapped under a car but is not strong enough. Suddenly, the alien ship was allxploded and everyone fell down from the tremandoul blapst wave! The next day Gigimon woke up and got ready for work, and figured that the post man was knocking at his door. But opening the door showed Krlrkak, brother of Preadator! After fighting, Digimon and Krlrkak went to the FBI (with a TIMEFUL KICK TO THE VERY DOOR) to see they were the villains! The police take down the FBI and Krlrkak gives Digimon a spear and the cops come over for dinner at the end.

We're given a possible look at a larger, looming crisis due to Chimaera's almost offhanded mention that Officer Victorix was not able to attend the dinner. With Chimaera's almost godlike control over dramatic storytelling, readers may very well hear more of Officer Victorix's mysterious work that kept him from such an important dinner.

This story takes a different perspective on the FBI than his previous work, Desert Bus Ride. In Desert Bus Ride, one of our main protagonists is Kyle Roberts, an undercover FBI agent, portrayed so positively that many consider the story to be Chimaera's tribute to the service of the FBI. In Digimon 3, the FBI is a decidedly darker organization, having caused the crash of Krlrkak's brother because of fbi experiments. The new take on the Bureau is undoubtedly a sign of Chimaera's dark but pragmatic view that no person or group is ever a constant force of good in the world.

[-+]DOOM: Repercussions of Evil


Chimaera's most well known piece. DOOM: Repercussions of Evil is a frightening look at what happens when demons get into the base. On a superficial level, the novella follows the protagonist, John Stalvern, in his battle against the forces of hell invading the UAC. But on a deeper level it explores wide-ranging themes from man vs. nature to man vs. the supernatural...even man vs. himself, through a riveting coming-of-age tale wherein John Stalvern is forced to confront a chilling metaphor of fear of being integrated into the nameless, faceless hordes of the business world. Don't miss the shocking twist that places DOOM: Repercussions of Evil in a league with the greatest psychological thrillers in literary history. (HINT: PAY ATTENTION TO THE PART WHERE THE RADIO TELLS JOHN HE IS THE DEMONS.)

[-+]Gundam Wing Final Battle

Gundam Wing Final Battle delves into the more human aspects of the characters we know and love from the Gundam Wing universe, showing Heero's dissatisfaction with his lunch. Heero's problems become overwhelming and he flies to the north pole to get away from the world. But his solitude is interrupted by Zechs who destroys not only the north pole, but all of the penguins too! Chimaera delves to new depths of human depravity in his graphic depiction of the penguins' demise. The story ends on a real cliffhanger. Hopefully, Peter will continue his saga.


A Batman tale to rival The Dark Knight Returns, Peter Chimaera skilfully shows how far the Dark Knight can be pushed by his evli nemisis. When the Joker kills Alfred, Bruce Wayne is driven so far over the edge, he shoots a big fireball like on Dragonball Z. This beautifully-crafted story also shows the dangers of lust, as a lovemaking session between Batman and Catwoman ends with her revealing she is alyaws evil before almost murdering him. Now a motion picture on YouTube.

[-+]The Matrix Return

While the synopsis for this story simply states that Neo, Moerpheus , and Trinity have fo fight, much more than just fighting is explored! The machines have created a new matrix where the heroes' cannot their powers. Highlights include Morpheus' swording of his katana at great attack and the biblical resurrection of Neo because of mediskel equipmont. The final paragraph will imbue the reader with strewngth and will make them cheered with new hope with the rest of Neo's crew! A interpreted version of the literary masterpiece has been renditioned by some guy on YouTube.

[-+]Castlevania: Wisps of Dracula

Richter Belmont is forced to battle Darcula's evil forces to save his sick son. Richter's heroism allows him to trick Darcula and at the end of the final battle Darcula's head rolled down teh forest hill into the swamp by Tranvlsania Desert and his body turn to dust. In the final shocking twist, Richter returns home to find his son dead of the skick. In true heroic fashion, Richter decides to have another child to carry on his legacy!


Arguably Peter Chimaera's greatest masterpiece of all time, this tale of adventure, horror, and danger always leaves readers on the edge of their seats. The hero, Dante, lived in a castal of darkness, which is symbolic for how man must become a part of something larger than himself. Dante must fight to win triumphs over evils. You can see the Freudian symbolism in the way Dante gets emotional when his faether's sword broke. The action is nonstop, from Karrven explosioning a fire at Dante and Dante cracking an awesome lightning back at her with his pistals, to Dante's use of gun attack to blood the face off of Simonn Belmont (who was turns more evil by Darcula). In the end, we all learn the important lesson that we must all do our deuty, no matter how bads we feel about it.

This story is the pinnacle of you literary works. The subtle symbolism behind Powerloth is astonishing, as it is powerful metaphor for the rise of communism in the post-fascism world. While each demon believed they were all equal, they were weak in comparison to Powerloth, who, in his rage, focused on defeating his nemesis. This is similar, in many ways, to the Soviet leaders, who came to struggle with the U.S. on a multitude of occasions.

Aside from the symbolism, another aspect catches my attention. The author tells us only what we need to know, and what he does tell us is given in the best manner to create a wide spectrum of emotions. The powerful conflict that occurs when "Dante shoot at Simon and blood is face off" carefully illustrates the difficulty that Dante faces whilst combatting Simon, with whom he shares a great bond.

I applaud this legendary tale, and I highly recommend a continuation.



Oh. My. God.

In his Magnum Opus "DEVIL MAY CRY: TEH CRYING OF THE DEMON", Peter Chimaera outdoes himself once again. Brilliant imagery andunparralelled choice of words. The existentialistic ideas complexely woven into the backbone structure of this story is a true display of an intellectual mind's ability to humble any man walking this earth.


Fucking phenomenal.





Justin Beiber

A touching and beautiful story. I mean, when you found out that Dante could not save Simon Belmont, it was so heart breaking. One could not even fathom the pain that awaits that man in hell.



I think I lost every bit of being bored when I heard "SWORD I MURDER YOU". Peter Chimaera, you are a god.




[-+]Black Crisis With Master Chief

In this epic tale of Master Chief's exploits beyond what is portrayed in Halo, Master Chief faces his most powerful foe yet; a black hole! A black hole so powerful that rockets do nothing to it. Thankfully Master Chief is saved from certain doom by a timely teleport and everyone can relax back at the base at the end of the day.

To the surprise of the literary community, the story was not about the Master Chief's role in combating the other black problem. Thankfully, Chimaera's masterful writing more than made up for this initial reader community.

[-+]Desert Bus Ride 1: A Romance Story and For Ladies

In this one, Peter expands his audiences to ladies. Chimaera truly branches out into new audiences with this work. While its source is obscure, he truly captures the feel of the Desert Bus video game. It centers around the people on a bus ride to Las Vegas, including Bob Orlando, the driver, Kyle Roberts, an FBI agent incognito, and Margaret, a woman hoping to go see her boyfriend. Many perils are met along the way, such as a skunk who is almost ran over. When they get there, the group finds Margaret's boyfriend is shot, all because terrorists! The ambiguous ending seems to suggest something happened to the brave Kyle Roberts, and indeed the story is dedicated to the FBI. Despite it ending, there seems to be ample room for a sequel.

[-+]QuarterLife: Halfway to Destruction

In this epic narration of the exploits of Gordon Freeman, Chimaera takes on one of gaming's greatest heroes. He begins with a touching encounter with a co-worker, Jimmy, whose characterization is superb, among the best of the 20th and 21st centuries. Before this blossoming friendship can turn into something more, a vicious headcrab attack, only averted due to Freeman's skill with the claymore, means that the isotope is stolen! This is no ordinary isotope, however; it is so vollatile that it does not have a half-life but quarter-life so [they] must observe with hasty. A rescue attempt leads to the bad guy from the game throwing the isotope into the alien scene, causing teh room to become vaporize. In the panic that ensues, Freeman's lover, Jimmy, is blowed to smitheroons. Using his MIT-learnt stoicism, however, Freeman overcomes these odds; by thinking with portals, he pushes the base away, and thus saves Dallas. Or does he? Chimaera's mastery of the cliffhanger ending leaves us all wanting more.

Many have regarded his decision to write a Half-Life fanfiction as direct competition with Squirrelking, who reinvented the genre in 2006 with Half life Full Life Consequences. Neither of the legendary autors has been available to comment on the issue.

Note: Unfunnypedia has claimed to have inspired Quarterlife. This is blatantly untrue, since the author clearly states in the first paragraph that it was in fact Uncycylopidia, an online version of wikiped that inspired it.

This masterpiece has already inspired a 3D feature film, seen below:

QuarterLife: Halfway to Destruction was an critical success. It is said that writing of this epic is already happening and will deal with Gordan Freeman's fall into darkness after the loss of Jim.

[-+]My Little Pony: Friendship is Danger

In what , some might say, is Peter's most philosophical work, he uses the setting of MLP to write a psychological suspense thriller that explores the meaning of life, death, the nature of being and makes the reader question his own perception of reality and sanity.

Rainbow dahs awakens from a dream and finds herself in a garden (that may also be a dream) alongside the mysterious "Flyhoof". They go out into space to seek for Applyjack, in a metaphor for mans constant search of meaning and self. But as they are on the moon hundred disasters happend!! and they must return. They reunite with Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle and the other one and go out to solve the disasters. Suddenly Fluttershy gets caught in a bear trap and dies. "OK" says a grief stricken John Doe, trying to mask his feeling at the sight of one of literatures most tragic deaths. Unable to deal with the sorrow, the group sets out to find a "key". "Please of hurrying my leg is very much blood", Fluttershy's tormented soul cries out to them from hell. They encounter a hallucinating lumberjack pony that makes the reader question what is real and what is an illusion, but it is too late. Fulltershy could not talk because she was shot and the blood was everywhere. And then Fluttershy coughed and a hundred blood came out then she went nothing and everyone sadded.

With his final statement: "One day they will all would learn to live their lifes without Futtershy who was dead.", Peter Chimaera sends a powerful message about dealing with death. Symbolic elements like the double death of fluttershy and the inexplicable disappearance of "Flyhoof", will bring a tear to the eye of even the most jaded reader, and leave the audience in a deep state of introspection, contemplating the fabric of reality itself.

One of our vary own EDF2 members in a dramatic reading.

Once again, Mr. Chimaera, you have produced another literary masterpiece that will, no doubt, last throughout the ages. This is one of your more melancholy tales, on par with that of your Sonic story involving the "scintist" and the death of Sonic's son. This story was both beautiful, yet tragic.

I feel for these ponies. They are on a noble quest to prevent disasters however, their journey is plagued with danger and death. They witness the death of their close friend, Fluttershy. The exchange between two of the ponies after witnessing her death by toad poison is particularly touching, and brings a whole new level of emotion to your story:

"Fluttershy is dead oh no"


In these two lines, you have shown so much. They show that despite the loss of their friend, they must go on for the good of Unietd Equestraland. The second pony's seemingly apathetic dismissal, "OK", illustrates this well. The ponies must put aside their emotions if they want to succeed in their quest.

What may seem like inconsistency is only symbolism. Despite dying a first time from toad poison, Fluttershy continues to talk with the other ponies. Of course, we know that she is not really talking to them, and that she had actually died. The dialogue following her first death was simply a creation fabricated by the other ponies as a coping mechanism in order to deal with her premature death. Fluttershy then "dies" a second time, this time from a gunshot wound. The reader knows that she has not been shot. The line "And then Fluttershy coughed and a hundred blood came out then she went nothing and everyone sadded." simply shows the interpretation of the other ponies on Fluttershy's death. The other ponies feel that Fluttershy's death by poisoning was just as gruesome and bloody as death by gunshot.

Mr. Chimaera, I must commend you for this fantastic work. Your grasp of the English language is extraordinary and as a result, you are able to create fine tales such as this. I wept for a straight three days after reading this story since the emotion you brought to it was so powerful. This is a brilliant story and I beg you not to take to heart the harsh reviews left by other reviewers. They are just jealous of your masterful writing skill.

I sincerely hope to hear more from you soon. Your talent should not be wasted!



Friendship is Danger is truly the masterpiece of the generation. The narrative is quite possibly the most eloquent, well-written piece of fiction I have encountered in my entire life. The vivid wording and masterful crafting of ideas absolutely blows my mind.

The story is incredible, and its depth and nuance will surely leave even the most reluctant reader in a joyous, tearful awe. I know from experience; as the masterfully woven tale concluded with the most inspiring sentence I have ever read, I was left convulsing violently in sheer ecstasy. As soon as I returned from the emergency room, I knew I had to leave a positive review, so that the beauty and perfection of this story may grace even more souls with its impossibly flawless delivery.

The story opens with a mysterious pegasus mare named Flyhoof. As she approaches Rainbow Dash, we are made aware that Flyhoof is as unknown to the inhabitants of Ponyville as she is to the audience. Mr. Chimaera knows with certainty that the most compelling of stories require a certain degree of mystery, and he captures this concept flawlessly. Who is Flyhoof? From where did she come? What are her fears, and what are her dreams? Such a mysterious mare is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and this only makes her character all the more deep. This feeling is encapsulated by Rainbow Dash's statement, which just as well captures the thoughts of the audience:

["OK hello Flyhoof I have never met you at before?"]

From this statement we know, with no room for uncertainty, that Rainbow Dash has not, in fact, met Flyhoof at a previous time. With what eloquence does Mr. Chimaera express the audience's thoughts!

Flyhoof elaborates on her enigmatic arrival- Applejack is missing! Oh, woe is the country mare! But fortunately, all it not lost! Flyhoof has arrived from an unknown realm to bring aid! Flyhoof's true purpose is now revealed: she is a guardian. A guardian to Applejack, to Rainbow Dash, and to all ponies. Flyhoof represents all mankind knows about heroism and courageousness, and Mr. Chimaera delivers this massive task with aplomb. I continue to be amazed at the depth and complexity of Flyhoof's character.

But characters as deep as the greatest of oceans are meaningless unless they are thrust into an equally impressive journey. Ah, the journey of heroes. The driving force of all worthy narratives. Captain Ahab searches for the whale, Odysseus finds his way home to Ithaca, and Flyhoof searches Equestria for Applejack. How does this magnificent journey take its roots? They first stop at Applejack's home. I could never even hope to express this as wonderfully as Mr. Chimaera, so I will reiterate what he has presented:

[First Rainbow Dash went to Applejack's house and they ate a apple pie]

They ate an apple pie. An apple pie at Applejack's house. Are you seeing this? Are you absorbing this incredible irony? Apple pie! At Applejack's! My God, how on Earth does one possibly attain such skill? Applejack is missing. They check her home, but is she still missing! How do our heroes cope with their sadness? They consume the food that surely represents Applejack. In essence, they are communicating that even while Applejack is missing, she is still inside of them, and indeed, inside of us all. True friends are broken not by distance, but by the emotional and spiritual separation between them. Flyhoof and Rainbow Dash are determined not to let Applejack's spirit become lost and alone, and by eating apple pie, Applejack will live on forever.

But even more fantastical locations await our heroes, and their journey knows no bounds as it takes them to the final frontier. Incredible! Rainbow Dash and Flyhoof will stop at absolutely nothing to locate their companion! Their faithfulness is as strong as their wills, and truly there is no venue too outlandish or difficult to traverse to search for their friend. Such companions are the stuff of dreams; friends that stop at nothing to save you, going beyond the very ends of the Earth to bring you to the safe embrace of friendship. Does Applejack know? Is she aware of the devotion contained within her friends? This incredible revelation is not lost on the audience, surely. This message of hope and of friendship has found its place in my heart- nay, my soul.

Upon arriving on the moon, we are told the following:

[And then when they landed on the moon aeverything was okay]

Everything is okay. Fear not, Applejack, for everything is okay. With what confidence is this statement uttered! As if a prophetic message, Mr. Chimaera alleviates any fears the audience may have. Is Applejack eventually found? Perhaps, says Mr. Chimaera. Perhaps, but is that really the most important thing? Applejack may or may not be found, but life will go on. Time bends for no man, and this is no different for our equine heroes. Be strong, Mr. Chimaera says. Everything is okay.

[they had a picnic but they coudlnt eat because they had to keep their space suits on so it was only a pretend picnic]

What is it that spells disaster for even the greatest of heroes? Corruption. Corruption of character, corruption of soul. The harsh reality of the world can wreak havoc on even those with unimaginable fortitude. Rainbow Dash and Flyhoof evade this fate by keeping alive their inner children. With what innocence do children see the world! How can Rainbow Dash and Flyhoof rescue Applejack without the childlike wonder to cleanse their very beings? Innocence, then, is the foe of corruption, and Mr. Chimaera makes this so beautifully clear.

[but while they were gone a hundred disasters happend]

Oh, woe to our heroes! A simple imaginary picnic has turned into not one disaster, but one hundred! Not only must Applejack be found; these disasters cannot go unsolved, and Rainbow Dash and Flyhoof are the mares to do the solving. The call to action is not lost on our heroes:

["We have to go back to" Flyhoof said.] Flyhoof proves herself to be heroism incarnate once again. Does she sit back on the moon and watch as the disasters occur? Absolutely not! Flyhoof springs to action without hesitation. Truly Applejack is not the only pony to be blessed with a friend such as Flyhoof, for Flyhoof is a friend to all. When disaster strikes, Flyhoof will be there to lend a helping hoof. Self-sacrifice is the essence of heroism, and Flyhoof knows nothing better than sacrifice. She lives her life not for herself, but for the benefit of the entirety of Equestria. Flyhoof is the protector of all.

Flyhoof and Rainbow Dash then return to Equestria and meet Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, and the other one. Who is the other one? Or who is not the other one, rather? For the other one is not a specific pony, but a pony that represents the audience. The pony identified as "the other one" is never mentioned again in the story, but that is because the other one is simply observing. For what other purpose is one present without taking action? The other one, then, serves a different purpose, that of the audience. Mr. Chimaera knows that the greatest narratives feel alive to the audience, and how can you be more alive in a narrative than actually being present within the narrative? This beautiful presence of the audience within the story is just another example of the universe crafted by this author. The story becomes all the more compelling when you feel as if you are an active part of the story.

With haste, the first of the disasters is solved. They discover that a crocodile has eaten a multitude of children! A swift kick to the head is all it takes to free them, but then something truly beautiful occurs:

[ the crocodile felt bad and offered to help them "My name is Crunch"]

Conversion! A change of heart! Crunch, the child-devouring crocodile, is offering to help the very heroes that caused his defeat! Our heroes are not petty, and hold no grudges. Change is the catalyst of all things great, and Crunch embodies this perfectly. Even the great evils of mankind, then, can be reconciled and converted to the greatest of goods.

But as quickly as things begin to go right for our heroes, the situation takes a turn for the worse. Fluttershy becomes caught in a bear trap! As painful for the audience as this news is, Mr. Chimaera knows it is a vital detail. The lives of virtuous heroes is not one of flawless perfection, and the innocent must occasionally suffer. A sad, sad reality, but a reality nonetheless. If one cannot accept this tragic truth, then one is living a lie. And how does one live virtuously whilst living a lie? The tough news must be faced, the children must be eaten by crocodiles, and Fluttershy must be caught in a bear trap. Acceptance is the first step to recovery, and Mr. Chimaera takes no shortcuts.

Later, our heroes encounter a lumberjack who is poisoned by a toad. How is he poisoned, when he has not consumed a toxic toad? He has looked at one, unfortunately, which is enough to transmit the poison. It is at this point that Mr. Chimaera cuts in and proves to the readers that he is as humble as he is eloquent:

[Authors note im not sure if this true or not but it s part of tht story] Mr. Chimaera will tolerate no ambiguity: how terrible would it be if one continues along in life with the belief that poison can be transmitted simply through sight? Such a belief would give rise to terrible consequences! Mr. Chimaera is no coward. He owns up to his ignorance on the subject of toxicology, and this allows us to continue on our own path. If cataclysm strikes because of a misconception of how poisons work, then it will not be at the hands of Mr. Chimaera.

And finally, the magnificent conclusion:

[One day they will all would learn to live their lifes without Futtershy who was dead.]

In the face of unimaginable tragedy, our heroes live on. The innocence is not broken, and the crushing sadness does not overwhelm them. They learn to live; they learn to love; they learn to move on. The connection to Fluttershy lives



funny my fic was taken down for "bad grammar" while shit like that is totally A-ok.

FUCK this site



[-+]luke skywalker

Released on the same day as The Force Awakens, "Luke Skywalker" is a faithful successor to Peters other works and aims to tie in with the new movie. The fanfiction manages to entice and pull the viewer into an immersive expanded universe.

Set sometime between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, master Jedi Luke Skywalker discovers a computer in an unknown location. For the lulz he decides to put a microchip into the computer.

In a move that is bound to surprise every fan of both franchises, Robocop appears to cryptically warn Luke; "Do nut put mocrichip". His advice is ill-timed, however, as the microchip makes the computer blow up. Peter describes the sound as "FRRGHHGHHHHHJFJJJJJ". It seems that as a result of the computers failure, Robocop had a stroke, as demonstrated by Robocop only being able to explain "Ayhrj gha gr".

Peter claims that the story will "be conituned on the n". The unfinished story could be seen as a work of genius for its subtle suggestion that Peter is secretly a computer.

Critical Acclaim for DOOM: Repercussions of Evil

Here, one can view, firstly the masterpiece itelf, then its cinematic adaptation and after, some of the adaptations of Mr. Chimaera's works:

DOOM: Repercussions of Evil

John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
John was a space marine for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the space station base of the UAC he knew there were demons. "This is Joson" the radio crackered. "You must fight the demons!"
So John gotted his palsma rifle and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO KILL US" said the demons
"I will shoot at him" said the cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles. John plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must kill the demons" he shouted
The radio said "No, John. You are the demons"
And then John was a zombie.

His works have been made into a manga...
... and a radio drama...
...and a live-action film...
... and a computer-animated film...
... and even a musical!
And again!
There is even a UT2004 edition of it!
And finally, a high-budget blockbuster!

In fact, this paltry selection of tributes is but a scratch on the surface of the inspiration Mr. Chimaera's works have given to artists of all genres; you can help Encyclopedia Dramatica by adding moar.

Wow... just wow... this story.. where to begin... let's just say I "plasmaed" my shorts after reading it...



This is one of the funniest things I've ever read! Chimaera has managed to do things which no Doom fan has ever done before


—Stupid Bunny

Genius! Pure genius! This is a cautionary tale that stresses the negative consequences of joining the armed forces. It also explores a Freudian struggle between a man and his father. Furthermore, I believe this story truly stresses that black-and-white thinking is detrimental to humankind, as you can neither say that John is a good person nor that the demons are truly evil Eventually, we learn that John's amplified sense of masculinity leads to his downfall.



Possibly the best work I've seen on this website. If anything, Doom should be considered a fan adaptation of this story.

From a psychological perspective, John Stalvern is torn by his desires to join the UAC Marine Corp and still honor his father's warnings of being kill by demons. A standards reading of this masterpiece shows that John's fanaticism in fulfilling his goals ultimately leads to an inability to control his own lust for the demon's blood, literally transforming him into that which he loathes so powerfully.
But, an alternative theory would give Repercussions of Evil a twist that puts The Sixth Sense to shame: there are no demons. It is stated that John could not see the demons, but had been expecting them for years. It is possible that his own steadily growing paranoia, coupled with the doubt planted in his mind following his father's blunt rebuke of his innocent desire to be on the ships led to a complete breakdown of John's ability to differentiate between reality and the dark fears of his mind.
The result is quite simple: the demons are at best entirely fictional, as is the entire scenario, with John being trapped in some sort of comatose state brought on by the shattering of his fragile mind, or, worse, that the demons are in fact fellow humans. The demons he encounters after breaking the wall are clearly afraid of him, a characteristic decidedly unbecoming of a demon, and only the supposed 'Cyberdemon' is willing to fight back by firing the rocket missiles.
John may very have, in his mentally shattered state, blown a hole in the wall to the mess hall, opening fire with his palsma rifle on his unarmed Marine comrades, seen in his mind to be demons in his broken reality. The Cyberdemon, being the only one capable of fighting back against him, may be a lone armed guard or (if the men were armed) the first Marine who tried to fight off the delusional Stalvern. Eventually, following the slaughter of dozens of his unarmed comrades and John becoming trapped under the wreckage of the ceiling, brought down by the devastation of John's palsma rifle and the counterattack of 'Cyberdemon'. Because nothing short of heavy ordinance would be able to bring down the ceiling of a reinforced military space station, it may be that this is simply John's interpretation of being either wounded, restrained, or similarly incapacitated. The final revelation that he is the demons can be viewed as his damage mind's attempt to bestow the horrible reality on him, telling him that he is in fact as destructive as the beasts he wished to fight.




This is the worst thing I ever read. You can't even spell. The whole story id idiotic. Give up.



Dude. How old are you? This is the worst piece of crap I've ever read. My IQ dropped about six points for reading it. And all you people extolling him as a sage and crier of society's faults, what the f* is wrong with you? Are you KIDDING me? This isn't literature, it's someone letting their kid access a word processor and the internet when this kid should be taught how to type and/or spell first. You people are morons. Jew can't believe people like "Peter Chimaera" dare to call yourselves writers.


An illiterate

Doom: Repercussions of Evil is a multi-layered, thoughtful piece of prose in which the protagonist is wrestling with the demons of his present and how they have manifested from his troubled past. We find that John Stalvern has not been able to let go of the painful relationship between himself and his father and subsequently is haunted by recollections of the warnings and wisdom he rejected from the man with whom he shared a broken love.
Further, we find suggestions of mental illness in the episode of psychosis we witness, brought on by the flickering of the ceiling lights which trigger his inner torment and tap into the pain of his past, causing a transformation even John does not yet realise has occurred. The severe paranoia John exhibits is clearly ignored by his fellow marines, shown by the disregard Cernal Joson displays regarding John's warning of demons inhabiting the base. This action is likely one of many which contributes to the psychotic release and externalisation of John's repressed demons.
In this state of mental delusion, John's imagination creates a Joson counterpart who is fully aware of the demons and is willing to provide communications support to John in his quest, so that John feels he is not alone as the sole witness to his despair.
John's certainty of victory over his demons is exhibited by their fearful cry of imminent destruction but the cyberdemon becomes the Jungian archetype of John's strongest, darkest Shadow self who is the only one willing to resist against John's attempts at emotional exorcism.
Caught in an epic struggle between the personification of his pain and the John-self who struggles for inner healing, John's shattered mentality is unable to ascertain which is stronger and the ceiling collapses to create a stalemate in which he does not have to endure the stress of self-reparation.
It is with the final twist of events in which we find Cernal Joson, the voice of John's higher self of distanced wisdom is the messenger to reveal John's true nature unto himself. The demons he externalised are indeed a creation of his own mental deterioration and it is faced with this fact that he reaches a turning point in his struggle for completeness - either he will either overcome the restrictive mechanism of self-preservation to become free, or he will collapse from the frustration of his inability to forgive the father he rejected so long ago.
With the final revelation, we discover that John is simply not strong enough to individualise and become the man he laments the loss of. In the twisted reality of John's darkest insanity, he himself is transformed into a demonic being, the undead nature of his zombie form depicting the never-ending torment he has given in to suffer for the remainder of his mortal existence.



—A literary critic weighs in with a psychoanalysis of the tale.


Acknowledging great writers through meaningful readings has always been a staple of the literature world, so it is only fitting that the bastion of intellect and culture YTMND created a number of readings of Peter Chimaera's finest work:

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