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A very niche fetish

Pervert, or prevert, is a highly-subjective term, covering anyone who is into a sick, twisted fetish that isn't as enticing as the fetish YOU are into, thus making said person weird, unappealing, and/or disgusting.

A sex pervert generally crosses the line and becomes a sick fuck when his/her fetishes start involving animals, children, and/or manslaughter.

Perverts Spotted OL

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  • British Spanking Forum
    • "If you doubt how illogical it seems try to explain to a person who isn’t into spanking and see how far you get. The best you can hope for is ‘Well if that’s what you want to do good luck to you’. At worst they think you are a complete pervert."
  • Butter Tarts
    • "You can add chunks of chocolate to this mix, but if you do you are a complete pervert with anti-Canadian attitudes."
  • motherless is packed to the brim with unapologetic perverts.[1]
    • "My dad has a stud farm. I am 14 years old (girl) and help him on the farm in my school holidays. Last summer, I was alone with one of the grooms in his stable. He was very excited, long and hard. I closed the stable door and started playing with his butt. Soon I had my fist in and going deeper. It was so amazing. Then I looked down as he was making funny noises and saw that his cock was hard and kind of twirling about. I took my hand out of his butt and bent down to suck his dick. As soon as I did, he kinda exploded in my mouth. It tasted a bit like semolina - sweet and sticky. It was so good. I swallowed as much as I could but much of it had showered my clothes. Then I wiped him down. I came a little bit I think as my panties were very wet. I feel very guilty about that and think I should tell my dad. Now every time the groom sees me, he gets hard and people are beginning to notice. I have not done it again, but would like to. I don't know what to do. Am I perverted?"
  • Southern Utah Forums
    • "I think that is grossly perverted to even talk about someones penis calling it a unit..."
  • A Picture A Day of Wanda
    • "You are a pervert yourself posting pics like that of your wife for anyone and everyone to see. My condolences on your marriage."
  • I was giving my little sister a bath...

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