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Proudly continuing a long tradition of pedophile religious leaders.
Screenshot of website. They post pictures of the guys they capture. And yes, they were the ones who busted Brian Peppers.

Perverted-Justice is a first rate troll community dedicated to cleaning the tubes of pedos and loli. So offended that pedos never hit on their ugly fat asses, they decided to prevent everyone else from having fun. While many 12chan rejects who escaped the Party Van say how evil and terrible they are, that is only because they themselves are sick dirty pedos. To deny the massive lulz created by this community is a crime unto itself. Unfortunately for Perverted Justice, their name is actually pretty accurate when it comes to their treatment of laws and stuff, but they don't give a proverbial fuck about laws because there are Pedobears and babyfuckers living in your series of tubes and possibly closets that need to come out and get their shit ruined by a coven of mulleted soccer moms.

They, along with figurehead Chris Hansen, actively hunt the internet disguised as 16 year old girls. Many pedos, being the child-hungry sick fucks that they are, forget that there are no girls on the internet, and that of course all 16 year old girls are in fact men in their 40's, trolls looking for a laugh, or traps. After successfully catching the predator, and viewing many delicious lulz via IM, they give the unsuspecting pedo an address. Since all pedos are so horny that they fail to see a trap, they fall for it, and become epically pwned on national television.

Unfortunately, sick fucks still infest our internet tubes. One which comes to mind is irish282, who is so obsessed with little boys that he adds them without even performing a basic troll-scan and makes videos about them, no doubt with his pants around his ankles. But never fear, with Perverted-Justice on the case, it's only a matter of time before the hippy whale humper is brought to justice on national television, which will of course generate much lulz.

In November 2006, Louis Conradt Jr. became an hero after the police raided his house. It is not known at this time whether Shota Cat attended his funeral.

It has been noted that the employees of Perverted Justice who pose as these teenage girls seem to know a LOT about these sorts of fantasies and how to play into them, which really makes you wonder if they are undercover lolicon fans. Still, the site's chat logs are almost better to fap to knowing that there are secret lulz involved.

PeeJ owner Phillip Eide recently claimed his hard drive "experienced a complete failure" when refusing to give forensic teams access to the contents.[1]

The contributors of ED are still waiting for a pedophile to say, "I did it for the lulz."

I'm a Minor From Goblin Justice

This is Perverted-Justice works: A fat 35 year old dude trolls as a pre-teen girl to get a innocent man to come over and have sex with her. Now the pedo gets arrested for the INTENT and talking dirty to what they may have THOUGHT was a minor. It's basically like pestering someone into grabbing some fake crack and arresting them when they hint to giving in to the pressure you create to smoke it. It's totally not entrapment.

This is how goblin justice works:

You must be an underage male who looks and/or acts older (grow a beard if you can).

  • Step 1: Go online and pose as a 35 year old male.
  • Step 2: Fall right into the hands of Perverted-Justice. This is easy to do because those PJ guys never leave you alone they will spam you day and night if you continue a conversation with them after they claim to be underage. Perverted-Justice even admits in interviews that they will be the first to bring up the subject of sex.
  • Step 3: After a few days of dirty cyber chat, the PJ fag will inevitably ask for a meet. Go over just like on the TV show, but when the cops show up to arrest you, all you have to do is say "I'm only 14." When they ask for ID, ask them what the fuck would a 14 year old be doing with an ID (show them a Pokemon card for lulz). You will be let go and no charges will ever be brought up.
  • Step 4: Call a lawyer and prepare a lawsuit on the sick fuck from PJ who solicited cyber sex from a minor (you). Let them know you are a minor from goblin justice, and make sure to post the chat logs on the net.
  • Step 5: ?
  • Step 6: Profit

Memorable incidents

  • In 2004, a 14-year-old girl went missing from her foster home. After epic failure from local Police - attempting to examine the girls computer for evidence - the girl's parents contacted Mr. Von Erek, asking for his expertise in locating the missing girl. Applying his razor-sharp faggotry skills, Mr. Von Erek discovered that the girl's Yahoo account was still being accessed. He then proceeded to obtain the IP-address of the computer accessing the account, and from there it was a walk in the park getting the physical address, since ISPs don't give a fuck about the customers privacy. With the address in hand, Mr. Van Erect contacted local party officials, and a party was held honoring the gentleman, who turned out to have kept the missing girl company.[2]

Other Info

Xavier Von Erck - leader of perverted justice and probably the textbook definition of loser, faggot, and lulz ruiner, also most likely a closet pedo (I mean c'on who wants to talk to pedos all day pretending to be loli). This man had a dream when he dropped out of his community college (likely got kicked out and ragequit when he found out other people are smarter than he is) to sit on his ass and pedo-bait for the rest of his life. He has apparently developed a light sensitivity problem with his eyes making him a greasy nocturnal subhuman thus needing to wear sunglasses around for his problem(I guess being a loser that lives in a basement for most of your life does more than make you fat and pale).

It is interesting to point out that he claims to be a Libertarian, while some of the rules on his website basically say you will be removed for basically saying something he doesn't like. Man he sure sticks to his affiliation.

Other websites are trying to take him down, but like many other cesspools it is fairly difficult to bring down something that only has a website to their name. Someone who will be mentioned again below attempted to derail a site called and utterly failed. Instead he was Party Horsed, now the real question remains, was it really him?

Now if you did the research you will realize just how much of a douche this guy really is, but get this, IT GETS BETTER. Not only is he a complete prick to old news anchors but he also seems to hold a grudge against former employees. When you are hired by him, he requires you to give up everything, screen names, e-mails, addresses, fucking everything and anything that you have ever done online while you get nothing but a YIM in return (XavierVE1, don't bother trying to message him, he is pretty quick with the blocklist). Thus he has everything he possibly needs to ruin your life. [Full article here]

Other Articles that document his faggotry:

Some lol vids

Perverted Justice, led by the nicest, most respectful, and politest people alive today.

Cast of PJ

Founder, creator and occasionally lolibait, Xavier Von Erck aka Phillip John Eide.
  • CEO of PJ and CP bait
  • Birth name: Phillip John Eide
  • Real name: Xavier Von Erck
  • DOB: 1979
  • Location: Portland, Oregon[3]
  • Personal Blog: Notice it ends around the time those lawsuits against him, NBC and PeeJ started to get into the hundreds of millions. He seems to enjoy the company of rats!(also his avatar on PeeJ main site)
Main CP bait, Phoebus Apollo a.k.a. Nicholas Wilkins.
Main CP bait, Alison Shea a.k.a. Del Harvey.
  • Main CP bait
  • PJ name: Del Harvey
  • Real name: Alison Shea
  • DOB:1982
  • Location: Pasadena, California / San Francisco?[5]
  • Aka DELBIUS on Twitter, aka InvisibleGirl[6]
CP bait, Alex Nash Manuel a.k.a. Wendy 'Kill it with fire' O'Connel.
  • CP bait
  • PJ name: Wendy O'Connel
  • Real name: Alex Nash Manuel
  • DOB:1982
  • Location: Mississippi[7][8]

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