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Every personal/private message you ever sent is a matter of public record. They're coming to get you, Barbara!

Example of a "Personal" message.
File:Maxs name.jpg
Sure, I'll tell you my name! Don't tell anyone else, though!

A personal message (also private message, both often shortened to PM), is (according to TOW) like an email sent from one user to another user. They can be sent on forums, via social networking services such as Facebook, or even through primitive chat programs such as IRC. In ancient times, these messages were typically intended for the eyes of the recipient only, as they would often disclose highly sensitive, deeply personal information.

In today's modern world, with the existence of comments on YouTube and direct responses on Twitter, PMs are downright antiquated, and are usually sent by mistake by those who are unfamiliar with how the Internet works. If you are accidentally sent a PM by a helpless newbie, it is your duty to fix their mistake by re-posting it publicly for everyone to see, the way they obviously intended for it to be read.

In Trolling

A common tactic trolls use to destroy their targets is to bait them into confiding in them, and convincing them to disclose their deepest, darkest secrets via PM. Having been delivered the juicy dirt, a troll should screencap said message and post it on ED for all to see. You may receive bonus points for sending another PM to the target linking to the aforementioned screencap, so they may contemplate becoming an hero or try desperately to delete it from the Internet. Of course, as it is impossible to permanently delete anything from the internet, they will have no option but to become an hero when they realize their efforts are futile.

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