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Marceline The Vampire Queen is probably the most well known permaloli
Thanks to Third Impact Asuka is a Permaloli

Permaloli is a portmanteau combining the words Permanant and Lolita that is used to describe a young, teenage/preteen female character in certain genres of fiction that will never age.

The character of the Permaloli is most popularly found in the genres of Science Fiction, Horror and Apocolyptic fiction.

The character type of the Permaloli is usually popular with pedophiles and people with Lolita complexes, (in other words, the Japanese) not because they will always remain a child, even though this probably is the most popular reason, but because, with a few exceptions, stories or plots centering around a Permaloli usually focus on their having a much older, or rather, a more physically mature master or protector and is often played off as being normal behaviour because, as the story mostly focuses on them, the reader is very rarely, if ever, given an outside perspective from other existing characters on what they think of the relationship. The relationship is often portrayed as being one of beauty and quite natural as the characters of the Permaloli and master will often show affection for each other in public.

The Permaloli is a popular character in lolicom FanFiction and Fanart because no matter how depraved it may get, the creator always has the excuse that even though the character might have the body of a 13-year-old girl, she is actually 300-years-old so it's all good.

Science Fiction

Mahoro from Mahoromatic
File:Valkyrie child.gif
Princess Valkyrie from UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie
File:Emeralda Kasim.jpg
If you don't age up Emeralda in Xenogears, she counts as a Permaloli because she's a nanobot colony

Science Fiction is not a popular genre for fans of the Permaloli because many of the girls that fit this description are independent, perserverant, fighters and capable of standing up on their own. In other words, they're BITCHES. A fantastic example of this would be Asuka Langley Soryu from the Evangelion Reboot.

Most Permalolies in Science Fiction are robots like Mohoro in Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful that are advanced weapon systems capable of mass destruction and death but are disguised behind the facade of an adorable loli.

They usually act as a protector to the main character and are disguised in an unassuming role such as a maid. While all the boys in the Animu or Manga might want to fuck her, she is not a favorite of the Lolita Fetisht because she would most likely rip their dick off just to show them the other end as is seen in Mahoromatic where Mahoro dislikes pornography of any kind.

Another type of Permaloli is the Lolibomb that is discussed in the companion books and comics for the Terminator series.

The Loli Bomb is made to look like a 12 or 13 year old girl and programmed to act traumatized by the events around her by Sky-Net because from It's studies of humanity, Sky-net has learned that men are more willing to help a young girl for numerous reasons.

The Lolibomb is basicly a CPU, 90 pounds of explosives on a carbon-fiber frame covered by human skin. It is programmed to wait until it is taken to a base and allowed to be near the other children. When this happens it blows itself up. Having a lifespan of 100 years, the Lolibomb will outlive most adults that find it and if it never achieves its target, it counts as a Permaloli because of how Sky-Net likes to make its infiltration models, very convincing or as Kyle Reese said, "They look human - sweat, bad breath, everything."

Probably the all around rarest type of Permaloli in Sci-fi is the immortal because it is the hardest to explain plausibly. Either the writer must insert Religion or Myth into the story such as Evangelion or UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie and have them be a god like Princess Valkyrie in UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie or be granted immortality through an act of G-D such as Asuka in the Evangelion reboot.

Probably the easiest and most plausible way to use a human type Permaloli in Sci-Fi is to use Aliens. All the writer needs to do is introduce an alien species that is extremely long lived, and just like that, Sick Fucks like You are touching your dicks guilt free to a 200-year-old 13-year-old girl.

The Apocalypse

File:Marceline abadeer adventure time drawn by 8c b5df431a1fffa4d3e069166f92556454.png
When the Apocalypse happens, Vampires will unfortunately start sucking red
Trust us. VD is an inevitability with this one. It WILL burn when you pee
Ramika. Vampire Hunter D. Seriously, what was with the huge foreheads in 1980s anime?

Apocolyptic themed fiction is probably the second easiest genre of Animu to insert a Permaloli into right after Horror because it borrows so heavily from so many styles. Even more, it draws more fans of the Permaloli over Sci-fi because the Permaloli characters are much friendlier and are usually traumatized, scared, incapable of the most basic survival skills and are looking for someone, usually a much older man, to look out for them.

Want to see a robotic Loli turning tricks after a nuclear war? There will be robots in the future and some will have survived the end days. Like we said earlier, take a look at the Terminator extended fiction for this. We just hope that there's a Lolibomb with a garbage disposal for a vagina for pervs like you that have been lubing up since the begining of the article, hoping for Rule 34 examples.

Like Vampire Lolis? The radiation from the big bombs will have mutated people into either needing to suck blood or suck the colour red as azurvival tactic to repair their constantly decaying cellular structure like Marceline from Adventure Time. Vampire Hunter D uses the more classic vampire style in an Apocolyptic setting. It also plays on myth in that immortality can be granted like a gift if one favors or impresses the gods or rather the vampires in charge enough.

If you're looking to pop the top on a cold one because Necrophilia is your thing, Fallout, has suggested in Fallout 4 that there are fallout zombie children of all ages. Better hurry, she might be immortal but the longer you wait the more your Permaloli rots. While we're on the subject of radiation, given equal parts bubblegum and cunt, the big bombs can also, unfortunately, give you a Bubblegum Princess. Just be careful and mindful of where you jack off because when it comes to nuclear weapons and the Apocalypse, jerking off and tossing your Schlong spit into a fire can end up birthing a crazy ass, sentient fire in the shape of a 14-year-old girl that can only be described as a fire crotch.


Shizu Murasame from To Love Ru
File:Lilith darkstalkers.jpg
Lilith from Dark Stalkers
Admit it. You're touching yourself right now to an underage Kirstin Dunst as Anne Rice's Claudia
File:Tumblr mt0wqj4D6l1s7jg4vo1 500.png
A Shota Vampire by a DeviantArtist

The ghost is probably the best example of the Permaloli in the horror/Supernatural genre because as she is all ready dead then there is no chance of her ever aging. Although she might be a little clingy and haunt your home, rattle some chains and stalk you to see if you're cheating on her, in some stories the ghost Loli can have a corporal form if the right conditions are met and are capable of doing The Old In-Out. See the Ghostbusters video for an example of this.

The Succubus has become a popular character amongst Nerds with a Lolita Complex because as it is a demon from Hell that is capable of changing its shape at will - if it wants, it can choose to appear as a flat chested, 13-year-old girl in bunny pajamas for maximum nerd happiness. Since it is a demon and not susceptible to the human condition, if a Succubus chooses it, she can remain at whatever age she wishes for as long as she wants. Very rarely do you see this character type from the horror/supernatural genre being used as a Fuck toy unless it's in someone's badly written fanfiction. Worthless trivia: Because of ✡Jewish Myth✡, if a Succubus is named Lillith she will most likely be a Red-Head.

As You probably have already noticed, the Vampire is probably the most popular form of the Permaloli as she can and does appear in almost all genres. In the supernatural/Horror genre, the Loli Vampire will usually be reminiscent of vampires from classic literature such as Bram Stoker's Dracula and have an aversion to garlic, have to be invited into your house, can be burnt by holy water and will be turned to dust in direct sunlight. The Loli Vampire is popular with a certain niche of Sick fucks because they like the idea of taking on the role of a father figure in protecting their Loli, getting her food and safely moving her from place to place when people start to become suspicious when their city's murder rate starts to skyrocket. There is almost an incest quality between these two as the Loli Vampires protecter will introduce himself to others as the Loli's father and her as his daughter.

Just like the Loli Vampire has found its place and is popular with weirdos and the lifeless basement dwellers that like fantasizing about 12-year-old girls in crotchless panties, fishnet stockings, high heels, garters and a bustier the Shota Vampire has become equally popular with Horny fangirls that like to schlick to the well defined, hairless bodies of underaged boys making out with older men or other young boys showing that perversion infects both sexes.

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File:758156161 preview 2ad.jpg
The infamous loli-bomb
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