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An MSPaint depiction of Peppermintpatti.
Peppermint Patti shits despair.

PeppermintPatti or ItalianStallionette (Power Word: Gina McNally-Malanga) is a pro-ana sexual deviant who failed to get any of the delicious cock growing up. As a result, she wears masks of necrotizing flesh cut fresh from Thai transvestites to give her videos a more "Ed Gein" air. She is the perfect example of an attention whore whose only need in life is her desire for you to see her latest YouTube video. Her YouTube whining has caused tons of drama and resulted in a Lollercaust. She is also an alien, which proves we are not alone. She will anal probe you, she will.

Everyone with half a brain knows that this is quite possibly the creation of a publicist-cum-fuckwit, and will likely end up as Lonelygirl15 who, in a tepid surprise, she has on her watchlist. Of course, you can't troll her. No, it wouldn't be right, because PeppermintPatti uses a charitable front to cover up for her true ulterior motives: to steal money and the identities of elders and defame queers.

Her hobbies include such thrilling pastimes as informing everyone of her cunt-crunching ways to such an extent that even the most random of workers at McDonald's flee at the sound of her name.

The trolling of Peppermintpatti by wattagecat was the causa belli of the YouTube Civil War.

Also, don't forget to find and rate everything by and linking to her a one. Don't worry, people who watch, or even make these videos don't have feelings anyways.

The Battle of PeppermintPatti

Discovery of the lol-cow

Description pending.

An EDiot named Wattage finds a video while lurking on YouTube. He notices a woman named PeppermintPatti BAWWing over trivial bullshit, and the potential for lulz.

The music at 2:45 adds a great effect to the drama. Also notice the wedding ring on the left hand @ approx. 2:50 BALEETED


He then notices a response by CupNJava called "The Defective Bear", where a woman commemorates a vlog of a story read aloud, with "The Rose" by Bette Midler played in the background.


Unable to hold in the lulz anymore, EDiots posts their findings on ED. Cyllene and Janus Zeal were able to keep meticulous reports and backups of all video.

Breaking through enemy lines

Wattage spams the ED link to all of PeppermintPatti’s subscribers.

The subscribers fight back, until they realize that they are making themselves look like idiots, causing much butt-hurt, and delete their videos en masse.

Angry Black Man

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Culexor.

YouTube Favicon.png Culexor/YouTube

The nigra that needed some chiikins.

"I'm fucking sick of Discrimination against people because of their sexuality, it's 10 times worse than rape...I'M DEAD SERIOUS." "wattagecat is that faggots YouTube username"

Notice how he says its wrong to discriminate against gays then calls Wattagecat a "faggot".

SHIT MAN, THAT NIGGA IS RETARDED! Well, more retarded then most niggers.

The D&D Nerd

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Therealagerbon.

Chubby basement dweller suffering from a severe case of Nerd Rage.

"No, Richard! IT HURTS, RICHARD!".

(cue dramatic facial expressions and heavy breathing)

"Waggage Cat"? LOL


"She's not seeking a fucking attention!"

0:53 - 0:57 This sick fuck is trying not to laugh,ending with a cough to hide his atrocious face for at least a second or two,so the viewers could rest their eyes.

"Hate crimes are against America's...America's Gajustigal (LOL WUT?) system!"

"I hope patty gets your ass booked and you are bobba's[sic] little bitch after"

"I'm not a hateful person, but right now I just hate the fuck out of you right now."

"You're lucky I can't place charges against you cause I'd surely make sure that you and your mother was fucking broke."

The video concludes with him just staring at the camera, trying to death stare

He's a liar, it's a fact that anyone who knows what DDR is, plays it (unless they have EDiot powers) Ironically enough, he sounds like every generic nerd on television.

Das Jew ist butthurt

The Pudgy Soprano

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Vipor231.

YouTube Favicon.png Vipor231/YouTube

"I've dealt with your kind before"

"I'm salivating at the mooment" haha my favorite

"I've done it to a couple of other people and - you know what? - they're not around anymore, are they? They're not. Yeah, it was Yahoo! Chat..."

"This is the internet, yes, but" teh internet is serious business

"There's already been, goddamn, probably over 10 people that have lost their account" oh noes! probably over ten people!

"I'm doin my next video whenever I feel like it *Laughs*" he thinks he's pimp lol


Eppigy and the other EDiots were able to secure the Patti line.


Wattage, offended by death threats he has received over PeppermintPatti, goes onto camera in the form of a cat and says he is not apologetic for his actions, and that she did WTC.

An unlikely ally emerges

Beforehand, relations between ED and SA were nil to disliked, but the surprise envoy of goons led by their fearless leader lowtax played a detrimental factor in the landslide victory by wattagecat and his forces.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Lowtax.

YouTube Favicon.png Lowtax/YouTube

Never to be seen again.

Lowtax has extracted sufficient lulz to warrant redemption before he Candlejacks himself t


Another goon from the SA forums.


PeppermintPatti quits YouTube.

Success Speech

Romantic and Wattage make a victory video!

Now let us have a moment of silence for the brave EDiots lost in the war.

Scribing in history

Anti-wattage videos kept flowing in, causing lulz and making wattage the most hated person on all of the internets, finding him guilty of doing WTC and trolling in the 5th degree. A /b/tard came along and made a song made of win and Mudkipz.


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