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Hey, look, Pedobear's not lonely anymore!

Pedopals, a 4chan creation, was based off of an idea to give the lonely Pedobear some more friends. The idea for making more of these freaks came from the mind of a /b/tard, and evolved to a super-brainstorm session amongst the /b/tarded. Roughly OVER 9000 of these were just cheap imitations of Pedobear, mostly by loser Metal Gear Solid fans.

Official Pedopals

That's some good shit!

Unofficial Pedopals

Little boys make Shotacat purr.
Hetero Dog, Futa Cow, and Shota cat making an appearance in Dora the Explorer. Yaoi cock also features but is not shown.
  • Yellow Fever Panda
  • Bestiality Person
  • Interracial Dalmatian
  • Necro Vulture
  • Tentacle Squid
  • Incest Possum
  • Hentai Wolf
  • Anal Seal
  • Bukkake Bat
  • Oral Ocelot
  • Dominatrix Duck
  • Masochist Mallard
  • Colon Cougar
  • Venereal Beaver
  • Fisting Falcon
  • Prego Panda
  • Anal Antelope
  • Masturbation Manatee
  • Horny Horny Hippo

New Pedopals

  • Retard Sloth
  • Rape Hamster
  • Hypoxyphilia Llama
  • Chloroform Coyote
  • Latex Toad
  • Cumshot Panda

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