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Pedo Baiting is an internet sport whereby the protagonist, or "baiter," poses as a loli in a chat room in order to attract attention from older men for purposes of lulz. Pedo baiting is the national sport of many countries, none of which are recognized as such by the United Nations. Fuck the system. Pedo Baiting=Major LULZ. The cops get paid to do it! And if you can somehow direct the Party Van to the pedo's doorstep, even moar lulz can be had. See below for moar ideas.

Good pedo baiting leaves you with trophies, such as this one, from "slipknot_6sic6_maggot_69"
Another good trophy from pedobaiting. Yes. That is a moob.

General Notes on Process

The key to a successful bait is to wait for them to come to you. Typical tween bullshit names like QTbabe14 or calihottiexoxo are perfect. Pedos see your name in the chat log and private message in droves, sometimes literally dozens at a time. Just sit back, use lots of liek bad grammer lolz, and pretend to be naive to sex despite the fact that the average preteen gets more poon than every btard combined.

Once a pedo is convinced that you're are a young girl or boy, the baiter is confronted with a number of possibilities. The best is to prompt the pedo for contact information such as phone numbers, home addresses, facebook links, etc. Most kiddie diddlers, undoubtedly cock in hand throughout the entire chat, are more than happy to supply you with the information you need to utterly ruin their lives. This is good for two reasons: One, it's funny and the fact that you're diligently logging every conversation, screencapping every cam session, will provide hours of amusement to this cold, ruthless internets. Two, if you're on ED in the first place, it's probably because you've had your own share of childhood trauma, and laughing from a distance as an abuser's ass is mastered in jail will be its own reward.

What To Do If Baited

So you’ve been innocently browsing your favourite children’s chatroom, as you do every Friday night after a hard week’s work, and you think you’ve spotted someone online worth talking to. She’s a hot young loli who seems willing to bare all and maybe even meet up with if you quickly show her your hueg cawk. You excitedly oblige, but instead of finding hot jb sex waiting for you, you find a notice of your ensuing conviction from the FBI.


Contrary to popular belief, the best thing to do is keep a calm head and face the facts. Fork over any requested information and commit to whatever requests the police have. Do this and maybe you'll be let off the hook. Maybe.

Playing the Van

The lulziest method, however, requires a good actor to pull it off. Watching the pedo shit himself is near-priceless. The method is simple. Just play as a delicious loli or delectable shota, until you get the pedo to make a sexual advance or two. If you can get a phone number, ask to call, and ask who to speak to; that way, you know their name as well, which helps a lot. Then, paste this delicious copypasta into the chat.

NOTICE TO PARTICIPANT: The Federal Bureau of Investigation has logged a record of this chat along with the IP addresses of the participants due to a possible violation of United States federal law. VIOLATION: Solicitation of a minor. IMPORTANT: If you believe this chat to have been logged in error, please state your reasons to the F.B.I. Monitoring agent observing this chat and quote reference number 8675309. Failure to do so within the next 2 minutes will result in your IP address being entered into our criminal database and prosecution. Your IP address has been recorded by the Child Internet Service Protection Agency. Please wait while reference code 8675309 is entered into the database.


NOTICE TO PARTICIPANT: The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has logged a record of your conversation, along with the IP addresses of the participants due to violation of sections 10, 14 and 15 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003: grooming a child under 16 for the purpose of having sexual intercourse with them. IMPORTANT: If you believe this chat to have been logged in error, please state your reasons to the CEOP monitoring agent observing this chat and quote reference number 8675309. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you fail to mention when questioned something which you would later rely on in court. Your IP address has also been recorded by the Child Internet Service Protection Agency and anything you say may be given as evidence. Do you understand?

Once this is done, do your best to behave, respond, and overall act like a federal agent.

Usually, this produces one of two responses:

  • Utter disbelief, in which the pedo refuses to believe you are FBI. This is anti-lulz and requires some good acting on your part to convince this person you are an FBI monitor. This is where that name and phone number come in handy.
  • Total shock and horror. The lulz roll in as they try to escape their perceived doom, and you just have to keep the train rolling.

Don't forget to use a proxy, moron. Otherwise, you'll end up like the Drews. An excellent example of an epic win at this method:

Suicide get.jpg

Incidents of Epic Win

On the evening of June 5th, and into the morning of June 6th,the epic baiter Marto played a whole bunch of pedos like chumps, to the many lulz of the 50 or so viewers in the channel. Marto's modus operandi is to bait the pedo using teen msn jargon, whilst having a looped video of a girl on blogtv, who was 14 at the time. Let it be known that the video is 2:30 in length, and some of the pedos watched it for a solid hour without noticing the loop. After promising to strip after the pedo puts a pencil in his ass(pweeeees :( ), the pedo would then be redirected to the website at which everyone was watching him.


The best win of the night went to ASTROPEDO, who went so far as to puke into a bucket, and put it on his head, ALL without even the semblance of a nude girl. The moniker ASTROPEDO was associated to him when a clever anon noticed that he looked like a spaceman with the bucket on his head.

Dfshsjgsadf6.png Asdadq4412.png

*ROOFLERS* Roofler (Marto bff) tricked kid name tj into putting pen into butt i laughed 2wice no joke. O7q5jn.jpg

*Pro at work*

On the 1st of August our brave heroes found a new target, a target that would stop at nothing to impress the decoy. In one of the most vile acts of male dominance ever viewed on the internet "Gordon" put on a display that would go on to reduce the packed channel to tears (of laughter). The start of this show would be a Goatse, perhaps a homage to those that have gone before him? But with a new, flavoursome touch. He let out a small portion of his faeces which he then ate. Our ever classy paedo moved on, shameless and unphased by his previous adventure, keen to catch a glimpse of the promised fair maiden. Gordon stuck his (unwashed fingers) down his throat and, after a few attempts, threw up into a little bag which he took out of his bin moments before. Any reasonable girl would die for this man. Needless to say the audience was impressed, eager for more. Gordon was only too keen to deliver, round two had begun. Squatting, he prepared to let out the rest of his personal stores of poo all over his bedroom floor, he was ready for a new challenge. Then "it" was put to him, the motion that would catapult Gordon to the top, where he would stand among the Paedophile greats. He was to write /b/ on his chest (assuming it was the nickname of the decoy). It happened, alas, not with a pen as we all assumed would happen, no, Gordon is smart, he used his initiative, a man set out to impress. Gordon wrote /b/ on himself in his own shit and proudly showed it off to the camera. The channel went wild as the original shock passed. There was now no better time to come clean, to reveal the hidden truth to Gordon. The channel link was sent, silence for a few moments from the target, then he saw, he saw himself naked, sprawled across the floor with 50 /b/tards jeering has he did so. Brave Gordon covered the camera with a cloth. Some say he stayed with us for the remainder of the evening, chatting with us and catching other would-be predators, others that he died from shame. So ends the tale of Gordon.

No Way.jpg


 ..Ollie..  says:
 just installed da cam
 u got cam aswell ?
Laura says:
 webcam borkd
 god, a boy at school said that to me and now i say it
 ..Ollie..  says:
 borkd ?
Laura says:
 ..Ollie..  says:
 oh ok
 ha u gt any other uics den  
Laura says:
 ..Ollie..  says:
Laura says:
 i got 1 more
 someone just said hed pay for it tho
 ..Ollie..  says:
 i int payin for a pic lol
Laura says:
 im sayin
 im talkin to him atm
 ..Ollie..  says:
 oh send irt den  
Laura says:
 o he went offline
 ..Ollie..  says:
 no the pic of u send it x
Laura says:
 u like
 ..Ollie..  says:
Laura says:
   ..Ollie..  stopped sharing photos
Laura says:
 think i should get ppl to pay 4 pics then?
 could i make money?
 ..Ollie..  says:
 yeh i reckon u could but need b older ha
Laura says:
 noone needs 2 no (:
 i rly need money so
 ..Ollie..  says:
 fair enough x
Laura says:
 would u pay?
 ..Ollie..  says:
  You stopped sharing photos
Laura says:
 ..Ollie..  says:
 accept il show ya my cock 
  8o|..Ollie..8o| wants to start a Video Call with you.
Accept (Alt+C)	 Decline (Alt+D)
Laura says:
 my webcam is broke
 ..Ollie..  says:
 yeh u dont need a webcam 
  You've accepted the invitation to start a Video Call.
End call (Alt+Q).
 ..Ollie..  says:
 u gt accept doe x
 to view it
 ok say wen then il show u it  
Laura says:
 u r using fake came
 my brother has that
 i saw the thing at the start
 ..Ollie..  says:
 nah it a real cam 
 its a cover  look
Laura says:
 i c
 ..Ollie..  says:
 say wen then il get it out 4 ya
Laura says:
 ..Ollie..  says:
 nw ?
Laura says:
 ..Ollie..  says:
 u like  
Laura says:
 ..Ollie..  says:
 gd ;
  Your Video Call has ended.
Laura says:
 i would like to say
 on behalf of the internet
 you sir
 scored a place at encyclopediadramatica
 well done
 Now that we are clear
 What have you learned

Alternative Technique

  1. Tell the pedo to call you.
  2. Look up the number for a police precinct station.
  3. Give him that number.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has logged a record of this chat along with the IP addresses of the participants due to potential violations of U.S. law. Reference no. 2334453436. Your IP address has been entered into our suspect database and may be sent to child protective services. Please wait while memory ref. code 90637895 is entered into the database.

Or, if you're using Omegle (Where a wordfilter automatically inserts the message "If the above message says you have been reported to the FBI, it is not legitimate. Please ignore it." if it detects "FBI" or "Federal Bureau of Investigation", then you can use this alternative one that uses alternate letters from Character Map:

The Federal Вureau of Investigation has logged a record of this chat along with the IP addresses of the participants due to potential violation of U.S. law. Reference no. 2334453436. Your IP address has been entered into our suspect database and may be sent to child protective services. Please wait while memory ref. code 90637895 is entered into the database.

Better Examples (they make look tl;dr but trust me, you'll want to read these!)

Gallery of Baits About missing Pics
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