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Pay it Forward Weekend is an online event that is intended to make people feel better about themselves. The idea is to perform a random act of kindness while expecting nothing in return, because people need a reminder to be nice to each other these days.

Facebook event

A Facebook event was created to promote Pay it Forward Weekend, allowing people to announce to their friends and family they plan to be kind to someone this weekend. Afterwards, they'll be sure share the details of their kindness on Facebook so everyone can tell them what a wonderful person they are.

How to participate

Participation in this event is easy, simply help an old lady across the street, take unwanted clothing to the thrift store or pay for some fat person's meal at Burger King. Those who wish to make a real difference will give away candy from the comfort of your van, buy some homeless guy a bottle of vodka or visit the hospital and put someone with a terminal illness out of their misery.

Original announcement

Beginning Friday Jan. 17 through Sunday Jan. 19, 2014 we are encouraging everyone to "Pay It Forward". We are asking everyone to do at least one random act of kindness (more than one is even better). All you have to do is do something for someone or some organization without expecting anything in return. Pay for a stranger’s meal, send someone a card, volunteer some time. The ideas are endless. All it takes is a spark to get a fire going. By clicking join, you can make a difference and who knows, maybe change someone's life. Get on Board, invite all your Facebook friends to join and let's see if we can change someone's world this weekend. Who knows, it might be your life that gets changed. Last year, we had 3916 people that accepted our invitation. More remarkable is that 50,311 people saw our invitation and cause. This doesn't count the people outside of Facebook that took part. The most important number is the ONE person, family, or cause that YOU touch. Spread the word and help make 2014 start strong for not only the one or more that you touch, but for you personally.
Remember, it doesn't take people doing a lot, just a lot of people doing a little. WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!
One additional note, this page is being used to invite and encourage people to do at least one random act of kindness during this weekend. We will welcome all post and pictures that help us in this, all others will be deleted. Thank you in helping us keep this family friendly!!!

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