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Wolfowitz in 2006.
The young Paul Wolfowitz.

Paul "Poo Breath" Wolfowitz is a Polack Jew who served as George W. Bush's Deputy Secretary of Defense, and as leader of the Zionist Neo-con cabal behind the Iraq fiasco. In last year's Gallup's List of the Filthiest People in the World, Wolfowitz ranked 4th, right behind Britney Spears, Danny Bonaduce and Kelly Osbourne. Wolfie's face is also part of an inspirational mosaic called Worst picture ever.

After a long and interesting career, Wolfowitz (along with fellow homo Donald Rumsfeld) became even more infamous with his appareance in Fahrenheit 9/11, the non-fiction film by Michael Moore. According to Suzanne Goldenberg's profile of Wolfowitz published in The Guardian, "one of the most indelible moments of the film… is when Paul Wolfowitz puts a generous dollop of spit on his comb before smoothing his hair for a television appearance." She observed prophetically: "Iffy grooming habits are the least of Wolfowitz's worries as he takes on the presidency of the World Bank."

A moment of the infamous performance by Paul Wolfowitz at Bilderberg 2007.

When Wolfowitz was appointed by the genius as president of the World Bank, his policies and habits were widely rejected, like urinating in public, ejaculating into his hand before a handshake, and exposing himself with a sausage tied to the end of his penis. He also increased his girlfriend's salary, which prompted his resignation, thank God.

Worst of all, during the last meeting of the Bilderberg Group in June 2007, Wolfowitz was asked to leave permanently for using his rectum to lip-synch the song "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

On January 28, 2007, Paul Wolfowitz visited a mosque during an official visit to Turkey. Obeying local customs, he removed his shoes and revealed two large holes in his socks! Apparently, he is either a great comedian or an outstanding cheap if at a salary of $ 391,440 in the year the chief banker of the world can't afford to by extra pair of socks. Due to this incident international fundraising "1,000,000 socks for Paul Wolfowitz" was established to buy 1,000,000 socks to replace Wolfowitz's holey socks with new ones.

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Wolfie shows some class. (This is a real picture)

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