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Paul Feig is a sad little nu-male with an inferiority complex that makes him the biggest pussybitch to ever grace God's green earth. Similar to how Tim Burton likes Johnny Depp so is the relationship between Paul and walking blubber-whale Melissa McCarthy, to the point where he needs to cast her in every fucking movie he makes.

5 Reasons Paul Feig Is A Terrible Filmmaker

1. Samefag

Paul Feig 1.jpg

His movies are nearly identical to one another, pandering to the exact same demographic: Moms who hates anything remotely funny.

2. Same Actors

Paul Feig 2.jpg

He heavily relies on the same actors over and over. Jesus, guy, perhaps you could try someone else than Melissa McCarthy?

3. Men Are Unfunny

Paul Feig 3.jpg

He literally thinks that men can't be funny while he thinks of himself as a woman. He would be evidence of this.

4. Criticism

Paul Feig 4.jpg

He is unable to take criticism.

5. Opposing

Paul Feig 5.jpg

He thinks he doesn't need people who don't oppose him. That worked out well for George Lucas when he created the Star Wars prequels.

Budget After Fembusters Release

How much of the $150 million budget will the movie make back?

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Twitter-favicon.png PaulFeig - His official Twitter page.

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