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This is the actual tough guy who will spoonfeed you your teeth, child

Patrick S. Tomlinson (aka Fatrick) is a fat failed sci-fi author lolcow who abandoned his daughter after being cucked, and spends his 40s arguing with people on Twitter in hopes of saving his dead "writing" career. He gained notoriety in late 2018 from the Opie and Anthony subreddit over comments he made about Norm MacDonald, and has since then been the target of the subreddit's wrath. He is a source of entertainment for many people, and the subject of defamatory documentaries and even video games. Fatrick aggressively feeds the trolls in an effort to draw attention to himself in hopes of saving his failed writing career, but has been unsuccessful thus far, ostensibly due to his status as a straight white male.

Before the Norm Comments

Early life and marriage to Adrienne

Seems like a happy marriage

Little is known about Fatrick's early life other than what he tells us, but what we do know is that his father was a professional clown while his mother was a washed up sorority chick who landed a gig as a school psychologist presumably by fucking the principal.

Fatrick grew up building, collecting, and playing with Star Wars figurines, a hobby he still engages in at the age of 40. He was an active member of toy forums such as fpkclub and arcforums under the screen name "Padawan v2.5". Opie and Anthony researchers have dug up his old posts and found that he was just as much of a cunt 20 years ago on his spaceship toy forums as he is today.

After Fatrick failed out of community college, he and his best friend Jonathan Snyder moved to Florida to scam old retired people into buying overpriced insurance. Soon afterwards, Fatrick's girlfriend, Adrienne Raimer, moved in with him. They got married shortly thereafter.

Life was pretty good after college. I’d moved down to Florida with my best friend, and my girlfriend followed soon after. We married four years later. For nine years, we were a model couple. We seldom fought, started building careers, dug ourselves out of debt, and settled in to start a family. We were the pair that our friends looked up to and wanted to emulate. I’d never felt so happy, loved, and secure in my life.


Fatrick's blog

The divorce

Fatrick and Adrienne divorced in 2013. They had no kids at the time, however Adrienne was pregnant with what was allegedly their first child. There was surprisingly no lengthy court battle involving custody, alimony, or otherwise, and the divorce proceedings were extremely underwhelming. This is because Fatrick didn't put up a fight. There was no need for any custody battle over the baby because Fatrick voluntarily signed away full custody of their daughter.

Some less-than-helpful words from my now ex-wife convinced me that I was so worthless, so broken, that I would be nothing but an anchor on my daughter’s life. That she would be better off if I wasn’t around to screw her up like her pathetic, unlovable father. I signed away my parental rights, not because I wanted to give her up, but because wallowing around in the pit, I believed with all my heart that I was doing what was best for her future.


Fatrick's blog

Needless to say, even though Fatrick himself admitted that he signed away his daughter, he is very embarrassed by this and will deny it if you ever bring it up to him. Despite saying that he regrets doing this, he has not entered into any litigation to get his daughter back. He has, however, spent well over $5,000 on lawyers in order to send frivolous DMCA notices to get subreddits shut down, trolls banned, and his Twitter account restored. More on that later.

Post-divorce descent into misogyny

Fatrick's divorce from Adrienne severely fucked him up in the head. This cannot be understated. Fatrick's outlook on life went to a very dark place from which it has never returned. He fell into heavy alcoholism, and one night, in a heavily drunken state, he decided that he would try to channel his severe depression towards stand up comedy. He participated in numerous open mics, only instead of telling jokes intended to entertain the audience, he spilled his heart out about his divorce with Adrienne, revealing disturbing information such as the fact that he was considering murdering her, and other various TMI quips.

He also lost all sense of chivalry and humility, going out of his way to inform people that he owns and trains with firearms, is ready for an armed revolution, has been in multiple fights, and wants people to beat women for infractions as petty as wearing Make America Great Again hats.

Posts from a mentally stable firebrand About missing Pics
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Despite being a creepy unhinged depressed alcoholic, Patrick S. Tomlinson managed to rope in a washed up mid-30s barren lesbian named Niki Robinson. She by Fatrick's own account was the first woman to touch his penis post-divorce from Adrienne, and the two were married shortly thereafter. Niki is the one who owns the half-house that she and Fatrick live in, and owns her own business, Posts by Ghosts. It is with her income that she supports Fatrick and herself. Niki is also fat.

Quite the honeymoon
Nice wedding venue, stupid

Post-divorce descent into fatness, lying about getting in shape, and cheating on a half-marathon

Patrick S. Tomlinson, to put it simply, is fat. The divorce from Adrienne sent Fatrick down a destructive spiral which involved drinking copious amounts of beer, and indulging in greasy shitty barfood from his favorite local bar, Hooligan's. Fatrick's fatness is something he of course denies and is very self-conscious about, and he will go out of his way to fight anyone who calls him fat.

I am not fat, child About missing Pics
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Instead of just going on a fucking diet and losing the weight, Fatrick felt the need to channel his fatness and use it as a way to grandstand: By lying about running a half-marathon.

Every year, the Milwaukee Brewers hold an event called the Brewer's mini-marathon whereby retarded baseball fans from Wisconsin pay exorbitant amounts of money to go on a 21km race. Up until 2019, Fatrick used to attend this race. His performances were always abysmal, with him finishing in 136th place (out of 147) in his most recent race. What's more important to Fatrick, though, is clinging on to the #runnersofinstagram hashtag to pad his ego and brag about his fitness journey. He also uses his fitness journey as a way to shoehorn his various virtue-signalling anecdotes, such as this hilariously fake story about standing up to a bully at the gym

#Runnersofinstagram About missing Pics
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Unfortunately for Fatrick, his 2016 mini-marathon performance caught the attention of one Carol Maxheinie of Carol first noticed something was suspicious about Fatrick's account of the marathon when he bragged about running the last 8 miles of the race on a sprained ankle - a high ankle sprain to be specific. This is an injury that would sideline runners of any caliber, even high-level and olympic runners. Upon further digging, Carol noticed that there was no timing mat info for Fatrick for the 10k or 15k mats. Timing mats are placed at certain intervals throughout a race to automatically record a runner's time at various parts of the race. Fatrick managed to miss two of them. Carol also noticed that Fatrick was mysteriously missing from ALL photographs taken from these sections of the race. A look at the race course (pictured below) revealed that there were two "out-and-back" sections coinciding with the timing mats that Fatrick missed. This means that what most likely happened is that at two separate parts of the race, Fatrick waddled across the street to a section of the course that ran parallel to his, allowing him to skip a huge chunk of the mini-marathon.

Fatso exposed About missing Pics
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After these revelations came out, Fatrick immediately and permanently stopped making any fitness-related Instagram posts. Knowing that any future running events would likely be scrutinized, Fatrick also dropped out of his planned appearance at the 2019 Brewer's mini-marathon and has not done any running events since then.

Joining the sci-fi and fantasy pedophile community

Fatrick's ultimate childhood dream was to become part of the sci-fi and fantasy universe. But with a deluge of manchildren in a similar state of arrested development as Fatrick all vying for the same goal, many of whom possessing superior levels of intellect, talent, and creativity, Fatrick had a hard time getting his foot in the door. Sometimes when building one's career, it's not about what you know, but rather who you know. Sometimes in order to get ahead, one must sell their souls to the devil and buddy up with some of the most degenerate pieces of human filth. In Fatrick's case, pedophiles.

In the sci-fi community, particularly within the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) and Tor Books, pedophilia and the covering up of pedophilia runs rampant. This can be seen most prominently in the case of married couple Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter H. Breen, two highly respected fantasy authors and convicted pedophiles. Their pedophilia was never a secret to the scifi community, with Walter H. Breen being convicted of child molestation many times in the 50s and 60s, and his wife Marion defending his behavior.

Q.So it was your personal opinion that a boy of 14 to 15 years old was old enough to make decisions about having sex with a 50-year-old man?

A. Yes, I was. I believe so.


—Marion Zimmer Bradley defending her husband's child molestation, MZB in a deposition to the police

Marion and Walter had a daughter named Moira Greyland, who wrote a book called "The Dark Side of Avalon", where she went into great detail about the violent sexual abuse that she experienced from her own mother, and the many young boys that her father molested. "Avalon" is a reference to "The Mists of Avalon", a book written in 1983 by MZB touted as "a feminist take on Camelot and the knights of King Arthur", but which really just took a classic story and shoehorned incest and pedophilia into it. Walter Breen died while serving a prison sentence for raping children throughout the 1980s, while MZB died of a heart attack a few years later while still dealing with litigation from the parents of her and her late husband's rape victims.

More recently, we can look into the case of well-respected SFWA member Edward Kramer, who was convicted of molesting three boys in 2001, and was arrested again in 2017 for taking pictures of little boys at a doctor's office. In 2019, he got caught with child pornography on his computer after trying to hack into a police courthouse computer. The science fiction community, of course, overwhelmingly stood behind him.

I read the NAMBLA [Bulletin] fairly regularly and I think it is one of the most intelligent discussions of sexuality I've ever found. I think before you start judging what NAMBLA is about, expose yourself to it and see what it is really about. What the issues they are really talking about, and deal with what's really there rather than this demonized notion of guys running about trying to screw little boys. I would have been so much happier as an adolescent if NAMBLA had been around when I was 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


Samuel R. Delaney, SFWA Grand Master 2015

What can we do to help our friend Ed Kramer? If money is needed, we should organize a benefit campaign. It is probably time to go to the media. It should be played up as flagrant anti- Semitism


—Darrell Scweitzer (SFWA member)

Ed Kramer is one of the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful people I know -- and one of the greatest editors ever in the horror-fiction field. I'm absolutely personally convinced of his innocence, and have invited him to come stay at my home for a visit as soon as this ordeal is over.

The district attorneys and judges involved should be ashamed of themselves; what they've done to Ed Kramer is on a par with what Mike Nifong did to those lacrosse players in Durham, and they should pay the same penalty. Even if one -- mistakenly -- believes that Ed might be guilty of something, that he's being denied the chance to prove his innocence is reprehensible.


—Robert J. Sawyer (SFWA Board of Director, Hugo winner)

My wife and kids and I have known Ed for decades. We attended DragonCon in those days when Ed still ran it and knew Ed socially and business-wise beyond the scope of DragonCon. Ed is a fine man. Without beating around the bush, Sharon and I would have trusted our kids around Ed any day of the week. We have five grandchildren and I'd not hesitate a moment to ask Ed to babysit. Ed has gotten a raw deal, his freedom stolen from him without benefit of due process. Terrorists get better treatment than Ed.

Free Ed!


— Jerry Ahern (former SFWA member)

Ed Kramer's case has not gone unnoticed outside of America. Unfortunately many of us see it as one more example (even if one of the worst) of due process being suspended and America having become a prosecutorial police state. Sad for those of us who have long admired a great country.


— Brian Rothery (SFWA member)

It's primordial. Gwinnett County behaves as if it's the 14th century, and it's the Spanish inquisition. They're treating Ed Kramer as if he's the Marquis De Sade for Chrissakes.


—Harlan Ellison (SFWA Grand Master 2005)

Current SFWA President Mary Robinette Kowal was on the SFWA board during Ed Kramer conviction and sentencing. At no point was his membership ever revoked. In fact, a legal defense fund was set up for Ed Kramer by a number of SFWA members.

Fatrick approached Tor Books, a publisher which posthumously honored pedophile daughter rapist Marion Zimmer Bradley. Tor books signed a multi-book deal with him, and Fatrick was finally able to quit his job scamming old people to buy health insurance, and start a career writing fantasy. His first book, The Ark, was his best performer, averaging just over 3/5 stars. His subsequent books dropped off in terms of sales and reviews as Fatrick's writing style very quickly devolved into one of constant pop-culture references (despite his books taking place in the far future), and extremely unsubtle satire with characters such as "Fonald Plump" and "Borg Zoros". This is all despite him leaving multiple 5-star reviews on his own books. Even though his books were mostly about aliens, Fatrick still found ways to insert pedophilia and pederasty.

Pedophilia chronicles About missing Pics
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The Ben Shapiro incident

Fatrick's ultimate time to shine came on October 27, 2017, when he reposted a plagiarized abortion "thought experiment". In this thought experiment, one has to choose between saving the life of a newborn child, or 10,000 incubated fetuses from a burning building. The idea is that nobody would ever choose the 10,000 fetuses over the newborn child, therefore abortion should be legal. Checkmate, pro-lifers. The tweet was retweeted over 9000 times, and was easily Fatrick's biggest tweet ever.

The plagiarized thought experiment caught the attention of a notable Jew by the name of Ben Shapiro, who began to dismantle it. With the attention of one of the biggest pro-life political pundits, Patrick S. Tomlinson had a clear shot at fame and recognition. He had the opportunity to show up on Ben Shapiro's show and debate the man in front of tens of thousands of people. This would have gained Fatrick a huge amount of respect and notoriety in the liberal community, and easily cemented him as one of liberalism's top minds. Instead, Fatrick did what he would become all too well-known for doing when faced with someone with an opposing viewpoint: He insulted Ben Shapiro, blocked him, then continued to argue his position against Ben behind a block like an absolute coward. Ben, of course, went on to demolish Fatrick's argument sans Fatrick on his show the next day.

Nice comeback, stupid

Discovery by the Opie and Anthony subreddit

Patrick was not ready for the approaching shitstorm

The Norm comments

Mid 2018 was considered a slow period in the Opie and Anthony subreddit. Aside from the Beigefrequency documentaries, nothing much of entertainment value was going on. At that point, all of the major players (Anthony, Jim, Bobo, etc) had permanently vacated the website out of frustration, and the one remaining lolcow, Joe Cumia (who is NOT a pedophile), was in the midst of an extended hiatus. Looking for something to quell the boredom, a few people on the subreddit found some faggot shitting on Norm Macdonald. That faggot happened to be Patrick S. Tomlinson.

Babby's first, second, and third Twitter ban

Fatrick became an instant hit with the Opie and Anthony subreddit which at that point was starving for something or someone to be a source of comedic value. Fatrick was unique and checked off every box necessary for becoming an O and A sub lolcow: He was obsessed with Twitter, spending hours every single day trying to go viral again and reignite the spark that was his plagiarized thought experiment. He was obsessed with his online presence and people attempting to interact with him, and would not only spew out hilariously retarded shit constantly throughout the day, but he would seek out people who were talking negatively about him and reply to each and every single one of them in a hilariously over-the-top condescending tone.

This brings up Fatrick's most important personality trait: Fatrick is a narcissist. He sees himself as a transcendent human being. He is extremely self-obsessed and lacking in self-awareness, which makes him think it's perfectly normal to refer to all of his detractors as "child", "little one", "little nothing", and other hilariously retarded insults. He also tries to come across as a tough guy, which is why he lies about being a conservative and has made the front page of Reddit more than once in places such as r/iamverybadass and r/cringetopia for his laughable attempts to come across as tough.

Just an actual tough guy About missing Pics
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Unfortunately, when your entire rhetorical arsenal consists of calling people stupid, telling people to go fuck themselves, and spending several hours a day hunting people down just to attack and insult them, Twitter doesn't take too kindly to that, especially when you identify yourself as a conservative. It also probably didn't help that he was retweeting ridiculously over-the-top obvious troll images of black penises peeing in his mouth, getting bukakked, and eating people's shit.

Maybe if I tweet this out to 38,000 people, the trolls will stop.

Fatrick's first Twitter account, @stealthygeek, with over 38,000 followers, was banned in less than a week. Fatrick tried making alternative Twitter accounts, @Patrickstomlin1 and @Mewler3S, but those were both short-lived as well. Without Fatrick's echochamber and source of clout, his career was in jeopardy.

Criminal Cyberstalkers

With the increased exposure, Patrick began dealing with more trolls than ever. He often accused anybody who dare disagree with him of being nazis, cyberstalkers, and has referred to his trolls as a white terror cell spawned from the Internet Hate Machine. Patrick has made several claims such as that he has received death threats, been physically stalked, and that his life is in danger. To this day, Patrick has not provided a single piece of evidence that he has received threats, nor that he has been stalked IRL. But seriously, if you call him fat or fuck with him even once, you are 100% going to federal prison, because The Internet Is Serious Business.

Fatrick proceeded to receive multiple pizzas and chinese food orders daily

(((Carrie Goldberg))) - the $5,000 lawyer

Fatso's legal opening salvo

With his Twitter account gone, Fatrick was ironically placed in a similar predicament that he placed his Twitter followers in his plagiarized thought experiment. With his life and career burning to the ground, and Niki's money running out, Fatrick was faced with two choices: Hire a lawyer to regain custody of his daughter, and put the political firebrand/fantasy author nonsense behind him, or hire a lawyer to get his Twitter account back and ban a subreddit that was dedicated to a 5-year old cancelled radio show that made funny memes of him. The choice was obvious.

Fatrick's legal threats against the Opie and Anthony subreddit started as most do: He threatened each and every individual member of the subreddit with a defamation lawsuit. After being met with rib-shattering laughter, Fatrick upped his threats. He claimed to have contacted the Milwaukee Police Department, said that each and every member of the subreddit was under criminal investigation for criminal conspiracy, and claimed to have a spreadsheet with "over 300 IP addresses" of subreddit members. Fatrick was once again laughed at and mocked for his lack of understanding of how criminal and civil law works, and the memes started flowing. It was around this time that YouTubers such as Porsalin and Mister Metokur started taking notice to the unfolding drama, and released humorous videos documenting the saga thus far. Even Norm MacDonald himself showed up to express his tacit approval of the subreddit's action and reiterate the fact that Patrick S. Tomlinson is fat.

The flaggot

After months of fighting the Opie and Anthony subreddit with no success, Fatrick was left with no other option but to retain the services of Carrie Goldberg, an ugly Jewess who wrote "Nobody's Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs, and Trolls", a book about getting caught fucking a bunch of her coworkers. Carrie promised not only to destroy the Opie and Anthony subreddit, but to restore Patrick S. Tomlinson's Twitter account. And for $5,000 of Fatrick's wife Niki's money, she did just that.

To take down the Opie and Anthony subreddit, Goldberg spammed it with fraudulent DMCA takedown notices. This unsurprisingly worked, and the subreddit was banned. Hundreds of other subreddits popped up in the following months and became populated by VPN users who didn't care about getting banned, but eventually the enthusiasm for Reddit fizzled out, and most people flocked to a new website, The banpocalypse was referenced by the admins in a humorous r/redditsecurity post, where the Opie and Anthony subreddit was accused of engaging in "shitheadery".

This situation was different from your run-of-the-mill shitheadery ban evasion because the group was both creating new subreddits and resurrecting inactive or unmoderated subreddits. We quickly adjusted our efforts to this behavior. We also reported their offending account to the other platform and they were quick to ban the account. We then contacted the hosts of the independent websites to report the abuse. This helped ensure that the sites are no longer able to redirect automatically to Reddit for abuse purposes. Ultimately, we banned 78 subreddits (5 of which existed prior to the attack), and suspended 2,382 accounts. The ban evading activity has largely ceased (you know...until they read this).


—Reddit Admins explaining the "ban evasion ring"

$5,000 well spent

Fatrick got his Twitter account back soon afterwards sans his blue checkmark thanks to Carrie Goldberg pestering Twitter's legal department. While he remains unverified, it is likely that he is immune to getting banned again, as he is back to insulting people on a daily basis, and spending hours every single day trying and failing to hit that mark that he did 3 years ago with his plagiarized thought experiment. Fatrick openly and proudly admits that he spent over $5,000 to get his Twitter account back. After all, his beautiful intelligent mind is God's gift to humanity, child. He still has zero custody of his daughter.

Trying to explain his "investment" About missing Pics
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The postgame

r/autism thread

Even though r/Opieandanthony is gone, Fatrick still obsesses over the holdovers on, and is quick to alert Reddit moderators whenever Patposting is going on under their noses. This usually happens in the form of posting pictures of Fatrick on cringe, lesbian, and autism subreddits. Wherever Patposting is happening, Fatrick is bound to be there lightning quick to alert the moderators in the faggiest manner possible.

Hello, moderators. This is an image of me stolen by cyberstalkers from the banned r/opienandanthony subreddit. Most of the comments in the thread below are also from cyberstalkers brigading your sub. I am not autistic, and the OP does not have permission to use my copyrighted image. Please remove the post, and ban all of the troll accounts associated with it. Thank you.



Bizzarely, Fatrick decided that a seemingly random post in r/autism which featured a picture of Fatrick's face, convincing several people that he was autistic, was the perfect place to feed the Opie and Anthony trolls for several more months. In this thread, Fatrick made his typical faggy plea to the moderators to remove the post in question and ban all of the trolls - a request that was granted in a matter of minutes. However for some reason, Fatrick decided to spend the next 4 months getting into a pissing match with the trolls in a thread that was already removed by the moderators. The thread ended up surpassing 2,500 comments, and provided months worth of laughter and memes. The thread was one of the top posts in r/drama, with people generally amused by the fact that this monstrosity occurred, of all places, on the autism subreddit.

Child Spit Game Studios

Taking information from the r/autism thread, such as the allegations that Patrick S. Tomlinson makes pepperoni pizzas out of dead black babies that he rapes, a person and/or organization named Child Spit Game Studios released a video game adaptation of Fatrick's newest book, Starship Repo. The release of this game marked the beginning of the end of Fatrick's engagement with the Opie and Anthony trolls, as he has not commented at all on the game (though he definitely knows that it exists), and the game's release coincided with him abandoning the r/autism thread.

Mediafire Downloads:
Starship Repo: The Game
In The Black (full audiobook): The Game

The Lappening

Patricks first wife humiliating him and hinting at whats to come. She would later leave him for the man she is sitting on in this picture

Right as the Fatrick saga appeared to be coming to an end, a researcher stumbled upon what is possibly the greatest find in the entire saga. An old photo album from 2011 of a convention called "Wonderfest" shows that Fatrick invited his wife, Adrienne, and his best friend, Jonathan Snyder, to one of his toy conventions. Amongst the dozens of pictures of poorly dressed, weird, pedophile-looking convention-goers, we see an incredibly uncomfortable-looking Fatrick socializing with his weirdo toy-building friends while Adrienne and Jonathan (aka Pringles Can Jon), getting hot and heavy right in front of Fatrick. One photograph in particular shows Adrienne sitting on Pringles Can Jon's lap, with his hand grabbing Adrienne's ass. Both Adrienne and Pringles Can Jon are looking directly at Fatrick while Pringles Can Jon has the biggest shit-eating grin on his face imaginable. This hilarious turn of events became known as The Lappening.

The Lappening About missing Pics
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Fatrick has, of course, not responded to these new revelations. In fact, he has ceased engaging with Opie and Anthony trolls entirely apart from occasional Reddit DMs telling people to leave him alone. To think all he had to do was admit Norm MacDonald is funny. Sad!

Patrick lives in a shitty run down half of a house

Fatrick's dox

Patrick S Tomlinsons dox:
Phone number: 608-566-9287
Address: 2611 North Oakland Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53211
[email protected]

Patrick responds to almost all text messages and emails, as he has for the past 3 years. He often times threatens those who text and call him, stating that they are going to receive a visit from the party van. This of course is another lie meant to deter people from trolling him, as he is a fat desperate manchild who is full of shit. To this day, nobody has been identified or punished for trolling Fatrick.

External Links Patrick board
Kiwi Farms thread
Reddit admin announcement complaining about Patposters
Fatrick's Twitter
Archive of MZB's police deposition
Porsalin's Fatrick documentary
Fatrick's Instagram
Patricks Website/Blog

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