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Fun times... fun times

Partial Unbirthing (adult head insertion into the vagina). In real practice as opposed to fantasy, it is not a category of "Vore". It is only done by sex partners who both find it safe and extremely enjoyable. It is a fetishism that is extremely rare and probably one of the rarest of all human sexual activities. The reason for this is that to be mutually enjoyable and erotic, it requires that the vagina must stretch to enormous size. This of course requires a fucking huge cunt.

Mundane women sometimes stretch their vagina for the lulz. Those that do are quite rare, as that is fucking sick.

A study of at least 100 women found the largest pelvis to be about the size of your cock which is much to (The word is "too", "to" and "too" are not interchangeable, you idiot) small to fit an cherry let alone a human head. So the number of sick fucks doing this is decreased by the small number of women who fit into all these categories:

It is estimated that no more than 99 sexual partners have done partial unbirthing making it a very very rare human sexual activity.

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