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Paperlilies proving quite conclusively that making crap videos is SRS BUSINESS!

Paperlilies aka Byrony is no longer a gentleman's camwhore now that she is pregnant with 50 babies. She can no longer make fap videos, extract payment through donations and sell her used underwear on eBay like other high priced escorts as the 40 year old men now know she has been defiled.

Check this video by Byrony's best friend (and some say replacement) Katers17, who also shot the video. Wow, what a nice thing to do! Perhaps she will buy the baby something with all that YouTube revenue that Paperlilies has given her.

Paperlilies said that she would not post any more videos until anti-hater measures were introduced to YouTube, which was just a KKA lie to give credibility to Damien Estreich's claim to be in touch with the community's harassment issues and to cover up that fact she was pregnant. Note the Hair Disaster below. Yep, it always goes wrong when you're knocked up!

YouTube Favicon.png some responses to accusations/hearsay - From Paperlilies - 3 Feb 2007

Paperlilies being as honest as she "can" be, a task made much easier by her taking a step away from the unethical YourTubeNEWS channel.

The Drama

Paperlilies. Pay-to-play.

In order to increase her customer base Paperlilies teamed up with Internet scammer Damien Estreich (who had been pestering her for weeks to "show tits" by pretending to work for YouTube), and they created the YourTubeNEWS channel in September of 2006.

Whilst Damien Estreich has been busy harassing the worker drones in the YouTube Head Office to keep them press-ganging subscribers onto the YourTubeNEWS channel, Paperlilies has been quietly selling her underwear and used-tissues to all the YouTube members that Damien sends to her channel. Estreich's HouseOfJigsaw promotions "business" has also seen to it that Paperlilies has made frequent appearances on the YouTube Signup_invite page and that she has had one of her videos featured.


  • 1,000,000 people watched this video.
  • 1,000,000 people understood it.
  • 1,000,000 people thought it was crap.
  • 1,000,000 people were not wrong.

This video should never have been featured on the YouTube front page. The only reason it was featured was because of Damien Estreich harassing the drones at YouTube Head Office to get it featured.

In 90% of the cases where people ask the question "WTF? Why was this shit video featured?" the answer is simply Damien Estreich was paid (in dollars/shoutouts/credits/e-blowjobs) to promote it.

Paperlilies. How do you make a hormone? Don't pay her.

In return for this Mutual Assistance from Estreich, Paperlilies is an obedient member of the The Kewl Kids Association (KKA) which Estreich runs. She makes videos in support of all KKA scams and used her begging expertise to great effect in the recent Bobs4Kim swindle.

According to one of her her latest videos she believes that any gentleman would be happy to make a donation of £200 to take her to an exclusive lunch.

This Girl really will sell ANYTHING on da EBay


Related videos

YouTube Favicon.png Bobs4Kimzorz KKA advertisement - From Paperlilies - January 19 2007

YouTube Favicon.png Re: Bobs4Kim Paperlilies response to her own Bobs4Kimzorz video using her xPLx channel - 23 Jan 2007

If every single stupid thing that Paperlilies said in her RE: Bobs4Kim video was reposted in this document, the article would immediately become TL;DR.

Video containing Paperlilies lies about not placing more videos on YouTube until all the haters that her scam-featured IRONIC/SATIRICAL VIDEO ABOUT SARCASM video created are dealt with.

YouTube Favicon.png dear YOUTUBE - From Paperlilies - 1/29/2007 - Posted at the same time as Damien Estriech's "Back in a week!" video

Damien Estreich, Leader of the Street Team, announcing that everything that Encylopedia Dramatica had documented was true.

YouTube Favicon.png vlog - Back in a week! :) - From YourTubeNEWS - 1/29/2007 - Posted at the same time as paperlilies' video

The complete details of the YourTubeNEWS video are available on Damien Estreich's page.

YTwatchdog ( lulzy furry) gave Paperlilies some helpful advice in her time of "not posting anonymous videos on YouTube under new channel names in defence of exposed Internet scammer Damien Estreich".

YouTube Favicon.png Paperlilies can't take the heat! - From YTwatchdog Jan 30 2007

Did You Know...

  • Paperlilies once made around $1000 dollars selling several pieces of 'art' on ebay, the art now serves as fap fodder for several middle aged men desperate to get into her panties.
  • Paperlilies then sold the used paint water for $40.
  • Buoyed by her successes, Paperlilies then sold 16 jars of jizz she had collected from various 'friends with benefits' over the course of the past week. It is rumoured TheAmazingAtheist purchased at least 11 of them to inspire him while writing his shitty poetry.
  • Paperlies claims that Damien Estreich will not be making any money from promoting Miaarose.
  • Paperlies also claims that Bobs4kim scandal was not a scam, that people are jealous over her subscriptions on YouTube, and finally Kimberleigh didn't know about the so-called Stickam "charity".
  • Paperlilies was back on the Signup_invite page on 24 June 2007, gaining another 2500 subscribers (that have never watched any of her videos) for people to be "jealous" over.

Hair Disaster

TonyStockert buys time

TonyStockert made a goodwill gesture to ED by providing a shocking photograph of PayPalilies recent Hair Disaster. However he is deep trouble with ED and is trying to trick Paperlilies into providing him FilthyWhore-style n00dz that he can pass on to ED to buy more time for himself.

She is now a poor dumb blonde

Shitty Blog

Like many Internet Celebrities who happen to have Unwarranted Self Importance, paypalllies happens to have a blog. You can effectively troll it here.

She gets her adsense account BALEETED

I got an email earlier from adsense saying they were closing (and deleting) my adsense account due to illegal activity, ie, I guess that people have been clicking on links too much or something. I never asked anyone to do that so I don't see how they can decide that there has been any illegal activity.

The main reason I am upset over this is because the youtube ad-revenue is run through the same account as this one so if it's been closed then I am totally fucked, basically.


—paperlilies on the discovery that her precious internets golds are gone

I have gone through the appeals thing they have, and also emailed the people who I have any contact with at youtube, but so far haven't heard back (well it was only a few moments ago).

The FAQ on adsense is like 'you did something, but we aren't at liberty to say what it was.' Google is like big brother or something! I haven't even asked people to click my ads in emails or anything! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME GOOGLE??!?

I couldn't even fill out the appeals thing properly because it asks for some code which I don't know how to get. I imagine it would be n my adsense account, but I don't have access to that, obviously.


—still butthurt over the loss of her black person rich lifestyle

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