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Lj-favicon.png paigegirl was once a histrionic liberal icon on LiveJournal, having many friends, sycophants and sock journals at her fingertips. She was banned from Encyclopedia Dramatica for not having a sense of humor, and for being repeatedly involved in edit wars. The last known sighting was on her flickr album where she whinges on about her body being made of fail.

Known for her bipolar outbursts, and a love of kinky anal sex, Paigegirl jumped the shark when she created the controversial LJers for president community.

Paigegirl recently had an emo moment and being a typical attention whore deleted her journal. A few days later however, she came back swinging.

Paige has a dark side, that not too many people see on her journal. Aside from her random drunk moments on AIM, A closer look at her userinfo(NOW DELETED) page also shows that aside from LJers for president, our dear Submissive Paige created and maintains the PrivateClub community], described as "Porn With A Plot - Graphic Novels, Comics & Cartoons". It does not end there, as shown by and the edits she soon added about the meltdown caused ;). Which of course peaked the l555l.

Even PaigeGirl's first mention on was over a naughty comment she made in Lj-favicon.png vintage_sex. Paige wished that she could be remembered for something else. Sorry Paige, this is what happens to bad girls like you.

PaigeGirl professed her love for synthetikmisery. Additionally, this proved Kadmonster correct in his statements about her desire for synthetikmisery's cock.

Since being defriended by Ratherberucking, PaigeGirl has become even more bat shit insane, however friends of Paige assert that they'd sooner be friended to the admitted nutjob than the closet-case. PaigeGirl's own version of the Ratherberucking defriending drama is well documented and has some enthusiastic fans, but just as many naysayers.

email screencap

Paigegirl's contribution's to EncyclopediaDramatica

Proud holder of the ASW

PaigeGirl won the All-Star Whiners award' for her alpha-female knee-jerk response following a wikiedit drama and her subsequent failed plea for moderator intervention.

The ASW is a shameful prize given out by unfunny immature basement-dwellers who have a hidden dramacratic agenda to turn Encyclopedia Dramatica into a a hate site.

Random Quotes From Adoring Fans

  • kinkysmart - In one word: sharpasatack. You are one of the few people I would genuinely want to drink with.
  • pernod - You are so twisted, i'm becoming very fond of you! Fuck being a lightning rod; you are a vandergraph generator for discomposure and perturbation on LiveJournal. I have zero idea how you do it.
  • will63 - Paige is my #1 comrade. / Without Paige I can't run my secret society.
  • synthetikmisery - Not even going to ask how you came across that site or why. / Paige needs *censored*. / I want to kidnap Paige. / Paige is dirtier than anyone could imagine.
  • hardvice - Nevertheless, I should mention that you're my favourite LJ crazy, because your episodes of crazy are protracted and bookended by episodes of sane, rational, coolness. It makes for a fun contradiction.
  • vioxel - My mental image of you is that Joan d'Arc picture.
  • avallonia - Paigegirl is a gentlewoman and a scholaress.
  • chuckdarwin - I want to have paigegirl's babies
  • imaybeparanoid - I'd rather be friended to the admitted nutjob than the closet-case.
  • cruelly_kind - PaigeGirl, aka the Mad Linker
  • luzestelar - Paige is cooler than you. / I'd totally make out with her omg. / Paige reminds me of Muir Woods [I don't know why].
  • poloemily - She does admit when a topic is beyond her level of education, and I've seen her concede arguments when she's clearly wrong. I can respect that.
  • [akusx - You are a devious mastermind
  • brainlesswonder - and then my personal favorite paigegirl who walks around with a giant "push this button to send me into a tizzy" sign - although she is actually likable.
  • miss_katelynne - I want to take secret pictures of Paige. / When I think of hiding in the bushes, I think of Paige.
  • cernnunos6669 - Someday Paige will be declared a terrorist by our government.
  • marxist_thug - She likes to call me a filthy racist. She also doesn't do much of anything but whine like a little bitch about every little thing she could find.
  • mrbogey - Paigegirl is quite insane. paigegirl= mental condition. There's not enough lithium in the world to stabgalize that paranoid schizo. geah She is a little excitable, isn't she. She has more complexes than Heinz has varieties
  • aelius - I said those things to provoke that incredibly stupid, feckless woman "paigegirl". She's without a doubt on my top ten list for ignorant brainless twits met on LJ.
  • smileyme - She's crazy, let me tell you. Now I'm a troll with some bloodyboobie name or something. She really has no ground to stand on at all. I wouldn't even consider her a liberal, atleast most of them have some twisted thinking, she's a nymph with nothing better to do than talk about people she doesn't even know.
  • Eatenbyrobots - Paigegirl, AKA Katie. I bowled with her and her weeaboo friends in Pee-Town when I was a high-school freshman and she was loli material. She reminded me of a white, female, tap-dancing Steve Urkel.

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