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Pacific's A Tranny!.jpg
Given name(s) Michael M. Nelson
Nationality Americunt MiniflagUSA.png
Height 5 ft, 9 in
Weight approx. 160lbs
Religious affiliation Christfag
YouTube channel Pacificoceanasia (deleted)

Pacificoceanasia is a YouTube ranter and colossal faggot on the internets. When Pacific was just a child, his biological parents did not want anything to do with him because of their drug addictions. His biological mother was reported to be addicted to crack cocaine and his biological father was a deadbeat that left Pacific's mother as soon as Pacific came out of her pussy. This ultimately led to Pacific experiencing a childhood that is considered non-traditional. He was adopted by Sheila Nelson and Frederic Nelson, both of which abused and molested Pacific throughout his childhood. He describes Sheila as "penis domineering" and Frederic as a passive pussy. Pacific has a stepsister that he admitted to sexually molesting on multiple occasions. His motive was pretty clear and this sick fuck knew what he was doing. This was probably a result from his mommy issues. His sister may have been of Mexican or Hispanic descent, which only raises the question of why he would even think about touching a dirty spic. That shit probably smelled like a nasty ass taco. Guess Pacific liked playing with his food.

Mr. Nelson once stated that he was an extremely hyper child that was difficult for his parents to raise and keep under control. This is true since there is very well documented research that proves that children exposed to crack cocaine in the womb are most likely to come out with birth defects. To add insult to injury, the retard has a problem that results in him jerking his little worm every five minutes of the day. In one of his videos, he admitted to masturbating in various places that included: some place in the woods, in the boy's locker room in Prescott High School, in his Mom's closet, and one time in Cherry Creek Mall. Every now and then, Pacific ventures on Craigslist in the "Strictly Platonic" section to seek out his victims. Pacific has had a history of being a predator since he admits in many of his Craigslist videos that he makes aggressive advances towards bitches that are much too young for him. There may be enough evidence to believe that Pacific might be a sex offender in Los Angeles, California for peeking into women's dressing rooms in a Walmart.

For the stated claim above, it is no wonder that Pacific has a history of moving all over the Jewnited States. Remember, that hatred that he has for Sheila has a lot to do with his character. The fear of Sheila and Frederic touching Pacific's little butthole was enough for him to associate himself with Christianity. He claimed to have been saved while he was a senior in Prescott High in 1985. This is when Pacific started to piss everyone off and ultimately built up his infamy to a point where he would be on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Mr.Christfag used and still uses his book of fairy tales known as the bible in order to prove that he knows more than anyone else on the planet. His ignorance led to many of his friends leaving his punkass and led to the creation of his Jewtube channel in order to attract idiots that are as stupid as Pacific. Beware! His videos are extremely long and have to do with shit that doesn't pertain to the topics of his videos. Do not Skype him unless you want to be lectured for endless hours since he has absolutely no life whatsoever. Pacific needs to stick his dad's hairy ass dick in his mouth so he can shut the fuck up. He hates typing messages because he's too busy jacking off other men. Take heed and don't become a victim.

Pacific on Youtube

“Pacificoceanasia”, now known as “Pacific Ocean Superliner” is a Christian faggot that began his Jewtube channel on July 4, 2011. His real name is Michael Nelson, or may go by the LOOSE Japanese variation of his name, Maikeru Sanyung. Mr. Nelson is currently 49 years old and lives in a house that he doesn’t even own. Go figure, a man of his appearance and beliefs should not have the benefit of the doubt when viewed by anyone. Ironically, his channel began as a parody of “Sittin On Tha Toilet”, which was a letdown of a King Kong sequel. As you explore Michael’s earlier videos, you’ll notice that he is in Hong Kong while using the cheapest microphone known to man despite his laptop having a much superior variant.

If this little detail didn’t knock down any IQ points, then venturing further in his videos will. To add insult to injury, there are many smartphones that have superior camera quality, yet he insists on lugging around a 5-6lb laptop instead. His most controversial video to date is titled “Chinese in Hong Kong are very RUDE!”, which is nearly a 20 minute video about him bitching about China, while attempting to defend those ugly ass Filipina women that he adores so much because he can’t have a real bitch. The reasons as to why Michael visited it may lie with his anger issues that he had towards his second wife, the one that shitted out his sorry ass excuse of a son, before he was divorced a third time? Though Michael has not explicitly stated what really happened in Hong Kong, one can imply that he probably fucked a ton of nasty Filipina transvestites that confused his sexuality even further.

Though he could be lying due to his blind view of the world due to his extreme views of Christianity. Going off of the previous point about his divorces, his first wife's dad supposedly encouraged their marriage, the dad who apparently “manipulated” Michael into marrying her. Though he may be hiding this fact, he did make note of something extremely odd when he was about to screw his good for nothing first wife. Michael visioned himself within a coliseum that made him extremely uncomfortable while his wife supposedly saw what he visioned as well. This may be a product from his mommy issues.

The bible says it's bad to be a greedy little bitch, yet Pacific is guilty as they come. He belittles people on Youtube by claiming he makes more munnies annually than the average Americunt. In the video where he was blasting the rice niggers, he claimed that their God IS money. Funny how this hypocrite does this when he puts pride in how much money he makes. We all know that Michael is lying about how much he makes. Don't believe that? Google is your friend. Bus drivers make jack shit and the Mexican guy that fixes your AC makes more than he does. That is a fact and definitely explains his hatred towards Mexicans.

Pacific has also revealed a staple characteristic about his character. This staple being that he is a racist and a member of the KKK. He has admitted to linking all black niggers to being "street garbage". People that think like Pacific have what is called the "Massa" mentality. This is a self-validation mechanism that is ingrained in Pacific. He then makes claims on Youtube that he attempted to date sheboons to prove that he's not racist. This self-validation mechanism is also used by Pacific in another way as well. He will do anything in order to garner views and subscriptions on his Youtube channel. When Pacific's views and subscriptions grow, the dumbass uses this as a solid way of thinking he's better than other people. By Mr. Analbead's Logic, all people that have more subscribers and views on their Youtube channels are better than him. That's a Christian for you, now he just makes pointless videos about niggerish subjects that need another section for elaboration.

His "Interests"

Pacific dry humping his anal beads.
Nice nipples.

Perhaps the most faggot-infected aspect about this sub-human is the fact that he is able to justify what he does despite his actions being against his precious bible. His Facebook page contained pornography along with the support of some of his idiot fans. He previously had a Tumblr account that had even more hardcore porn that he keeps beating his meat off to. Funny how this Christian man is able to view such content despite spitting in the face of his God. Even when his precious fanbase points out the errors of this homosexual, he insisted on keeping his porn for a while. So much for him giving a fuck, huh? The only way to change this homosexual's mind is to offer a crude incentive like money. He may hide under the guise of being a stupid Christian, but he sure does exhibit the behavior of a Jew. Just like when Michael touched his sister, he DOES know right from wrong, yet it never seems to get through his thick, Irish skull.

When Michael was turned down by many bitchass women in his life, he began an early hatred towards women. As one can imply from the introduction, it was mostly caused by his adoptive mother, Sheila, the woman that molested him. He then took his hatred out for women towards his spiccy sister. He then turned gay because that was and might still be the only viable alternative for this nigger getting laid. There are many gay chronicles that can be told about Michael's life so far, some of which may be mentioned later in this article. He claimed that he was temporarily involved with dick in the booty pseudo males because he enjoyed the feeling of touch. Too bad this liar discredits himself because Michael enjoyed every minute of being fondled by other men. Michael may have come to degrade himself by dating women because they are easier targets for raep. Michael would never try that to Bubba. Bubba would fuck Michael until he can't hear.

Now that we have Michael's homosexual history out of the way, it is time to transition to his breeder chronicles. Ever since Michael committed his first rape against a woman, he suddenly decided that he is not gay. Now on Youtube, Michael places heavy importance on his female fans even though most of them don't even have real pictures. The thought of a woman communicating with this piece of shit gives him an instawoody. Michael uses his manipulation skills in order to get on webcam with these real, 350+ pound women. Once Michael gets the whereabouts of his fat women, he then proceeds to visit their town in order to stalk them. Michael will gather patterns and daily activities of his beached whale victims in order to go in for the kill. This gives him the reputation of being not only a rapist, but a chubby chaser as well.

Michael M. Nelson has taken part in obscene webcam sessions with a bunch of Asian trannies that are simply looking for a man's wallet. Since Michael has no shame in what he does, he uses his trademark anal beads to please himself in front of his throwaway, monkey lookin' Asian friends. He kept in contact with a very ape like Asian by the name of Maharani Bisdak. This was the bitch that was in her early to mid-twenties. Michael really ought to learn that NO one, male or slut, wants to jump on that old ass dick. So naturally, he had his adventures with Maharani on the internet, jerk off sessions, cybersex, sexting, Michael had no limits. Luckily for the rest of us normal people, Maharani's parents threatened to beat the fuck out of her so she wouldn't contact Michael Nelson of Lakewood, Colorado anymore. Shame really, would have been nice to see Maharani's dad throw a chair at her. Let's hope Michael isn't lying or that may just happen to his little girlfriend.

Horrific .gifs have surfaced that include Michael Nelson doing rather faggoty acts. These acts were taken out of a video that was shared with his male fan that goes by the name of "Michael Laidlow" on Youtube. Laidlow is a stupid Canuck and got tired of fucking his favorite moose, so he began his friendship with Pacific in order to view the art of anal bead propulsion. Maybe if Laidlow shaved that nasty ass beard of his, then he wouldn't have any trouble with the animals or whatever else Canadians fuck these days.

Pacific's Wrath

Mr. Nelson has an unhealthy disdain for all women, especially of the Americunt variety. He will avoid this accusation by saying the overused phrase: Not all women are like that (NAWALT). If that were true, then he would stop making videos that always go into depth about how women are sluts and whores. As with his Craigslist crusades to stalk women, he uses that site as a venue to harass women via text and email. Even though Michael finds that fat rolls of his shewhales attractive, his main victims on Craigslist and other similar sites are other shewhales. He does this because he knows that fat bitches are the only thing he can get, hence his stronger disdain for American women. When he is able to find the elusive slender Americunt, Michael's violent tendencies will increase tenfold. This phenomena occurs because Michael knows he can't dip his dick in slender pussy. The only piece of roast beef this guy will get is the nasty, cheese smelling variety, almost like the one your mom has.

Michael does suffer from extreme anger issues, which stems from various events and key people in his life. Most of these events stem from his unhealthy disdain for faggots, as Pacific has even admitted to having some homosexual encounters with other men. Michael has admitted to doing some of this nasty shit on his videos, but always brushes it off as something that wasn't his fault. The odd thing about his admissions of these faggot encounters is that he doesn't seem to be phased by them. This leads anyone viewing his videos to believe that these events caused massive jimmy rustling deep down inside. There was an incident where an older faggot touched Michael’s wee wee as a way to indoctrinate him into the queer lifestyle. This did work for a while since Michael had made acquaintances with other faggots in his life time. Michael eventually started using his retarded ass sword of God to tell faggots that they were wrong for sucking dick and eating man shit. This was short lived since he eventually met a fag man by the name of "Jeffery" which comforted Michael every time a woman stood him up. Michael used to freely accept massages and other questionable favors by this Jeffery character while bitching that he couldn’t get a woman. Michael ultimately cut ties to his temporary boyfriend due to Jeffery's rampant materialism while a renovation was being done to Michael's habitat. This led to Michael being a bitter, hate filled faggot.

It is clear that Michael’s closet homosexuality contributed to his frustration towards women. Don't bother pointing out these facts on his comment page as he'll delete your comment and will most likely ban your ass. That's another thing about this sorry excuse of a man, he will censor you the second you disagree with him. He’ll pretend not to care about the situation even though he usually uploads videos bitching about his trolls. Do not fuck with Michael, he speaks nothing but the TRUTH! (not). You’ll notice that in his newer videos, Michael will wander on Craigslist and make fun of any and all women, finding the little flaws in the ones that are too good for him. Because Michael is such a "holy man", he doesn’t smoke, drink, nor do drugs, despite his escapades in porn and faggotry. He may also be narcissistic to some extent as well and uses his physique as a way to put down other people that don’t look as “good” as him. He’s just an angry man that should be completely avoided when encountered in his natural habitat. Maybe a dick in his ass will be the remedy for his anger problem.

Pacific's an angry man.

Road Rage!

Behold the world's greatest bus driver for the Denver Public Schools! If you know anything about anything, then you'll automatically realize that Denver has a higher than average bean population. Pacific, being king of the road knows this fact, yet when he's not in seasonal employment, he thinks it's a smart idea to drive for a living. Yeah, he's not exactly the hardest dick in the ass, huh? A load of his videos have to do with his issues being on the road and has a very strong hatred for people that drive SUVS, diesel trucks, and jacked up pick-up trucks. This is where Pacific's hypocrisy kicks in, he claims his trolls are cowards yet no one sees any news footage of him acting out towards the other drivers. Remember kids! This man uses Christianity as a shield from the real world, hence his cowardly nature.

Speaking of this assburger, there have been accusations of Pacific touching kids on his school bus around 2011. His excessive anger caused from driving a shitty bus all day along with the lack of friends ultimately led to sexual frustration. Something that Pacific has been struggling with all his life. The Department of Transportation that provides the school buses have been notified about this incident and action was going to be taken against Pacific. He had been accused of touching a little black boy on his last stop, but since the cameras in his bus were not functioning that day, Pacific ultimately got off. Since he is a member of the KKK, this probably explains why he is still able to drive buses around with more black boys.

<youtube>Su3beJOMiDk</youtube><br /><center>Yup, this is real</center>

As you may have noticed in the video, take a look at dat dickneck. That hairstyle is retarded along with those queer ass glasses. And to imagine, this guy probably goes out in public looking like that!. Instead of growing a dick, he really needs to jump off a cliff to do this Earth a favor. Then again, anyone that makes a video over 20 minutes about SUV drivers needs to die. Notice his awkward movements, this is yet another product from the drug abuse his mom did. It still remains a mystery as to why Mr. Dickneck hates being on the roads of Colorado, probably an acquired taste he received since he knew that he could molest little boys when on his bus.

According to Pacific's updated work information for the summer of 2015, it seems like Pacific has a thing for driving bigger vehicles. He has been reported to be working for some sort of trucking company where he maintains and moves around semi-trucks. School buses and semi-trucks, eh? Michael is trying to make up for that little pee pee he has. He claims that if you don't know how to handle a school bus with kids, then you're not as good as him. Same with the semi-trucks, if you're not familiar with the gears or you're too much of a bitch to sling around 90 lb. batteries, then Michael is automatically better than you. This guy sure does feel high on himself despite being a non-skilled worker. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, and neither would anyone reading this.

Pacific's Son's 2015 Incident

There was an incident in January 2015 that had to do with his son getting in a car crash cause by a 19 year old bitch. Even though his own son was on his deathbed, Pacific still found a way to act like a dick towards him. Pacific even went off the holy path when he tried to cut off all communication to his son's best friend. This led to his friend being upset and rightly so. Pacific is not a man since he is not able to handle difficult situations in his shitty life. Since Pacific lives in the Jewnited States, it was obvious that he was not able to afford the expenses of his son's injuries. Looks like this Jew defender got what was coming to him.

Pacific's vessel of choice.

This is something that all should find hilarious since Pacific's second bitch, Justina, didn't have health insurance on hand to cover the medical expenses upfront. Since Pacific is a pussy, he naturally gave in to her requests without any incident. Pacific seemed to find some sort of interest in torturing his son because he found it hard to keep his hands to himself. This incident also led to him being slightly more trusting towards his second wife, especially since he found it in his heart to lend her $800 for issues with her car. But that changed real quickly. To think that Pacific had enough balls to believe that he was going to have a gay start to the year of 2015.

This idiot thinks that mentioning this incident is against the law and constitutes a lolsuit. It's pretty fucking hard to do that when you publicly post your incident on Youtube. To add more to this shit pile of a human being, it was reported by his son's best friend that Pacific tried to hit him with his pickup truck. Being a big suck ass pussy, Pacific executed this murderous behavior in a hospital parking lot. When people say that this small dicked man has the makings of a serial killer, they are not kidding. His mental issues are built in such a way that he will hold in his anger until he reaches a breaking point.

A couple of days after this incident and a couple of hospital visits later, Michael had done the unthinkable. His wife was pestering him that it was all his fault that their precious son was involved in a car accident until Michael got butthurt. The anger that he had built up from all of the years of rejection from slutty wimmins finally led to him beating Justina. There had been some speculation on this incident made by the Lakewood Police Department around mid-2011, but she denied any wrongdoing initiated by Michael. He made a video that he quickly deleted stating that he acted in a harsh manner towards Justina. Of course Michael didn't go into much detail about what he meant about that, but he did say that "I couldn't take it anymore". When venturing on Justina's Facebook account from around January 2015, there are noticeable bruise marks around her eye sockets. Woman beater? Perhaps.

His Fanbase

A typical member of his fanbase.

Just like Michael, his fans probably share some form of mental impediments since they usually agree with him 100% despite him being full of shit ALL of the time. His fanbase consists of loser neckbeards that are too fat and ugly to get pussy and stupid ass women that aren't worth two tugs of a dead dog's dick. His fanbase is not too formidable as any scrub can take on his “intellectual” fans with very little effort at all. If you're able to read the comments made on Pacific's discussion pages, you'll notice that ALL of his fans have trouble using your/you're. Some of them try too hard and use your/you're at inappropriate times like the cretins they are. Idiot fans of Pacific type shit like this: "your stupid". Take heed of how moronic his fans are, owning a stupid is stupid. Pacific used to host a Facebook page where he would add his white knights that want to be up his ass every single minute of the day.

Interestingly enough, Pacific admitted to receiving pictures of his female fans while putting down other Youtubers and calling them perverted. A prime example of this is the fiasco he has with "Find Peace" for requesting a video of suspected Pacific trolls to hold up some sort of peace symbol on paper. Of course Pacific's fans are going to defend his ego trips, they seem to get a kick out of any drama that happens with Pacific despite being philosophers. Being the smartest group of people on the planet, it is natural that all of his fans are rejects and cry to Pacific when they want to suckle his on his grand set of shit encrusted anal beads.

I must note that he’s borderline schizophrenic since he keeps closing his Facebook page time and again. This is due to the nature of the content he posts on Facebook. Some of this information included his large album of pornography, the other was due to pure fear. Pacific felt high and mighty with his “following”, which is a sin in the eyes of the one and only God that he loves oh so dearly. He claims not to get bothered by his fans veering off of his shitty channel onto someone else’s. It's must be known that Pacific DOES get bothered by his dickless fans watching other people's channels. He can't stand it when the views and subscriptions begin to dwindle because he makes whole videos explaining how he's not butthurt about it. Attack his fans as you would Pacific, they’re all heretics to Christianity as a whole and they need to be silenced.

Alex Hogan.jpg

There also is a theory that Pacific favors his Asian hooker fans because their bodies are reminiscent of little boys, hence his pedophilia and homosexual tendencies. To verify this theory further, most of his male fans are much too old and fat for this pedophile to get off to. These male fans do not possess the body of little boys, which leads to his settling for anorexic Asian women. So this should be a big fuck you to his male fans since Pacific will never want anything to do with them. That means you Michael Laidlow.

Apparently, Michael's YouTube subscribers don't seem to help him very much in his times of need. I guess all of those cops, teachers, and members of the military can't and won't do jack shit. Apparently a Youtuber by the name of "Alex Hogan" proposed a suggestion towards Pacific that was pure shit. As if $500 is a high enough incentive to find out the creator of this ED page. Looks as if Pacific's stupidity spreads among his brainless fanbase. This is evident since Mrs. Hogan wrote that she hopes that the owner of ED gets saved. Too bad she doesn't realize that she's just a monkey since her worthless ass God doesn't exist. Alex Hogan can be summed up as your typical Pacificoceanasia fan in a nutshell.

His Reactions!

Thanks to YouTube user, James Paul von Helton, the irrationality of Pacific is viewable by ALL! These videos were deleted by Pacific because he didn't want his fans to see how stupid he is. Massa Nelson has no grasp on how the law works. He claimed to have deleted these videos as an experiment, but that is bullshit and he knows it. This man is clearly unpredictable and is more dangerous than most of you can ever imagine. He threatened to take legal action against Encyclopedia Dramatica. Michael's greedy side kicked in and he automatically felt entitled to some green. A lot of fucking green at that. This moron actually thought that he could get $1,000,000 from a never-to-be defamation lawsuit. Cleaning out people's bank accounts? Nigga please. Let the lulz ensue.

<youtube>l-HiQ3YLLzo</youtube> <youtube>sqOuo9ZVLKw</youtube>

A Distressed Pacific

This bitch is scared.

First and foremost, I must make it obvious that Pacific's trick ass reaction was perhaps the most powerful of them all. If you take the full time to watch his aftermath video, then it becomes apparent that the truth prevailed. In this video that is over two hours, the viewer gets an interesting trip into the psyche of Michael Nelson. A brief synopsis of his reaction reveals that he is emotionally unstable. In some parts of that video, he acts like a teenager and in others, he acts like a bitchy old granny. He will refer to the perpetrator as "doughboy" in many parts of the video and will use granny bitch sayings like: "he can clean that guy's clock". Now that this is out of the way, it's time for the in depth analysis.

Being the snitch ass bitch that Michael is, his first reaction was to go to the Lakewood Police Department. While there, he made sure to show them this page of truth. He also said that his Jewish lawyer mentioned something about "crossing lines". Too bad Michael doesn't know that the cops and his Jew lawyer can't do shit about the content of this website. There have been people on here with more resources than Michael, yet their page of lulz remain. Feel free to place money that the cop that heard about this situation laughed his ass off at Michael. What the fuck is a near 50 year old man doing, complaining about some shit on the internet for? Michael wouldn't have reacted as strongly as he did had this information been false. Looks like the truth hurts.

Michael also took this situation far enough to disable his Jewtube comments and ratings. Looks like he really can't take any criticism. His overreaction video hit the length that it did because of his unrelented hatred that he has towards people that show nothing but the truth. Michael's self-hatred kicked in because in the video he claimed that it was very unmanly to put down his female fans. What about your male fans, Michael? So much for equality. For all we know, this self-hating faggot might be a feminist as well. This mangina needs to stop pretending that he cares about the parasitic scum of the world. Baby factories are like children and have to be treated as such so they know their place. The wimmins that Cletus included are manipulators that want nothing but his energy. The all-knowing Pacific doesn't realize that sluts are to be used like the pieces of meat they are. He has enough nerve to say that kitchen slaves actually have some sort of value.

Mr. Michael Nelson thinks that he is more mature than those that disagree with him because he takes the liberty of going on video with his shirt off more than half of the time. Pacific exhibits this behavior in 99.99999% of his videos. His self-touching is hard to go unnoticed, which may be his abnormal urge for touching dick. Whether his own dick or not, Michael seems to try very hard not to touch his dick on video. This problem Michael has with touching himself along with his overdone videos are clear signs of a narcissist. His awkward hand gestures and movements are enough to make someone think, what the fuck is this guy's problem? That's probably why he was bullied all the way into his adult years. Perhaps if this Nelson guy got some professional help, then people wouldn't be saying mean things to him on a daily basis.

Anyone, even you can tell that old Nelson's anger is building up. His reactions and the removal of some videos are solid facts of his butthurt state. He may appear to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. YouTube user "Find Peace" has predicted that crusty old Michael would delete his videos due to the vitriolic hate he has for truth crusaders. This nigger lover has even fell to the point where he had the need to make a video of himself trimming a tree. At some point in time, this old man's mental health will degrade even further. Hopefully, he'll still remember how to use the Googles.

Pacificoceanasia Facts

  • He hates SUVs. He even made a video about it.
  • He wants to take down ED for "harassment" and "racism", and even claims that he has a 'good lawyer' that will win the lolsuit.
  • He likes to dry hump anal beads.
  • He lives in Denver, Colorado, as he has revealed in many of his videos.
  • He fails to realize that the laws for libel and slander in the US can't do shit to ED or help him out in any way, since ED hosted somewhere in the Ukraine where those laws can't do shit. Also, ED hardly ever deletes content from its site.
  • He is training to be a school bus driver. Pedo alert!
  • He wants to become a philosopher, and even claims that he has a 'strong relationship with God'. See below.
  • He has a severe case of Assburgers.
  • He resorts to making JewTube videos about things he feels butthurt about. Seriously, just look at all of the rant videos he's made.
  • He'd rather drive some shitty pickup truck than a nice, luxurious car.

Pacific vs. "Cyberbullies"

Michael McGinty Nelson (stupid fucking name) is a very sensitive guy and his pussy will start bleeding all over the place if someone dares to oppose him. Any and all people that disagree with his points made on YouTube are automatically classified as trolls and cyberbullies. You don't believe in God? Prepare to be blocked immediately by this asswipe. He will not debate with you since we all know that his God is nothing but an imaginary friend since he has no real friends. He will fall back on his pseudo online friends to attack those that disagree with Pacific, or those that do not like him. This wrinkly ass potato eater really needs to use the Googles in order to learn the definitions of a cyber bully and a troll. Apparently he confuses those terms with atheists and evolutionists. The Christfag is a very ignorant creature and logic is his natural predator.

There has been a dox that has been released about Pacific, which came from an unknown source. Pacific seemed to over-exaggerate this dox by claiming that it was a threat to his life. Pacific's strategy is simple: He wants to make up lies so that people can feel sorry for his scrawny internet tough guy ass. He claimed to have went to the police to discuss his "rights" about information that has already been out in the public for some time. Just like with his mother, Sheila, Pacific wants to gain leverage over his opposition by using scare tactics. The scare tactics included threats of having FBI agents swarming the basements of his trolls and "cyberbullies" with big guns. That's equivalent to a retard saying he's smarter than you. Sorry Pacific that is pathetic and makes you look like a bitch that's scared.

Pacific had made a reaction video where he made his stance very clear against cyberbullies. Apparently basement dwellers are able to strike fear in a red-blooded American male. I guess being stupid enough to put private information on YouTube makes someone a real man, whereas those that point out such stupidity are not real men. Remember, this is a God fearing man that WILL die alone, so he doesn't have the right to say what makes a real man. Dying with your imaginary friends does count as dying alone, Pacific, as there is no proof that your salty ass God exists.

<youtube>qOBHRXNboEQ</youtube> <youtube>Yglv52P9qQA</youtube>

You don't believe in God? No. Get back to me when you die and tell me if you were right.


—Michael Nelson, And his deep philosophy.

Criticism comes in many forms and Pacific has a hard time taking it like a man. When you make claims of being the world's greatest bus driver, what the hell is going to happen? Criticism. No, that does not count as cyberbullying or trolling. Notice that he has his shirt off in both of the videos above, again. This is the man that will fuck your shit up if you say anything that has to do with how he displays himself. He will also extend his dildo of justice towards his fans so they can "track your IP server" in order to spread Pacific's aids all over your bunghole. It is a fact that Pacific and his fans are all professional hackers, so don't do anything stupid or they'll get your IP! If you're ever caught, may God have mercy on your soul. Your life will be ended and you'll soon become another an hero.

It's a wonder why the pigs don't care about a man that is almost 50 fucking years old. Nothing is going for him in life and will remain a stupid ass bus driver until the day he dies. Comparing him from his older videos until now, it is apparent that the years have been harsh on him. The biggest thing going for his life is dealing with what he calls "internet drama" and then he has enough balls to insult others. No Pacific, you are NOT in any position to insult anyone. Hell, some may dare to say that you are the biggest troll and the most egotistical cyberbully out there. Maybe on your next birthday someone will be nice enough to order your old ass a coffin.

Pacific Raids Again!

The months of July and August 2015 proved to be a great challenge towards the stupid Christfag known as Michael Nelson. Now in September 2015, it appears that Michael is unable to escape his troubles. Michael claims to be attacked from malicious trolls that want nothing but death and destruction. There has been one troll in particular that has been giving this cock smoocher a lot of trouble. This troll went by the name of "Chaostheosis" on Youtube and apparently goes by the alias of "Legatus Lanius". This troll or trolls has/have been doing the world a great deed. Attacking the vile scum with threats is the only way to get into the head of Michael Nelson. Mr. Nelson has went to the police many times about this particular troll(s) for obvious reasons. Guess Michael is unable to adapt to accepting valid criticisms of his channel. Enjoy the videos below, specifically directed at the chaos/legatus troll:

<youtube>XrfsBcEAi3A</youtube> <youtube>mh5HYaiKKh0</youtube>

Apparently Michael had reopened his Facebook account once again. Unfortunately for Michael, a decent synopsis of his Facebook page has been published and can be found in the gallery. It really makes one wonder whether or not this man is what he says he is. Michael Nelson claims to be a man that is bold in nature, but then he takes his videos down along with his Facebook account. Mike's Facebook account has only been open for at least 24 hours until the troll(s) found it on September 14, 2015. The pictures definitely show that this two balled bitch thinks of himself as a great philosopher. Thinking critically of the world around him along with his God. While looking at the pictures still in the gallery, you will notice that Michael prefers his "Maikeru Sanyung" alias. This is a dead giveaway that this faggot still has Asian fever and is willing to dip his dick into any Asian masquerading as a woman. Take a gander at his never-to-be Asian wimmins. In one of his pictures, it is implied that the trucking area is where he worked at during the summer. Alas, Michael Nelson and his toothpick legs will fall.


<center><gallery> File:Mikey's Porn.png|More porn?! File:Mike's Friends 1.png|More losers. File:Mike's Friends 2.png File:Mike's Friends 3.png File:Mike's Friends 4.png|Laidlow has an account. File:Michael's Love.jpg|Maharani, Mike's Love. File:Michael's PeePee Rush.png File:Michael's Lust.png|Michael's PeePee Rush File:pacificum's philosophy.png File:Michael's Trucking Area.png|Seasonal Employment Area. File:Young pacific.png File:Methhead Love.png File:Michael's Dick Rush.png File:Gay pacificum.png|LOLWUT? File:Michael's Indian Bitch.png File:Michael's Boyfriend.jpg|Nelson's fuckbuddies. </gallery></center>

Michael's Tumblr Fiasco

So far in this article, only softcore pornographic images have been shown. Before Michael McGinty Nelson's rage at Encyclopedia Dramatica, he was wacking his willy despite the pleas of his idiotic fanbase. What caused him to wack his willy? His creation of a lesbian Tumblr page with hardcore pornographic images. Ever since this incident, he made sure to patch up his creation of that page due to many valid criticisms of other Youtube users that tested his Christianity. Michael, being a pussy that won't admit any wrongdoing, will always make sorry ass excuses for his porn. He'll attempt various methods that include: twisting bible verses to justify his actions, pick verses out of his bible in order to make him feel better, and he'll execute other methods of avoiding confrontation with other people, including his fans. Oddly enough, Michael's lesbian porn page contains more white bitches than Asian Ching chongs. This may simply be a veil since most of the white bitches that Michael uploaded are small tit cum dumpsters. Unbeknownst to Michael, his Tumblr page is still up for all to see even though he claimed to have closed his account long ago.

Due to the nature of Michael's porn site, he may attempt to keep it under wraps by his significant others. He will try even harder to hide it from any kind of woman that he's dating, including the one he claims to be dating as of October 2015. Unfortunately for Michael, keeping his site under wraps will be impossible. Perhaps there may be a day where his burrito smellin' ass date will lay her greasy ass eyes upon the ghastly evidence brought against Michael. Just in case you were unaware of the ethnicity of Michael's date, she's Hispanic. As interesting as this would be, Michael wants to keep this whore classified at all costs. Perhaps Michael thinks the will of God may keep his dark deeds safe from the general populous. Fuck the starving niggers in Apefrica, God is thinking about keeping Michael McGinty Nelson's sinful actions under wraps. Mentioning this topic along with shoehorning the Tumblr link towards Michael's inbox is a great way to troll him. As usual, expect his usual drill of contacting his local police department because you dared to hold a mirror to his face.

Trollgate 2015

A recent turn of events has resulted in Michael closing his Youtube account on November 11, 2015. The reason lies within the lone hero who goes by the username, "Legatus Lanius" on YouTube. A couple of days had passed until people started to give a shit and made videos mourning the loss of their beloved "artist". The video below contains the typical bullshit: "he was a good guy", "he was different", "it's sad that he's gone". Shit like that. Michael closed his account as an evasive maneuver from the Legatus character. The span of events that this article will now include is over a five month time period. A fitting end for a faggot that hates women. Let us go on a lulzy journey as to how the events unfolded.


Death Threats

Soon after Michael's discovery of this page, it was only logical that he receive shit that would make his asshole pucker. The initial contact between Michael and the trolls began as bitch shit which was taken seriously by Michael. We all know that shit on the internet is srs business. The bitch shit included things ranging from name calling to veiled threats sent via anonymous email. These minor attacks led Michael's pussy ass to visit the popo in the Lakewood police department.

This bible-fucking Christfag was to idiotic to realize that the pigs don't care about him that way, especially since he was involved in a hit and run with his school bus. Since Michael has already been known to us as an attention seeking narcissistic little bitch, so this meant that he would remain on Youtube for a little while longer. Michael should have realized that his time was limited as the trolls, especially the "head troll", were digging Michael's analbeads in his ass very slowly for maximum trolling. The head troll had one goal in mind: "I must break the old man". The analbeads began to descend deeper in Michael's ass once the head troll stepped up his game and turned those veiled threats into REAL threats!

These REAL and DANGEROUS threats were aimed at people close to Michael, including ones that he touched and received oral sex from. These people included his ex-wife, his son, and several of his "fans". The choice in victims was obvious along with the choice of three specific "fans". Michael had flipped the fuck out like a retarded moron once he found out about a video that was made which included tombstones of his family members and one fan. Since Michael has absolutely no knowledge about computers whatsofucking ever, he ran to his flock of snitch ass fans and told them to archive this tombstone video. The bitch then claimed to have ran to the police and shown them that video and promptly told him that he authorized to contact "the man"! If you're oh so interested in that funny ass video, it can be found here

Kevin Rodriguez

Here's the culprit!

As the section title suggests, the culprit had to be a greasy ass spic! Due to Michael's woman like tendencies, he tends to have a grudge of some sort towards Hispanics. This has to go all the way back to the time where Michael's wetback sister confronted him as an adult as to why he decided to touch her pussy. That life event which was also mentioned earlier and him observing the driving habits of shitty beaners along with Kevin had pushed Michael to his limits. Michael, being not gay, had begun talking shit about Mr.Rodriguez's looks and his intelligence. Regardless of the pleas of his fans to stop accusing Mr.Rodriguez of being the head troll, Michael couldn't dare let this stinky ass oompa loompa get away.

Weeks and weeks had passed since Michael found out that a taco had a higher IQ than he did. This fact had frustrated Michael more than the time where he had to pop Viagra in order to get a boner, so Michael had turned that frustration into obsession for the incarceration of Kevin Rodriguez. Michael had found out about Kevin due to a YouTube user that goes by the name "David Mallory". Mallory was given a Google+ link provided by Michael which was the page of the head troll. Mr. Mallory then stuck his dick in his computer and opened up a ballsack full of sperm. In this ballsack full of sperm, there was a young man named Kevin Rodriguez. Since Mallory's channel and Google+ had a heavy interest in computer related concepts, Michael McGinty Nelson felt it safe to believe for a fact that it was indeed, Kevin Rodriguez.

The given information lead Michael to a Facebook page where the picture above is based off of. Mr. Rodriguez lives in Queens, New York, so please keep this in mind. Michael had made many attempts to contact Kevin's local police department but all this only resulted in absofuckinglutely nothing. Michael and his cretinous fanbase then made attempts to find Kevin's address. Considering the fact that the idiots had some of Kevin's information via his Facebook account, you would think that a revenge dox would have been created. Luckily for Mr.Rodriguez, Michael and his "anonymous hacker friends" are much too inept to find a person even with their name, state, city, friends list, and photos.

Michael came to the realization that finding Kevin would be far too much for his testicle sized brain to handle. As the days passed, Michael's anger toward Kevin and wetbacks in general grew. Michael had even made mentions in his later videos that Mexicans are stupid people since they come to the United States and refuse to learn English. This sort of random shit in his videos is testament to his distaste for shit skinned semi-humans (not quite niggerish). Mikey then shared Kevin's basic information (still no address!) to his fuckbuddy "loyals" after yet another jerk off session. This action committed against Mr. Rodriguez would eventually lead to the escalation of attacks led by the head troll.

<youtube>cOu3wfNMi4Q</youtube><br /><center>Face the undeniable proof!</center>

The Bellies

Let's be introduced to Michael's badass gang known as "The Bellies". These motherfuckers are the best internet tough guys and will fuck your shit up if you cross Michael. They have an insatiable love for Michael and his talent of sticking his peepee between fat rolls. These fatfucks consist of: Michael Laidlow, Ian Mendez, and "Bob". Mr.Laidlow has been mentioned in this article earlier, but as a refreshment, he's the Canadian the likes to fuck mooses. Ian Mendez is a brown nose spic that sucks up to Michael whenever something hurts his feelings. Mendez has a YouTube account and goes by the username "sane man". This "Bob" character is the minor one of the bunch, but is going to be mentioned anyway due to his physical appearance being a successful mixture of a weasel and a walrus. Let us dive into this tub of lard.

"Bob" is a tub of shit that jumped onto the defense of Michael mostly due to one reason. An earlier revision of this article had many links to YouTube pages that contained a channel called "dude854". This channel was owned by "Bob", but was hacked into under mysterious circumstances. He then linked it to yours truly and made it his mission to speak out and report any content that was thought to have been produced by me. "Bob" sought to take down the head troll, only to be bombarded to smithereens once he found out that this troll had millions of YouTube accounts. Unbeknownst to "Bob", his jelly ass had already been fucked before Trollgate went underway. Nothing else interesting about this triple chin monstrosity other than his affiliation with the Christfags.

Michael Laidlow is a lardass that is so close to Michael Nelson that they could make a merry couple. Laidlow was angered and scared by the head troll since this troll had made death threats toward him along with notifying Laidlow of his residence. Mr.Laidlow had jumped heavily on the bandwagon that this head troll was Kevin Rodriguez. Laidlow knew it was a fact and stated so in comments that read: "I have no doubt in my mind that we have the right individual". If you need any questions answered, please ask Mr. Laidlow to do so. He knows everything, which is direct blasphemy against his precious God. Since racism is prominent in Laidlow's grease filled blood vessels, it was of no surprise that he would not change his thoughts about Kevin, nor would he question the validity of the initial source that led Michael Nelson to Kevin. He needs to stick with the moose fucking and putting on his boots.

Ian Mendez is the more interesting of "The Bellies" and is comparable to a soggy lampshade. This pizza roll put up more resistance against the head troll for speaking badly about Michael Nelson. The head troll along with others appeared to have stalked Mendez and made a ton of fake accounts with faggot sex and dicks drawn all over him. The actions of the head troll lead to more information regarding the whereabouts of this stinky bag of shit. The troll then stepped up his game and called Ian's shitty ass prepaid phone and made death threats (or so Ian claims). If you watch the four minute mark of Ian's video below, the voice said "it's time to die". This action resulted in a spike in Ian's blood sugar level which resulted him in taking legal action! This retard was eventually spanked by trolls and put into silence when it came to the actions of other trolls. He better stick with those gay ass dancing videos, this bitch needs to lose some fucking weight!

<youtube>jmlLWB3py-0</youtube><br /><center>Ian Mendez</center>
<youtube>X8Ynv5F-07Y</youtube><br /><center>"Bob"</center> <youtube>IWCjYekeIfM</youtube><br /><center>Michael Laidlow</center>

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