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PCP makes you happy!

Phencyclidine (a.k.a. PCP / dust / angel dust / lovely / hog / Sherman Hemsley / sherms / loveboat / embalming fluid / rocket fuel / illy / wet) is often regarded as one of the most fucked up drugs ever created, causing users to act batshit insane, and on par with Datura and Salvia for sheer mind-fuckery. Even the most bad-ass of stoners and druggies fear PCP due to the heavily dissociative effects of ingesting it. Some of the most awful and disgusting things have been done under the influence of PCP, such as trying to hack your own legs off, eating a white chick's lungs (unsurprisingly this was done by a nigger), the creation of most of the pages on ED and biting out a four year old's eye.

What is PCP?

Do you feel depressed, lonely, and generally suffer malaise and/or a low self esteem? Then you should try PCP. PCP is made of cyanide and pure win, as well as different adulterant chemicals depending on the maker. Some of the side effects of PCP may include but are not limited to: decreased inhibitions, chronic amnesia, homicidal paranoia, spontaneous suicide, megalomania, and cannibalism. In doses low enough to show no brain activity none of these may occur, but take any more than a pinch and you'll be Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator II moments afterward.

The Effects of PCP

Those spiders were high

PCP is particularly known for the crazy things people do while under the influence of it. These include, but are not limited to, trying to commit suicide, ejaculating on policemen, ripping your balls off, jumping out of buildings (and not dying), fucking your family, ripping your face off and feeding it to dogs, running naked through your neighborhood in broad daylight and punching holes in fences, and gouging your eyes out. (We aren't making this up.) There are many reported cases of wacky things done under the influence of PCP, and these are some of the more notable ones.

According to the local ED druggie, the sensations of taking PCP include euphoria, an intense body high, an increase in energy, as well as a dreamlike state with intense closed-eye visuals/hallucinations.

To get pretty technical, PCP is an NMDA receptor antagonist, most closely related to ketamine (a dissociative generally used to tranquilize horses and cats, and to make clubbing with transvestites remotely enjoyable)... however it's more than anything like ketamine's Satanic cousin. Whereas both drugs heavily depersonalize/derealize the user by inhibiting the release of NMDA (a neurotransmitter that pretty much tells you reality is real) in the brain, PCP takes this bizarre dissociation and adds a wholly different level of evil to it. The effects of PCP as a dissociative vs ketamine as a dissociative can be compared as follows: First of all, imagine watching your life through a TV... or when you're even more fucked up on dissociatives, watching a TV show about your life playing on a TV show about your life on a TV you're watching. (These dissociative layers can go on ad infinitum, depending on how blitzed you are.) This is what ketamine and PCP do, however ketamine tends to sedate the user, making them immobile and unable to do much but shit their pants. PCP, on the other hand, leaves the user functional, despite having no sense of what they are doing because they're a million miles away from "themselves" and tripping sack, and in turn turns them into a megalomaniac, psychotic versions of the Hulk jacked up on drugs, doing horribly sadistic things but thinking they're just playing a video game or watching a movie all the while.

Big Lurch

Perhaps the most famous of the PCP related murders, Big Lurch (Antron Singleton) was an up-and-coming rapper. Under the influence of PCP he murdered his roommate Tynisha Ysais, and then went Thanksgiving Dinner on her chest, carving it with a knife and then eating her lungs. After this he ran around naked before being captured and beaten savagely by the po po.

He tried to plead insanity, but the judge decided that eating someone was too heinous a crime to be excused, and therefore sentenced him to a lifetime of cell sharing with Bubba.

Also he had an album released while on trial. At least he got something done.

This is what will happen to anyone who uses PCP more than once.

Faceless Man

Now if you thought the last one was bad enough, then consider the following. You may question why there is a faceless man on the left. Well apparently this man had to prove his badassery of taking PCP by doing some thing that not even the manliest of men would dare to do. After taking PCP, he asked himself the following; “what if I rip off my own face”? He proceeded to do so by using parts of a broken mirror. However, that was just not enough for him. No, he fed the remains of his face to his dog. Supposedly, these dogs had their stomachs pumped to recover the partially digested bits of face. To reconstruct the man's face (if you can call it that) plastic surgery was attempted.

No one knows what happened to the man.

(For further reading consult this.)

Angelo Mendoza

A (Mexican) man named Angelo Mendoza Senior was taking a PCP trip when his four year old son started to annoy him. Doing what any good father would do, he lashed out at Angelo Mendoza Junior and ate his left eye, while mutilating his other. He then left his apartment in a wheelchair whilst trying to chop his legs off with an axe.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the whole incident was what the four year old said to authorities when they arrived at his house:

My daddy ate my eyes out


Eye+(pcp+fork)=ruined career


R & B singer Houston was high on PCP after a show when he finally gave up on life. Saying he was going up to his room to read the Bible, he tried to commit suicide by jumping out a window but was promptly talked out of it by his entourage. He then decided stab out his eye with a fork.

He is currently trying to get his music career back and has a glass eye.

Quotes and Logs

[21:45] <Kale_> There was this guy who was skipping formation when the drill sgt came in he jumped up ran to the window and jumped out of a 3rd stroy window he hit the ground running and ran for 3 miles before he was arrested by the mps

[21:45] <Broken_pipe> weevs story?? [21:45] <Broken_pipe> lmao kale [21:46] <Kale_> it was later found out he was on pcp


how can you be sure it is pcp...it might be battery acid and ground up laxatives.


—theophilus from Yahoo! Answers


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