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P2P is an acronym for Pay-to-Play Pedo-to-Pedo Peer-to-Peer which describes a decentralized way to steal from the RIAA, the MPAA and the BSA. It's basically an anarcho-communist economic system that rocks.

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For at least 100 years, cheap bastards the world over have enjoyed stealing from The Man. With the advent of the internets, pirates can now stick it to The Man without having to haul their gelatinous husks out of their parents' basement.


The Man's always gotta keep a pirate down.

The various business associations and groups mentioned earlier have been fighting piracy and losing for at least 100 years. Not until a bitter cunt named Hilary Rosen got a burr up her ass about Napster did piracy become a real issue. After Metallica's Lars Ulrich discovered the internets, he realized that literally everyone was downloading his precious music—and actually listening to it. After much legal wrangling and nerd rage, Napster's centralized network was shut down and the superior P2P networks with malware-free clients rose from out of the ashes that beat the system.

Piracy Today

BitTorrent is the de facto standard protocol of pirates everywhere now, and the old standbys IRC and Usenet soldier on as the most reliable source of mp3s oggs, flacs, moviez and warez. Most people don't even have cable TV service anymore, as they download all the TV shows and movies they watch on demand; and without DVDs that clutter around and are designed to fucking fail over the littlest wear and tear that acculumates over time, the Internet's fiber optic network has proven to be an eco-friendly alternative to this horrible misuse of plastics.

In early 2008, however, the Australian high court got pissed off at p2p websites for providing downloads for the banhammered TV show Underbelly. After much whining and threats of lolsuits they eventually realized there was nothing they could do. Now in November 2010, Malaysia wants to take a swing as well with an ISP Liability act to be tabled in Parliament by the United maggots Malay National terrorists Organization. P2P users to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

In 2011, the meshnet idea drew on Reddit alongside the satellite idea of ThePirateBay, but they both have gotten fucking nowhere.

Other Use

The user interface of P2P on wheels! plugged into wikipedia

P2P also stands for pay-to-play, usually when involving MMORPGs. For example, EverQuest is considered P2P while Maple Story is not, but who cares? Video games are just a waste of time.

P2P on Wheels

P2P on Wheels! is a P2P program written by a famous Wikipedia vandal at least 100 years ago. The program works by encrypting files (eg. CP) and putting this into the description while moving pages around on a wiki. Although it is a very inefficient means of sharing files, it works like a charm and now my shemale yuri loli hentai collection is your shemale yuri loli hentai collection. When asked why he devised this means of file sharing, Willy replied that he had done it for the lulz.

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