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A weegee board.
Not this type of weegee board, you unfunny faggot.

An Ouija Board (pronounced "WEEGEE board") is a board game that allows you to "talk to" ghosts and demons. It was developed by some gullible, God-fearing individuals called the Parker Brothers in the 1800s. You ask the ghost questions while holding your hand on a moving piece called a planchette and the ghost "guides" your hand to the answer on the board. It should come as no surprise to you that this is total fucking bullshit and sadly, many people are stupid enough to believe it. Some argue that you can actually be possessed by a demon while playing this game, but anyone with half a brain in their head would easily identify this as complete nonsense. Overall the game is boring, time-consuming and has no real objective, it's just a board with the alphabet and the words yes and no painted on it. If you even want to call this thing a "game", it's definitely not worth wasting your Jew Gold on. The normal people who actually bought the game were utterly disappointed that they wasted their money.


Some faggots using a weegee board.

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