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Oliver Schaper, or "Oschaper," is a Scilon fail troll whose list of alleged accomplishments is as great as his appreciation for gay porn (I mean, you'd have to like gay porn if you owned a gay porn channel, amirite?).

Adding to the lulz is the fact that Scientology says homosexuals should be "cured" or removed from the planet. Hypocrisy much?


Last Thursday(or Monday, September 8, 2008) participants of Project Chanology RAAAGED and/or BAWWWED when Oschaper filed fraudulent DMCA claims and managed to have YouTube suspend hundreds of channels and over 9000 videos of anti-Scilon protests and media.

The Ode Bout Ollie

Unbeknownst to Schaper, he had pissed in the wrong bowl of corn flakes.
Thus, bitches don't know bout my RuskieTube and ARRRrrrgg, PirateBay. Videos he fought so hard to erase from the interbutts are still clogging the tubes.

And after Crazy D's Nazi Rant, many remix videos appeared on JewTube, but were DMCAed from butthurt, but found their way to
the RuskieTube also.

and another addition:

Assraper's Bullshit

Anon has dropped dox on him at Wikipedia, 2 image boards, and numerous other shitty boards. Oschaper has no problem with personal attacks, guys. Keep this in mind. I guess he doesn't know about dogs or curtains, either.

Dog curtains.jpg
...a bit of drama.
I have money at my disposal, bitches. ~ fag enabler
I have no problem with personal attacks but you're bringing my family and people in danger that work for me and that can not continue. I don't want to to stop your protest because you have all the rights to protest your cause, but I request personal information to be removed from your postings. Don't let this end nasty in court and you know that this would be a home game for me and that I could take you on for years in court. Don't take this as suggestion or threat because the protection of my family and my employees remains first priority and they have been more than once target of people inspired by your actions.


Dr. Oliver Schaper, Esq.


—Oliver Schaper, Your Mom

Don't think I will not be able to track you down and serve you with papers. I would make the case so expensive for you that you would not be able to even fight this on your own funding as I have the money at my disposal.


—Oliver Schaper, Your Mom

Esquire Asshatery

Never made the cover of...

Also notice Schaper's unjustified use of the rarely-seen term 'Esquire' (Esq.), which as we all know is reserved for persons of excellent, outstanding, and non-heinous character (see photograph at left).

TOW is apparently also aware of Assraper's Fucktardery

A user named "Oschaper" has written articles on the online open-sourced encyclopedia Wikipedia about Peephole TV and Volksmusik TV. Oliver Schaper is the founder of Peephole TV, and is also involved with Volksmusik TV. In an e-mail to Wikinews, Wikipedia user Oschaper claims that his first name is Olaf, and that he is "not related" to Oliver Schaper. "Olaf" writes: "My name is Olaf Schaper and I use the handle oschaper on Wikipedia. I'm not related to Oliver Schaper and we share only the last name ... If you like to contact Oliver Schaper please see his companies website at www.acos.tv". When asked how he managed to get an e-mail address with that last name, Olaf replied, "I got the email because my best friend works for his networks hence the creation of my postings on Wikipedia."



The Timeline

Black graph2.jpg
  1. Chanology starts.
  2. Oschaper gets extreme butthurt.
  3. Oschaper attempts to troll every anon youtube vid.
  4. Huge mistake since anonymous is the Final Boss of the Internet and the king of trolls.
  5. An Anon finds he runs peephole tv. A porn channel that includes badly made gay porn. Anon posts his info on youtube.
  6. Yes, gay porn is involved.
  7. Oschaper gets even more butthurt. Due to his gay porn empire being exposed.
  8. Makes baseless legal threats against said Anon.
  9. Gay porn is still involved.
  10. Anon makes post on enturb so other protestfags may laugh at his fail.
  11. Oschaper gets still more butthurt than previously thought humanly possible and joins enturb to attempt damage control and make more baseless legal threats.
  12. Protestfags call him out on much bullshit. For example being a lawyer.
  13. Anon who made original post gives Oschaper an ultimatum, put up or shut up.
  14. Anonymous begins planning raid.
  15. Peephole.tv turns to 'dead air'.
  16. Moar Oschaper dox are leaked. And some embarrassing shoops and videos are made etc.
  17. Oschaper's butthurt reaches critical mass.
  18. There is still gay porn involved in this story.
  19. Oschaper issues over 9000 DMCA takedown notices using the bullshit organization American Rights Council. This results in epic fail as most accounts and vids are reinstated.
  20. Anon reloads banished videos to RuskieTube.
  21. Anon creates a video calling Oschaper out on being a lying fuckstick and filing false DMCA claims
  22. Oschaper files a DMCA claim against the video calling him out for making false DMCA claims, saying that he has purchased ALL THE STOCK FOOTAGE EVER
  23. Oschaper threatens to sue for libel and defamation of character, because apparently he hasn't figured out yet that he is a lying fuckstick
  24. Oschaper realizes German Extradition (not to be confused with the spanish inquisition ) attempt is clogging the tubes.
  25. Restarting attempt @ scrubbing the interbutt, returns to DMCA rampage. butt-hurt level now off scale ( see graph at right)
  26. butthurt must now be measured from the stratosphere after the creation of oliverschaper.com
  27. And there's still gay porn involved, mixed with a lolsuit.
  28. Ollie attempts to hide moar of his crimes. Makes Ms.Streisand sad.
  29. Oliver's German extradition dox leaked onto the interbutts, Ms.Streisand smiles.
  30. ICE seizes Dr.Oliver Schaper's business domain: ACOS.TV
  31. ???????
  32. Profit.

What are Oliver's crimes?


  • Speeding Tickets
  • Creating a public nuisance
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcies 2005:page1|page2|page3|page4|page5|page6|page7|page8
  • Germany attempting to extradite Dr. Oliver Schaper for German Probation Violation (didn't pay fine): sauce
  1. http://www.law360.com/cases/4e03cd0edf27080e1b000006
  2. http://www.law360.com/cases/4e03cd0edf27080e1b000006/dockets
  3. http://www.cacd.uscourts.gov/cacd/MasterCal.nsf/17c28a028ce48ceb882570540053b738/e9fcaf575e32afc7882578b70079ddda/$FILE/hillmancalheader1.pdf
  4. http://www.cacd.uscourts.gov/cacd/CrimIntakeCal.NSF/19eea16c0cd2355d882571cd007229d0/454cbc45ffe725d288257881005ea343?OpenDocument
  • UPDATE [FEB/01/12] Germany attempting to extradite Dr. Oliver Schaper

US Court Oliver Schaper timeline: http://ia600808.us.archive.org/31/items/gov.uscourts.cacd.505248/gov.uscourts.cacd.505248.docket.html

ProTip:David Marchant, Publisher, OffshoreAlert VIA WHYWEPROTEST

I am David Marchant, the publisher of Miami, Florida-based OffshoreAlert, and I can clarify the extradition proceedings against Oliver Schaper that were started and then stopped at federal court in California.

In a court filing by Schaper's own attorney on July 11, 2011, it was stated that Schaper was sentenced to two years in prison and fined Euros 4,800 at a criminal court in Hanover, Germany on February 11, 2005 after being convicted of 13 counts of fraud and one count of breach of trust. The prison part of his sentence was suspended.

Scrub the net Ollie! Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

On August 23, 2006, the court revoked the suspension of his prison sentence on the basis that Schaper had breached the terms of his sentence by not making any payment towards the fine. He was supposed to pay monthly installments of Euros 100 towards the fine but, allegedly, he had not made a single payment.

The German court ordered Schaper to serve the two-year prison sentence and started proceedings to extradite him from the USA to Germany so that he could begin the prison-term.

In extradition papers that were filed by the US Government at federal court in California, which included documents from the German authorities, it was stated that Schaper had actually admitted the 14 fraud and breach of trust charges at trial. It was also stated by the Government that Schaper had a prior criminal record in Germany, having been fined for two counts of fraud on November 23, 2000 in Hanover, Germany.

It was further stated that "two further proceedings" against Schaper for alleged fraud were "pending" in Hanover. One of these alleged that Schaper had misused the title of "Dr.". According to the German authorities, when asked to explain why he was entitled to use the title, Schaper claimed that he had "studied law in the US" but he could not or would not tell them the name of the university where he had allegedly studied.

It was also stated in court filings that a Receiver was appointed in Germany for Schaper's assets on February 20, 2004, with the Receiver determining that Schaper's liabilities were at least Euros 3.6 million and that he had little or no assets to satisfy his liabilities, meaning they went unpaid.

The attempt to extradite Schaper from the USA to Germany failed on procedural grounds because a court in Germany determined that Schaper had not been properly or legally served with notice that an application to lift the suspension of his prison sentence had been filed. Therefore, the extradition complaint failed due to a technicality.

All of the above comes from records filed at federal court in California. I obtained the information after Schaper contacted me yesterday asking me to remove a copy of the extradition complaint from my firm's web-site at www.OffshoreAlert.com, which I refused to do. In his correspondence with me, Schaper claimed that "the German Government ... made a mistake in charging me with a crime in the first place" and that "the court in Germany reversed its decision to convict me on 13 counts and FULLY exonerated me AFTER the extradition case was terminated". He did not provide me with any evidence. Schaper also informed me that "I have forwarded the information found on your site to my legal representative for review and to take any actions necessary."

I hope the above is of assistance in clarifying this matter.

David Marchant Publisher, OffshoreAlert

  • Germany: Oliver Schaper

March 14 2011 - Defendant(s): Oliver Schaper ...Title: Germany: Oliver Schaper ...Oliver Schaper Verwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH Crime: Fraud Sector: Extraditions Jurisdiction: Germany; USA Size 79.26 Kb - Words 4884

  • Germany: Oliver Schaper

March 14 2011 - Defendant(s): Oliver Schaper ...Title: Germany: Oliver Schaper ...Oliver Schaper Verwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH Crime: Fraud Sector: Extraditions Jurisdiction: Germany; USA Size 79.26 Kb - Words 4884

June 22 2011 - Defendant(s): Oliver Schaper ...Title: Germany: Oliver Schaper(2) ...REOUEST FOR EXTRADITION ) ) ) The fugitive, Oliver Schaper, having been Crime: Fraud Jurisdiction: Germany; USA Size 275.20 Kb - Words 10021

  • USA v. Oliver Schaper: Defendant's Filing of Exhibit from German Court

July 11 2011 - Defendant(s): Oliver Schaper ...Oliver Schaper: Defendant's Filing of Exhibit from German ...Oliver Schaper: Defendant's Filing of Exhibit from German Crime: Fraud Sector: Extraditions Jurisdiction: Germany; USA Size 11.59 Kb - Words 1847


  • Fraud - Bought 2 SUVs and skipped off to Germany, defaulting on his loan (could be verified by PDFs above)
  • One instance of public buttsecks

He also routinely claims to be a lawyer. Of course Oschaper proves this with his excellent literacy skills.

Feel free to add more if they can be verified/backed up elsewhere.


Owns several channels and organizations gay porn sites.

peephole closed due to ???
  • Media House Enterprises, Inc.
  • Peephole.TV
    (Eastern / Western Network feed)
  • Peephole Color (Ethnic adult content)
  • Peephole Gay World (XXX Gay Network)
  • Peephole Big Ass & Tits
  • Peephole Teen & Milf
  • Peephole Gang Bang & Gonzo
  • volksmusik.tv
  • "Dr." Oliver Schaper
  • Tustin Org
  • >OT3
  • 33 Years
  • German
  • Tustin
  • CA 92780-2879
  • United States
20050601 god-hates-fags-enablers.jpg

*youtube.com/user/4getXenu account b&!!

Morelikely os.jpg


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