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Often abbreviated as "OC", an Original character is either a character in fan fiction that is not part of canon or character in original fiction. Not like it matters though, as every single one of these fall into the Mary Sue trap. These characters are usually self-inserts of the artist, always depicting themselves with Mary Sue qualities and having every canon character in the drawing fawning all over them.


This picture contains some of the best in OC design, like Snapesnogger, Zeriara, Chase, and many others.

Most furries have an OC based on Sonic the Hedgehog, the leading cause of AIDS on the Internet. Basically, all they do is take a canon character "as a template" and simply add more features, such as a different palette, new clothes (or no clothes at all), and pass it off as the greatest thing ever spawned. They even go far enough to make detailed profiles of their OC, trying to make them look as if they were as unique as a goddamn snowflake. The profiles are even more abysmal than the characters' recolorings and usually include shitty and cliched descriptions such as "Robotnik destroying their home village" (with zero explanation), and being the love interest of some canon character.

Is your character Amy Rose with no quills? Original character! Sonic with a green racing stripe on his head? Original Character! Knuckles with blue gloves? That's an original character, faggot! And remember, the character is your rightful property and it is illegal to use it in an unauthorized manner, those thieving fucks. Copyright infringement is wrong, so DO NOT STEAL.

The obsession furries have with their OCs is so unbelievable that you will indeed shit bricks. They will often commission or beg people to draw their OC since they know perfectly well that they are untalented hacks. They thrive on seeing their character in varying art styles and even look at it as an accomplishment. Some of them take their time to turn their OC to a fursuit and wears them to various furry conventions and takes their personality. Another one of their wet dreams is to hack Sonic games by changing their palette, as shown on the left.


Male OCs made by females never resemble actual men.
Doopie DoOver's original character Pecan Under games, does it say Felch?
Poco from the Anime Poco Udon World. Some are saying Pecan looks like a flipped and recolored version of this character.
Poco again

With every anime, there is always a fandom. Regardless of how plotless it seems or how gay it is, there will always be a fandom. In any fandom for any animu, you can guarantee that there will be poorly-written fanfiction with poorly-conceived OCs. But the question is how poorly made can they possibly be? The truth is that they can be so uncreative that their OC is nothing more than a clone of a canon character. An example would be Light Yagami falling in love with a girl who just happened to be exactly like him. They would share the same manner of potato chip-eating, laughing and having orgasms after writing for twenty minutes straight. After all that, Light still manages to get over the sheer creepiness of them possibly being twins. Their OC paired up with a canon is equivalent to the canon character just dry humping a gender-bending mirror.

However, the clone character will not always be paired with the person they copy. Another example is having Inuyasha paired with a Kagome clone. Of course the clone would have somehow killed off Kagome, join the team and marry Inuyasha at the end, forgetting that he married the same person who killed his previous love interest. The only difference from her and Kagome would be wavier hair and cat ears.

Since some people are lazy enough to not even make a clone character, they do the method that's even more lazy and uncreative; merging characters. At least clone characters allow people to add their own little tidbits (non-existent as they may be), but merged characters are just made by taking two (or more) characters from different animus, and just turn them into a hell-child. It really makes one wonder why they couldn't come up with anything normal or good in the very least. Not only are the physical characteristics fused together, personalities, profiles, and even back-stories are also poorly stitched together in an orgy of faggotry.

Kingdom Hearts is possibly the greatest thing to happen to fandomkind since the Interbutts. In a dazzling display of whoring out to fans and making countless amounts of money, Square Enix did the unthinkable and combined the greatest sources of hentai into a shitty video game: animu, Disney, and Final Fantasy mixed together in a raging romp of repeatedly raping random Disney movies and characters. Fusion of this much pure retard is responsible for destroying the ability of TARTlets to pick differing cartoon characters to draw.

As if there weren't enough Kingdom Hearts fanboys and fangirls, they continue to create countless OCs in form of keyweilders, Nobodie, and Heartless. There are many clubs dedicated to the genocide pool of disaster, like Org Infinity.

Sonicfags comparing OCs

How YOU can make an original character

With this formula, even you can create an original character!

Just take these easy steps below:

  1. Take an anime, cartoon, novel, or video game character.
  2. Find an image of them on the Internet.
  3. Trace it.
  4. Change the color of their hair.
  5. Give them a name.
  6. Put your name all over the picture and show your (nonexistent) copyright over it. That's right, everyone wants to steal it.
  7. Angst over some MCR and make up a horrendously cliche backstory for them.
  8. ???
  9. Profit.


Typical description of an OC
Originality at its finest About missing Pics
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