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Not to be confused with Operation Yewtube or the great Youtube Independence Day.

I'm 12 years old and what is this?


Græt success!

Operation: Great success!
Second Wave at irc.theinternetz.org #invasion.
Second Wave at irc.theinternetz.org #invasion.
It is delicious cake. You must view it.
This early win, courtesy of ED's own Crazyconan.

Operation YouTube (or International Porn Day) started in mid-May 2009 when a member of eBaum's World posted a question on the popular /p3rn/ board asking "what happens if you upload pr0n to YouTube?" After OP was told that YouTube would baleet it, he wondered "but what would happen if ALL of us upload p3rn on YouTube non-stop?" With that, over 9,000 hivemind light bulbs suddenly went off: Rule #34 on YouTube = EPIC WIN!

Later that day an image macro with instructions was posted that spelled out a simple plan to shower porn on YouTube to convert their SFW tubes into an NSFW zone for the day.

On Tuesday May 19, 2009, eBaums declared porn war on YouTube. The raid was supposed to start at 12:00 GMT, however, the tards at eBaum's prematurely ejaculated due to some gay shit called BST aka British Summer Time. The initial salvos were fired about 3:30 pm EDT with dozens of pr0n and scat videos being uploaded and tagged with Marblecake.

It took YouTube a full three hours to catch on to what was going on but it was too late. At 9:30pm, there were at least 7 pages of p3rn tagged marblecake. When YouTube countered, the fearless Anonymous /k/ommandos switched tags to swine flu, twilight, jonas brothers and the like. YouTube had been badly 5/20'd.

Unfortunately, many newfags decided this raid was EPIC WIN OMG LOL and promptly broke Rules 1 and 2, including several newfags who actually let old media interview them.


While it has always been a fun pastime for Anon to hide porn on Youtube, this would not be like the occasional post stating “Hey look, I managed to get porn on YouTube...check it out here...” This effort would be more concerted, more prearranged, and far more organized than anything that had come before it.

The Process

Too many directions for the average /b/tard.

IF your going to post CP do it as a video response to OPRAH


—Kari, on irc.theinternetz.org # invasion.

Anytime you try to organize something on /b/, the set of steps must be simple so that your average /b/tard can follow the instructions without screwing things up. Even still, you manage to get a few imbeciles who can't do anything right, but want to play along. The key to this sort of raid is that you have to keep your instructions to under five steps:

  1. Create a fake email account and then create a new YouTube account.
  2. Upload porn to that account starting at midnight and one second UTC.
  3. Do not Tag the porn with the word “marblecake”. It gets flagged faster.
  4. Repeat.

Second Wave

Continue uploading lots of porn videos over many different accounts. Set all the videos as private and then un-private them all on June 12.


While these simple rules seemed easy enough to follow for most people, many idiots managed to get their uploaded porn deleted before anybody had a chance to view, comment, or rate the videos. Nevertheless, many smarter /b/tards realized that YouTube would begin to see the trend and start deleting anything with the tag “marblecake” attached to it. This included not only the videos, but also the accounts and IP numbers that were attached to those videos. A new mutation of the original plan had to be implemented.

Tag Changing

Get smart, dummy...

Granny fisting?


—Describing a video that displays puppies.

Via IRC and several threads on eBaum's imageboard, people who wished to take part in this epic raid were asked to forgo using “marblecake” in lieu of using newer tags. Some of the various tags that were used were:

  1. Jonas Brothers
  2. Twilight
  3. Swine Flu
  4. Britain’s Got Talent
  5. Hannah Montana
  6. Stephanie
  7. High School Musical
  8. Fred

Here are some more tags that Anon has been trying:

epic win cake ftw xbox ps3 wow hot pizza tasty pie bob spoon fork death crash over 9000 Jonas
Brothers Deleted Footage clock tank phone air gown bean bag ball poo station car race mate dive
head towel bomb sandal sandy butthol spore jeans slipper head scarves road stop belted seat books
random kitty picture frogs smile tooth spare fresh fingers mat armchair wooden cotton headed
subjects lighter nose bottles court stem table hairdryer strum flu nuggets flooring viola speaker
screened slip remote field houses rugby white black red striped cable story cats young libertine
author perez hilton gay marriage marblecake john mccain beyonce VAGINA dick ass blowjob
ffffffffffuuuuuuu the game 2009 jonas brothers hilary duff blink 182 family guy simpsons fred epic
win fail youtube ebaum hidden secret easter egg sexy underwear nuts zoo fhm maxim vagoo


Many anons, because of school networks or because most of them are too dumb or lazy to actually work for something, could not participate in the raid as they did not have access to porn on their computers outside of the several Gig furry porn folders that would not be acceptable for this type of raid. This did not turn out to be a detriment to the raid in general because Anons who could not upload, could comment and rate videos.

Videos Needed

Check out eFukt or Inhumanity for porn you should use for this raid. Don't be lazy and post just vanilla porn. Post something shock worthy.

Flagging Videos

The best video to ever hit YouTube.
Reverse Psychology!




While e/b/aums were busy commenting, uploading, and rating videos, they were also being urged to flag other videos in an attempt to confuse the folks at YouTube. While this tactic seems to be a great idea on paper, it must also be realized that the administrators at YouTube aren't stupid. They will probably just delete whole time blocks of uploaded videos and not really pay attention to tags. Also, at some point they might just shut down ALL uploads until the raid blows over. Still, it might be worth a shot, the confusion would stem from two prongs of attack:

  • Which videos are the real flagged videos that need to be removed?
  • Making the wrong decision and deleting a video could push porn videos to the front page.

Time Confusion

The raid was slated to start at 12:00am BST...which of course nobody on eBaum's (aside from Britfags) had ever heard of. This caused the raid to misfire and start as early as 7:00pm in some areas of the world. It didn’t matter though, it was still funny.


  • An IRC client so you can watch the lulz in #porntube on the irc.deltaanime.net IRC server.


According to one savvy newspaper reader, the government did Porn Day.
You know there's gonna be fallout when you see this.

lol, look for another article on wired.com tomorrow about that group of 'anonymous griefers' doing naughty things on the interwebs.


—/b/tard telling it like it is.

While this section will certainly expand as coverage of this event hits other, slower media sources, it can be hypothesized what most of the coverage will look like. Imagine Bill O’Reilly crying into the camera while some clipart that looks like a V mask is displayed on the monitor behind him. Of course, it was imperative that the whole raid be blamed on eBaum's for the full lulz effect to take place.

Gallery of Fallout


Can we get away from sex education for a moment and agree on how dumb it is to flood a site with deceptively labeled content of any sort just for shits and giggles?


—Some parent on the Ars Technica forum.

So the fallout has begun and the raid seems to still be going on. Sites around the net are reporting that eBaum's World is the culprit, shocking many people who cannot believe that the Internet is still falling for that old gag. Most of the chatter at this point falls under the "But what about the CHILDREN" category...

PORN ON YOUTUBE WHAT???????????????????????????

<video type="youtube" id="bi7y0C4eecM" width="300" Height="300 frame="true" position="center"/>

White Knight Faggotry?

You are doing it wrong.



Troll who was trolling trolls who were trolling YouTube.

11:41 *** TheWhiteKnightofLight ([email protected]) has joined the room
11:41 <TheWhiteKnightofLight> Just to let you guys know, we're watching you. And we'll flag all videos we see.
11:41 <TheWhiteKnightofLight> Fucking nerd losers. Get a life.
11:41 <Casey123> why?
11:41 <Casey123> I like being lifeless
11:41 <Nemesis> as you lurk our irc and flag our vids
11:41 <VIEanon> lol moralfag
11:41 *** soul__ is now known as TheWhiteKnightofFail
11:41 <Nemesis> YOU HAVE A LIFE?
11:41 <ninus3d> awesome nick there, moralfag
11:42 <TheWhiteKnightofFail> TheWhiteKnightofFail, butthurt?
11:42 *** Blasphemer is now known as TheWhiteKnightofEpicFail
11:42 <TheWhiteKnightofLight> Don't you guys have a hobby or something? Why do you have to spam yotube with your filth?
11:42 * TheWhiteKnightofEpicFail .
11:42 <Anonymous> it IS our hobby
11:42 <Nemesis> I have a few hobbies, raiding is one of them
11:42 <TheWhiteKnightofLight> Well that's a pathetic hobby then.
11:42 <tatata> yes indeed
11:42 <Nemesis> so is killing raids
11:42 <tatata> its great fun
11:42 <Nemesis> don't you have a life
11:42 <TheWhiteKnightofFail> we're doing something good for the world. they get free porn. our movement is pretty altruistic, unlike you, who just do this for your ego

With every action, there is an equal and just as retarded reaction. Several trolls felt it was necessary to troll the trolls who were trolling YouTube. While this was funny in itself, it also deprived Anon of a great amount of streaming porn that was easy to get. Screams and rage would often go hand in hand with the hilarity of the moments provided by the raid.

After a few hours of back and forth trolling, several /b/aumtards began to rage due to the fact that a lot of people were going to the higher ups at YouTube and ratting out the whole operation. Somebody had some STRONG ADVICE for Anon:



1. For every new account only upload two vids and tag and something random/popular. Create each new account using a different proxy

2. Move to IRC. this is not the place for this discussion. Don't link vids here.

3. Don't break Rules 1 & 2. Disable comments and ratings on all videos posted. Flag non porn videos

We can do this, Anon.


why are these all crappy masturbation vids? is anon a bad enough dude to upload real porn?


—Everyone’s a critic!

don't post usernames faggot, anon all the way. This is ebaums fault.


—This man has a point.

This is epic and I want to help out, but I'm a cumdumpster and have no pornographic videos on my harddrive. I'm also on a university network so I can't torrent anything tonight. Anyone know a good place for direct downloads?


—This guy was hoping for some free porn…cumdumpster…lol



—There’s one in every crowd.



—Moar instructions.

WHEN THEY BEGIN TO KILL OFF THE MARBLECAKE VIDS (IT WILL BE EASY TO DELETE THEM ALL), WE MUST CHANGE KEYWORDS TO: JONAS BROTHERS AND THINGS LIKE THAT. OPERATION PORN DAY SIDE MISSION: We need /b/tards who aren't uploading pron to fight the good fight anyway. Follow these directions: Go to YouTube, click on NORMAL videos and FLAG THEM as inappropriate. This will keep the YouTube staff busy as Operation Porn Day begins its' first official hour.


—Lots of good advice.

Shit is epic. Every one fight the good fight by flagging all the fake pron on youtube. the staff will see the titles and look at that before the marblecake shit.


—And all of this occurred BEFORE the raid…

poor poor middle aged women who just wanted a marble cake recipe....







Encyclopedia Dramatica saw it and Encyclopedia Dramatica was there.

08:10 <geodude> i just accidentally the whole youtube
08:10 <ODB> this is a graet day my friends
08:10 <geodude> this is gonna be a fucking AWESOME day.
08:10 <Tag> nice encyclopedia dramatica =)
08:10 <ODB> when oldfag and newgfag came together
08:11 <ODB> and i too
08:11 <ODB> CAME
08:11 <Tag> i came
08:11 <DESUDESUDESUDESU> ok think i found accidentally the whole thing
08:11 <DESUDESUDESUDESU> I came twice



«8:51:11» OldDirtyBtard: holy shit

«8:51:19» OldDirtyBtard: VTECH is kicking in

«8:51:20» OldDirtyBtard: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=marblecake&search=tag&page=4

«8:51:37» OldDirtyBtard: “marblecake” results 61 - 80 of about 94

«8:51:45» dan: “marblecake” results 61 - 80 of about 97

«8:51:49» dan: lol it grew

«8:55:38» OldDirtyBtard: it wasnt supposed to start yet

«8:55:43» dan: yeah

«8:55:45» OldDirtyBtard: cos of BST

«8:55:54» OldDirtyBtard: BST=/= GMT

«8:56:11» OldDirtyBtard: british summer time for the article

«8:59:35» OldDirtyBtard: new tags =twilight, swine flu, britains got talent

«8:59:46» OldDirtyBtard: hanna montanna

Press Coverage (not really)



YouTube was busy deleting porn videos on Wednesday after users of forums at a rival site and a hackers' site declared a "Porn Day" campaign against the popular video service.

The forums at video site eBaum's World ///It was all Ebamus fault/// and 4chan organized the mass porn "carpet bombing" on YouTube, according to Ars Technica.

YouTube has been removing the videos as fast as it can, but even videos that are removed are still showing up in search results with explicit images in the thumbnails, the report said.

It could take a couple of days for all the explicit results to be removed from the search results, Google spokesman Scott Rubin told Ars Technica.

Rubin did not immediately respond to an e-mail from CNET News.

Ars Techinca News

Ars Techinca News

YouTube is the latest target for pranksters looking to amuse themselves. Today, May 20, has been deemed "Porn Day" by denizens of 4chan and eBaum's World, with an organized group of users from the sites uploading video clips of explicit, adult content en masse in an attempt to overwhelm the search results. In actuality, it appears that content was prematurely uploaded on the afternoon of the 19th. YouTube has already taken some steps to fight back, but it's disturbingly easy to find stuff you really don't want to see, and the uploaders are changing tactics.

As one might expect, the pornographic clips are being uploaded without any indication that they're for adult eyes only, making them easy to happen upon by casual searchers. As the upload-fest has progressed, users are also uploading what seems to be legitimate content, but is in fact a porn video that simply has 20-30 seconds of non-porn content (a newscast, an interview) at the beginning.
YouTube, for its part, has been fast to remove the video clips for violations of the site's terms of use, but we are still able to find porn videos posted a few hours ago. Even those that are found and removed leave porn residue, since the XXX-rated videos are still showing up in searches and their explicit thumbnails remain in plain view for anyone to see. 

"It may take some time for video search results and thumbnail images to disappear from the site," Google spokesperson Scott Rubin told Ars. "Typically, this should not take more than a couple of days, but the videos themselves are no longer viewable."

The lag time between video and thumbnail removal seems to be ruffling the feathers of some users, particularly those with kids who use the site. After all, it's pretty easy to run across these thumbnails even though their corresponding videos have been removed, and it's pretty clear what's going on at first glance. 

YouTube is getting a little inadvertent help in combating the uploading, thanks to the fact that the earliest posters all used the same tags (for instance, marblecake, jonas brothers [search at your own risk]), which made identifying videos easier. Many uploaders are also posting links to their "victories" on the forums, making it easier to find videos that way as well. 

BBC News

BBC News

Video sharing website YouTube has removed hundreds of pornographic videos which were uploaded in what is believed to be a planned attack. The material was uploaded under names of famous teenage celebrities such as Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers. Many started with footage of children's videos before groups of adults performing graphic sex acts appeared on screen. YouTube owner Google said it was aware and addressing the problem.

The BBC was made aware that scores of sexually explicit and inappropriate material was uploaded. In one video titled Jonas Brother Live On Stage, a user posted a comment saying: "I'm 12 years old and what is this?"

Under other uploaded videos, online users posted comments such as: "Take the tags off, you'll get us caught." Another said: "Your gonna kill us all!" As the disturbing videos were being uploaded, many viewers added them to their favourites and rated them highly. The BBC's interactive reporter Siobhan Courtney contacted Flonty, one user believed to have uploaded some of the pornographic material videos. His profile states that he is 21 and from Germany. He said: "I did it because YouTube keeps deleting music. It was part of a 4Chan raid." When asked if he was concerned that children can freely watch such inappropriate material, Flonty replied: "Children will find inappropriate material around the internet anyway. "This kind of raid showed how easy it is to upload porn to a website that millions of people browse on a daily basis".

4Chan is an organised group that describes itself on its website as the "home of the sickest, strangest, and most horrifying stuff on the internet". "Anything and everything can, and usually does, happen here. We have our very own unique culture, and there is no group quite like us anywhere out there," it says. Google spokesman Scott Rubin told BBC News: "We are aware of the slew of pornographic videos that were uploaded. "We are addressing them as we would any video that violates our community guidelines. "In addition, any account we discover that has been set up specifically to attack YouTube will be disabled."

Faux News


The "/b/tards" strike again.

The teenaged pranksters of 4chan.org's /b/ discussion board flooded YouTube with pornographic clips Wednesday and Thursday, according to various reports.

YouTube has strong filters and dedicated employees seeking out and deleting porn from the site, but it wasn't enough to handle the onslaught of uploading clips.

To get around the filters, many of the clips appeared innocuous for the first 20-30 seconds, the tech blog Ars Technica reported, but then cut abruptly to hardcore sex scenes.

A spokesman for Google, which owns YouTube, said most of the porn had been removed by Wednesday afternoon.

"It may take some time for video search results and thumbnail images to disappear from the site," Scott Rubin told ArsTechnica. "Typically, this should not take more than a couple of days, but the videos themselves are no longer viewable."

Participants on 4chan's /b/ board and the similar eBaum's World site had declared Wednesday to be "Porn Day."

Previous 4chan pranks include flooding virtual-reality games with offensive characters and rigging Time magazine's "Time 100" poll so that its founder rose to the top.

The /b/ board also created the "Rickrolling" Rick Astley video craze, as well as the "LOLcats" fad of cat pictures with nonsensical captions.

PC World

PC World

YouTube has removed thousands of pornographic videos from its servers following a coordinated attack which succeeded in uploading a catalogue of inappropriate clips to the video-sharing site.

4Chan, a bulletin board for Japanese manga content, has been blamed for the attack, which used the names of celebrities such as Hannah Montana to lure unsuspecting YouTube users to the porn videos.

YouTube's owner, Google, said thousands of videos have been deleted, but some may remain accessible for some time while the company removes the content and associated thumbnail images.

One person said to have uploaded the videos to YouTube claimed to have been part of a coordinated attack by 4Chan users.

"I did it because YouTube keeps deleting music. It was part of a 4Chan raid," said YouTube user 'Flonty', speaking to the BBC. Google said any YouTube account set up to attack the video-sharing site will be disabled.

However, tracking the content being uploading is a mammoth task. YouTube said in a blog on Wednesday that 20 hours of video is now being uploaded every minute. This has grown from 15 hours per minute in January 2009, and six hours per minute two years ago.



The video-sharing site YouTube was loaded up with pornographic videos disguised as regular clips, many with kid-friendly tags like "Jonas Brothers," as part of an attack this week dubbed "Operation Porn Day."

Some explicit thumbnails were still expected to be visible on the site Friday, two days after the mass upload of pornographic videos by those who claimed responsibility for the attack, users of the 4chan website, a range of media outlets reported. The 4chan site is a popular online forum for sharing images, mainly manga, but also pornography.

The explicit videos uploaded to YouTube were typically disguised with about half a minute of non-pornographic content at the beginning.

Google-owned YouTube issued a statement Thursday saying it was aware of the issue and removed the videos as they were brought to its attention through its flagging system, "as we would any videos that violate our community guidelines.

"In addition, any account we discovered that was set up specifically to attack YouTube was also disabled."

According to YouTube's community guidelines page, videos flagged as inappropriate are not automatically taken down, but reviewed to determine whether they violate the site's terms of use.

Violations include contravening community guidelines that ban content such as pornography, graphic violence and copyrighted material.

Google spokesman Scott Rubin told the technology news website Ars Technica that the deleted videos were no longer viewable, but it could take a couple of days for video search results and thumbnail images to disappear from the site.

The Porn Day attack took place the same day YouTube announced on its official Canadian blog that 20 hours of video are now uploaded to YouTube every minute, up from six hours in mid-2007.

The 4chan site, started in 2003, has received media attention in the past for being the alleged birthplace of other internet phenomena, including pranks such as "Rickrolling." The 2008 prank involved posting links that appeared to direct the user to certain other websites, but actually brought up a music video of 1980s pop star Rick Astley.



Reports indicate that YouTube was swamped yesterday by an abundance of pornography.

A large group of users began uploading seemingly innocent clips, many with kid-friendly tags such as "Jonas Brothers" and "Hannah Montana". The clips however, while possessing 30 seconds of normal content at the beginning, were predominantly explicit.

The attack is being dubbed the "Porn Day" attack by the culprits, users of the website "4chan".

Google has said that it is aware of the attacks, are is taking the appropriate action. Unfortunately, thumbnails may remain on the website for up to a week while Google removes the offending material.

The attack comes at a time where Google is already being sued by Viacom for not doing enough regarding copyright content. This occurrence may direct attention to Google, with regard to child safety on the web.

Techradar Internet News


YouTube, the biggest video-upload website in the world, was infiltrated by 4Chan this week with the infamous web message board uploading a barrage of porn clips to the video service.

The prank was apparently set up by a number of 4Chan's members and has been dubbed 'porn day' due to the massive amount of explicit material that was uploaded to YouTube.

The real kicker for the YouTube censors is that the material has been hidden among innocuous clips, such as footage of US stalwarts the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana.

The folks at 4Chan haven't made it impossible, however, with Ars Technica reporting that the keyword 'marblecake' has been used as a call sign from the pranksters – a word familiar to those who use the 4Chan message boards.

Speaking to the BBC, one 4Chan member (Flonty) said that the prank was "because YouTube keeps deleting music."

This is in reference to the website's spat with the Performing Right Society (PRS) over music royalties, which has seen many premium music videos taken off the site.

Porn free

A YouTube spokesperson has revealed that most of the X-rated material has been removed but a thorough clean-up is still needed, explaining that: "It may take some time for video search results and thumbnail images to disappear from the site."

This isn't the first time 4Chan has caused disarray on the web. Recently it rigged the Time 100 online poll so that the image board's founding member Christopher Poole (Moot) nabbed the number one spot.

These stunts, and the site's 'anything goes' attitude, means that 4Chan is pretty much the place for the creation of internet memes.

The likes of 'rickrolling' and lol cats have all debuted on 4Chan, which promotes anonymous posting, making it one of the most popular website's around.

When TechRadar did a quick search of YouTube for any offending material (completely for research purposes, you understand) there didn't seem to be anything of note, but the prank does highlight the problems in YouTube's 'upload now, moderate later' rule for content uploaded by the general public.


Porn? In my YouTube? It's more likely than you think! About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Operation Ponytail

Second Wave at irc.theinternetz.org #invasion

Operation Ponytail (more affectionately known as Operation Ponyfail) is a super secret second wave, planned for June 12th. The plans are slightly different this time around. For instance, tagging videos with "Marble Cake" was abandoned, participants are to upload each video to a separate account and set them on private until the day of reckoning, among other changes. Of course, Youtube already knows about this plan and will most definitely not let it happen. was the biggest epic fail in the history of the world evar. Most people looked for hours on JewTube for porn, and none was to be found. Gaiafags also got in on the fun.

November 14, 2010

Yet another wave of videos (some uploaded as early as October 14) were unleashed by unconscionable miscreants. For example:

They are bad-nicks and should be of course banned for their violation of possible. Tut tut.

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