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On April 15th, 2011, Operation Restoration became quite possibly the only worthwhile thing shat out of the bowels of AnonOps, a (now defunct) script kiddie enabling IRC network. The idea was to restore Encyclopedia Dramatica after the domain encyclopediadramatica.com was redirected to the shitty and horrendously unfunny Know Your Meme rip off, Ohinternet. The project quickly began the night ED.com went down with sister sites encyclopediadramatica.ch and Lurkmoarpedia scraping articles from Google cache, Wayback Machine, etc. Ultimately, ED.ch proved to be more popular due to support from AnonOps, and Lurkmoarpedia was left in the dust.

Like all previous operations lead by Anon, #OpSaveED was a warzone between trolls, script kiddies, and people who were serious about restoring ED and all its glory. Many a script kiddie was determined to LOIC OhInternet out of existence, despite being told not to by everyone with half a brain cell. In order to stop said skiddie rampages, "ddos" and several other related words were blacklisted in #OpSaveED (soon to return to #ed).

<@killhamster> yes

<@killhamster> it is mature to try to destroy our website

<@killhamster> very much so


Killhamster - master of irony, Oh you mean like you destroyed our website?

Anonymous Saves the Day

Thanks to some dedicated folks over at #OpSaveED, ED was successful in returning the lulz to those who came here to seek them. Articles were restored (as well as some that Girlvinyl removed out of fear that someone would say something mean about her on the Internet), most images were restored, and old users gradually started coming back. All's well that ends well.

Fortunately, an EDiot screencapped the threads on /b/ when Sherrod first tried to shut down ED in January 2011:


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