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Onyx Forepaw (also Bolts-BIGGEST-Fan, BOLTsBiggestEverFan BoltsOnlyNumber1Fan , DisneyBOLTno1FanEVER , BOLTsTrueNo1FanEVER, Onyx Forepaw DisneyBOLTno1BiggestFanEVER), boltstruebiggestfan (Dear god she won't stop!) [1] is a 25-year old Bri'ish furfag and supposedly the biggest fan of Disney's Bolt ever.

She actually considers Bolt to be her boyfriend. She makes sure to shove this obsession in everyone's face, even IRL. Other than Bolt, she think Ron Weasley is her legit boyfriend since she can't get one in real life, and she makes sure everyone knows that too. What's worse is that she turns Ron into a cat so she can fuck him easily with her fursona. You're not allowed to take her Ron or her Bolt! Her fanaticism has gotten to the point where her mother has banned her from purchasing more Bolt merchandise. She also likes to boast about having the most obese OC in the world. She's a skinny bitch IRL who has some kind of fat furry fetish. Claiming that she suffers under several eating disorders is just a dumb lie. She's so fucked up in her head, she finds it insulting to be called skinny or tall. Call her a skinny whore and get a lot of lovely LULZ! Onyx is currently unemployed. Sitting at home and crying about having no money. But strangely she has enough money to buy art and a fursuit! (Where is the logic?) She is a very desperate furry (forever alone) girl who is always seeking attention from people on the internet. When Onyx is not attention whoring she's searching for her next love of her life (online or at furry conventions. What did you think?). As you can think those "relationships" don't last for too long. After every relationship it normally takes about one or two weeks till Onyx has found the next "true love 4ever". So if she's not searching for a new furry mate, Onyx is crying about her life over facebook, tumblr and weasyl. Always trying to get your attention. Poor little baby. Please just grow up.

You can feel sorry for this furry being or you can just keep on laughing and read the whole article.

How to spot a loser in its natural habitat.

Onyx actually thinks that she can hire an agent and propose her idea for Bolt 2 to Disney, which consists of her self-insert blubbery mammoth of an OC and Bolt having mutant cat-dog babies.

She's also so fanatic over Bolt that she's become butthurt on a number of occasions, always leaving devianTART and making new accounts to 'start over', thinking she can get away from all the mysterious hatedom without changing her attitude.

Onyx is well known for ban evading. She got banned on several sites for harassing, drawing hate art, attention whoring and a lot of other things. Being banned on nearly every site on the internet still isn't enough for her to think about her ugly attitude. So she keeps coming back again and again. Just scroll down to see all of her closed / banned accounts. And dear god, she won't stop ban evading!

Looks harmless, doesn't she?
Even the people in Fanpop despise her.

Reasons Why List and Bolt Merchandise List (TL;DR)

Furries even hate her. There really is no more point in living anymore.

Warning: The following contains strong dosages of TL;DR.
[-+]List of reasons she thinks she is the biggest fan.

Exactly 217 Reasons why I am Bolt's Biggest Fan!

The last point is the most important, and most emotional... ☆ Bear in mind, when you read this, I am going to turn 15 on July 8th, 2010… "How old to like Bolt…" You may think. Read on…

1. I can recall the exact date I discovered Bolt, and how. It might not be as early as some, but I remember it was the 27th November 2008, in a free advertising leaflet that came with WALL-E on DVD.

2. I cut out the Bolt advert back then to show my parents, and I still have it now, in the same condition.

3. So far, out of everyone who've I've discovered and spoken to, I have the biggest Bolt Things Collection (To read what's featured in that collection, read the Artist's Comments. That bit will be updated as I get more Bolt merchandise… C'mon, July 8th!)

4. I have four Bolt posters currently on my wall – A large one I bought off the internet, a medium one I got free with a magazine, a long one I got with the Bolt sticker album and a small one I pulled out of the middle of a different magazine.

5. The whole of my sketchbook is covered with pictures I collaged of Bolt (trawl round my Gallery and I'm sure you'll find the photo of that).

6. I have a corner of my room where I display my Bolt Things Collection (there's a photo of that in my Gallery as well).

7. The song Jenny Lewis wrote for the Bolt film, 'Barking at the Moon', is my mobile phone's ringtone, and a picture of Bolt is my phone's main wallpaper.

8. I am recognised for my Bolt fan art in school by all the art teachers, because I draw him 24/7 (Check out the Disney's Bolt folder in my Gallery).

9. My friends at school (Edzo08, Bunny-Boo12 and LolRabbbit) are all slowly starting to hate me because I talk about Bolt so much around them.

10. I have memorised the whole script from Bolt (please, don't make me prove that, my hands are beginning to ache already), and know the lyrics to both songs (Barking at the Moon and I Thought I'd Lost You by Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, don't make me prove that, either…)

11. I have watched Bolt every single night, without fail, since I purchased it on DVD the day it came out, which was June 15th 2009 (this excludes sleepovers at OTHER HOUSES. If someone is sleeping over here, I still watch it, whether they like it or not).

12. I've completed the Bolt video game, on PlayStation2 format three times (I got so bored over 2009's Summer Holiday…)

13. My username on Fanpop.com is 'BoltsBiggestFan', and my fan motto is this: "Out of every fan on Earth, I am the BIGGEST and most DEVOTED Disney's Bolt fan ever! My username isn't BoltsBiggestFan for nothing, you know…"

14. On Fanpop, I've found out about and joined every Bolt related club on the site (go on, fellow Fanpoppers, check me on that, I can guarantee that's the truth).

15. My email signature on the school computers is, written in big, orange text 'I <3 Disney's Bolt!' with a moving picture of him and my deviantART address underneath.

16. On deviantART, on Boltfanclub, I am the second highest Gallery Contributor, and on Bolt-Fan-Club and The-Superdogs-Squad, I AM the highest Gallery Contributor (check that if you want).

17. I made my own Bolt related club on DA, Bolt-Fan-Group, which, when you type in 'Bolt' and search Groups, comes up second to the top on the list, underneath the most popular Bolt related group, Boltfanclub.

18. I got a detention once for a huge drawing of Bolt I did in the back of my Science book.

19. I re-wrote the lyrics of two songs (Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler and Paparazzi by Lady Gaga) to tell just how much I loved Bolt, both of which can be found in my Gallery.

20. I have Bolt pictures and drawings all over my deviantART page, and I have written the fact I am his number one fan all over it, too.

21. I am always the reason Bolt is ever watched in class at my school.

22. My second art teacher has set me a seperate 'Bolt Project', because I draw Bolt so much in his classes.

23. I convinced a dA user with the username 'BoltsBiggestFanEVER' that I am Bolt's biggest fan, and you can check their page if you want, they do. They are now MistyWolf97, and still believe I am Bolt's biggest fan. I will let their secret out to everyone! Mwahaha!

24. On my iPod I have the whole of the Bolt original soundtrack, which I listen to each night, even if it's no the whole way through.

25. I saw Bolt at the cinemas in 2D AND 3D.

26. I currently have 153 Bolt related deviations, and I will update this point when I reach 200...

27. A boy at school told me to 'get a life and stop watching Bolt every night of your life, sad girl!' I grinned and enjoyed it.

28. With Tuneup Utilities 2008, you can edit the Windows XP boot screen with your own pickie. Whenever my PC starts up now, I get a pickie of Bolt shown to me!

29. I pretend to be Bolt in my room, and sometimes in public as well, by imitating the super bark, super jump and heat vision.

30. I bought the Bolt PS2 game the day it was released.

31. My future dream, which my friends are helping me with, is to own an American White Shepherd of my own one day, name it Bolt, then get a stencil and spray a lightning bolt mark on it's side.

32. There are over 20 Deviants on dA who believe that I am Bolt's biggest fan.

33. I have saved two of the rarest Bolt images from the web, the one on my webcam which has been resized, and another one from either Japan, China or Korea, which features young Bolt and Penny hugging.

34. Look any direction in my bedroom, and you will find something to do with Bolt. And that includes the ceiling and the floor. I have a Bolt duvet set (there are photos of that in my Gallery as proof), and LOTS of Bolt posters and pickies plasteres all over the walls. There is a photo of my room as proof in my Gallery somewhere...

35. I am the only Contributor allowed on Boltfanclub, the most popular Bolt club on dA.

36. I have a dA Deviation folder especially for Bolt in my Gallery, and a specific Bolt Favourites folder, too.

37. I ADORED the American White Shepherd dog AGES before the film came out, as well as cats and hamsters. The Bolt film and I are perfectly matched!

38. Me, Edzo08, LolRabbbit and Slytherine3 did this day at school based on the 2012 Olympics. We were chosen to be USA, which was be-awesome, and I did lots and lots of America-themed Bolt pickies, one with Bolt's lightning mark and collar coloured like the American flag! And they all got Featured!

39. On my bedroom computer, I have currently got 731 Bolt pickies saved (2nd July), and this point will be updated if and when I reach 1000.

40. Those saved pickies go across 14 folders: 'Anime Bolt Pics', 'Bolt', 'Bolt 2 by MewIchigoZoey' (yes, Mew, you have your own pickies folder), 'Bolt CD, Game and DVD Covers', 'Bolt GIFs', 'Bolt Related Photos' (photography), 'Group Pictures', 'Logos and Banners', 'LOL Bolt' (the Bolt pickies I captioned to be funny), 'Mittens', 'Other', 'Posters and Wallpapers', 'Real Life Bolt' (photos of American White Shepherds) and 'Rhino'.

41. I have three extremely rare Bolt postcards, which, for some reason, were all available for £1 each at a Sci-Fi Convention I went to with Edzo08. I bought all three of them, they're that amazing and rare that I HAD to have them.

42. I have completed the whole of Panini's Bolt sticker album, after sending off for the last 20 or so stickers in the post last week and filling in the rest of the album.

43. All of the Bolt sketches that I haven't been able to put on dA, purely because of the size of them, are also placed on my walls along with ALL the other Bolt posters and pickies.

44. I ALWAYS use the phrases and words 'fully awesome', 'be-awesome', and 'ridonculous'! ALWAYS! Every day! On here on dA, on Fanpop.com, even in real life! Go on, ask Edzo08, or Bunny-Boo12, or LolRabbbit, or SugarNoms, they will all tell you I use these phrases every day!

45. I made these best Plz accounts for the Bolt characters, BoltDogPlz, MittensCatPlz and RhinoHamsterPlz!

46. I have written a really popular Bolt fan fiction story, and I am currently writing my own Bolt 2 book, as it were, 'Disney's Bolt – The Next Generation', which is about Bolt, Mittens and Rhino's kids.

47. My next-door-neighbor has a female cat named Mikey that looks EXACTLY like Mittens, so much I actually call her Mittens! And not by mistake, either. On purpose.

48. I take my talking Bolt plushie to bed with me every single night, and to every sleepover that happens to occur.

49. I have this second account named 'Bolts-BIGGEST-Fan'. Please Watch it!

50. I have two Bolt plushies, when not many people even have one.


51. Bunny-Boo12 strived to get me a birthday card with a dog that looked as much like Bolt as possible in 2010. And she succeeded! The dog on the front looks EXCATLY like Xeno, Bolt's son in 'Disney's Bolt – The Next Generation', the book I'm writing, as you know.

52. Edzo08 got my birthday prezzies two months before the actual date, coz it was all Bolt! A Bolt gym bag (or drawstring bag, however you say it), Bolt calculator and Bolt activity set, and there's a photo in my Gallery to prove that. THANKIES EDZO!! Love you as a friend!

53. The very first dA contest I held was about Bolt, with over 10 entrants who all believe I'm really Bolt's biggest fan, which I am.

54. I still have the original cinema tickets from when I saw Bolt in 2009, in 3D on February 10th and when I saw it in 2D on February 19th.

55. There is the simple fact I have bothered to make this LOOONNG list at all.

56. I have every single Bolt dA stamp, small square pickie and plz icon on my page, in their own special widget named 'Fully Awesome Jumble of Bolt Pickies', or featured on my dA ID if you are reading this on my 'Bolts-BIGGEST-Fan' account.

57. My upstairs XP computer's only account name is 'Bolt's Biggest Fan' (there are desktop screenshots to prove that in my Gallery) and the password is the word 'bolt'. I can say that because my bedroom PC has no Internet EVER. I'm safe!

58. The fact I have a second account called 'Bolts-BIGGEST-Fan' says it all, really. Doesn't it?

59. My new art signature is based on the Bolt tag logo. Go ahead and see for yourself!

60. Whenever I commission art when I give Points, I ALWAYS ask for a pickie of Bolt. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Anything Bolt related, but Bolt in particular.

61. I'm currently listening to the track from the Bolt soundtrack named 'A Fast Train' while I type, which is the backing score to the part where the Bolt trio are failing at riding atop the train. I really love that part!

62. I'm going to go in for the Guinness World Book of Records for owning the largest Bolt collection. If I succeed, I'll scan in the page in the book and just blur my real name out to prove it. There's no point keeping my name there if everyone already knows it's Jess Golden. Duh!

63. Who else in the world owns a Bolt DUVET set? Siriusly??

64. The only reason I'm travelling all the way from Manchester to Southampton soon, and saving 80 GBP is all just to get that 30" Bolt plush. I'm going half way across the country just to get it! Even my friends are helping me!

65. There are over 20 deviants on this website, whether I know them or not, who ALL believe I'm Bolt's biggest fan. All of them! To name a small few: SugarNoms, TheHorseArtist, MistyWolf97 (they admitted it to me, no matter what they say), Charlieboltlover210, Edzo08, Bunny-Boo12, LolRabbbit, Abbz08, Slytherine3, B5-Crusade, Tiny-Angel-22 something (dunno the exact number), ChipmunkLoverFan, MewIchigoZoey, ShazTheRaz, Hyper-Activeness, Gir-Person, RexTheDoberman, ThunderDogTD, WolfsMeow, PurpleAche, Akiro95 (or something like that), and that's just off the top of my head!

66. I own lots of exclusive Bolt merchandise that can't be found anywhere else. A medium sized Bolt Wii Game Cover Poster, Disney's Bolt – Magazine Special, the Bolt Rescue House, a Bolt Gym bag and calculator and three really rare Bolt postcards. I also recently ordered off eBay an extremely rare Bolt pin badge, which originally came from the Bolt Opening Day in America!

67. In Drama last week (this point written on July 12th 2010), we were practicing our 'original' sounds and actions, which personally described us. Jamie said to me to take the piss that my original sound was a Super Bark. How cool is that? So I borrowed Miss's megaphone for mine – and actually did the Super Bark. The movements and everything. I looked like a complete TWAT. The things I'll do for Bolt, eh?

68. My current school pencil case is a carrot with a zip down the side. I drew a smiley face on both sides JUST like Mr. Carrot. Ask Edzo08, Buny-Boo12, LolRabbbit, Slytherine3, Abbz08 and B5-Crusade if you don't believe that, I go to school with them. And B5-Crusade has a grudge against my pencil case coz it's Mr. Carrot, too.

69. In Bolt – Book of the Film (the novel, in other words), I illustrated the whole book throughout with my own beautiful Bolt drawings to match each chapter, and I can tell you truthfully I have read the whole book through at least 8 times.

70. I now have the whole Bolt film on my iPod, except for the last 10 or so minutes of it. Damn dodgy downloads!! Grrr…

71. As well as the talking Bolt, I also take my gorgeous 14" Disney Store exclusive Bolt plushie to bed with me as well now. Both of the Bolts go under the covers at the top with me, and it's a bit of a tight squeeze. Just wait until I get the 30" one, then it won't just be a squeeze anymore!

72. With the Bolt DVD (which is special edition with a shiny slip cover around it), I still have the little advertising booklet, with the colouring page coloured and the maze completed, as well as the characters around the maze coloured as well.

73. I have been toiling and working my arse off for 7 MONTHS to gain my long lasting and upstanding reputation as Bolt's biggest ever fan, and I'm not going to let anyone, but especially MistyWolf97, ruin that for me. I'll do whatever it takes…

74. Edzo08's homemade birthday card featured a drawn pickie of Bolt, and lots of lightning bolts and stuff, baring the words, 'To Bolt's Biggest Fan'. See, at least Edzo has some Common Sense, Misty!

75. I reinstalled Windows recently, and I set the computer's name as Bolt-the-Super-Dog, the network's workgroup name as BOLT, and my full name as Bolt the Super Dog's Biggest Fan.

76. I frequently get requests from people to draw pickies of Bolt, the most recent one being from ChipmunkLoverFan, asking for a pickie of Bolt, Mittens and Rhino looking at the Hollywood sign.

77. I saw a Bolt pickie in an Argos catalogue, with loads of rainbow streaks trailing behind him with the Disney Interactive logo next to him (probably advertising the Bolt game), which I cut out and stuck on my PC monitor.

78. As well as completing the Bolt Panini sticker book, I kept one of the empty packets and glued it together again neatly, and stuck that on my monitor too.

79. The last thing I put on my monitor was the original card sign that came from the Bolt super bark figure and stand, bearing a pickie of Bolt and the words, 'Bolt & Friends'.

80. My small Rhino plush still has the tag on his ear, and the Disney Store 14" Bolt plush doesn't have it's tags, but I still kept them and put them on display.

81. My points just keep getting longer and more explained and advanced.

82. I have miniature little book that I carry around in my blazer pocket at school, which is specifically for all my Bolt art and doodles I do in lessons when I get bored.

83. My favourite colours are only Orange and Gold because of Bolt. If I hadn't liked Bolt, my fave colour would be Royal Blue. That's just my third fave now.

84. I've calculated over time that I have spent over 75 GBP of my pocket money on Bolt merchandise. It's not because I'm rich I have all that stuff, it's because I worked and worked my butt off for it!!

85. Besides the fact that the Wii Fit told me I'm about a stone and a half overweight, maybe more, I'm guessing the only reason I don't have a boyfriend is because of my EXTREME obsession with Bolt. C'mon! That's not normal for a 15 year old!

86. Wait, I do have a boyfriend – Bolt! XD That's fully awesome!

87. I was writing a series of books, now finished, called 'Hogwarts Secret Cats' (go ahead and Google it, it's there and it exists), which was based around a group of four sibling cats who went to Hogwarts school. I was bored, so guess who I included as a very important and main character? Bolt! He's in Gryffindor for his courage…

88. Sometimes, if me and a friend are in the shops or something and the conversation goes onto Bolt (and that's always my fault), I start being really loud and saying some of Rhino's quotes. Like yesterday, I was in Sainsbury's with Bunny-Boo12 and I started doing Rhino impressions at the till and embarrassing the shit out of her… Soz Holly. XD

89. I keep saying the phrases 'Fully Awesome', 'Be-Awesome' and 'Ridonculous' both in real life and on dA, as I've already mentioned, but it's rubbing off. Everyone on dA is starting to say it because of me, and Edzo08 made a point of saying it as we were walking to somewhere, can't remember, because of me. Coz I'm Bolt's biggest fan, dumbass! Lolz.

90. Most of the points on MistyWolf97's biggest fan list (yes, Misty, I have read it) are just copied and changed off this list. There are SOME original ones, I suppose, but the whole list idea itself was copied off me as well.

91. The only reason I can draw Bolt so well is because of practice. I've been drawing him since the day I discovered him, the 27th November 2008, and the Bolt's have just evolved from there.

92. My dad says that in the Summer Holidays, he's going to strip all my wallpaper and paint my walls plain white, then give me every colour of poster paint and just let me paint Bolt pickies on my walls, leaving room for the Bolt posters only. How be-awesome is that?

93. For a while, I was drawing a lightning bolt on the inside middle of my arm and replenishing it with Sharpie every morning, there's a photo in my Gallery to prove that.. I chose that spot because there was lots more skin and fat there to stop the Sharpie from permeating my blood stream. So sometimes being fat can help!

94. I have lots of Bolt laminated prints on my walls that I printed with my Granddad's awesome maximum DPI printer to they looked awesome. They're ALL over the walls, really!

95. The only reason I want to go to Hollywood is so I can be in Bolt's place. In fact, make that America full stop.

96. One of my nicknames that people call me is 'Bolt Freak' out and about. My friends have never witnessed this, and I have never told them. What's the point?

97. I sing 'Barking at the Moon' by Jenny Lewis down the school corridors if I'm feeing especially cheerful. This usually annoys the hell outta my friends.

98. When I get my American White Shepherd with the bolt painted on it's side, (it's not an 'if' anymore, it's actually a 'when'), I will teach it all the tricks that mimic Bolt's amazing powers. 'Stare' will make Bolt stare manically at the person saying the command, 'Speak' will make him step a paw forward, a foot back, dip his head and growl, then bark. 'Jump' will make him run then jump a good distance, as well as normal dog tricks like Sit, Roll Over and Fetch.

99. The main reason anyone Watches me here on dA is because of my Bolt fan art. I do so much of it, it's so noticeable.

100. In Film Club at school, after watching Rush Hour 2 (which is a REALLY good film, by the way), a really boring film was put on. So what did I do? Watched Bolt on my iPod until the battery ran flat. What else was there to do?

Really? Just.. really?

101. Inside my old Year 9 school planner, there is nothing but Bolt drawings. Whether it's doodles, sketches or full on detailed and inked pickies, there are TONS of them! And my current Year 10 one isn't really looking much different!

102. I keep having Bolt dreams, too! I had one recently where Bolt was going round the town centre, attacking everything in sight with his Heat Vision and saying that my old Geography teacher put him up to it… Tiz true!

103. I am going to Thorpe Park this weekend with Edzo08, Bunny-Boo12, LolRabbbit, Abbz08 and Slytherine3 (or I've already been, depending on whether you are reading his before or after the 17th July 2010) and I'm going to sneak my 14" Bolt plushie with me! I'm going to try and get on 'Stealth' with him without the people or my friends noticing him being there…

104. There is another simple fact that this list has reached over 100 reasons.

105. There was one day in the Autumn of 2009, can't remember the exact date for this one, where I watched Bolt THREE times in one day.

106. Even now, I still get my little Bolt figures and play with them in the Rescue House, pretending that Rhino isn't there and that Bolt's going in to rescue Mittens. And I'm now 15 years old. How does that make me look?

107. I know a rare song written about Bolt, which wasn't in the film at all. It's name is 'I Found Myself', by Chris Brucker. I only have that rare Bolt song on my iPod thanks to a deviant named I-Am-Midna, who also believes I'm Bolt's biggest fan too! Thankies Midna!

108. This whole list is being frequently updated with more reasons why I'm Bolt's biggest EVER fan, and won't stop until I simply don't have any reasons left. But there are so many, and I just think of them randomly – Who knows when this list will end?

109. I can name every single one of Bolt's powers without watching the film whilst doing it – Look, I'll do it now! And these include the ones in the game, too. (And if you copy these, Misty, I'll glomp you! And you DON'T want a glomp from the fattest Fursona on deviantART!) The ability to ram into speeding vehicles, super strength, super speed, power to smash through brick walls, super jump, heat vision, Super Bark, ground pound, invincibility. There. That's all of them. I can't watch a movie and play a game and type at the same time, can I?

110. Me and Bunny-Boo12 were randomly playing patter-cake today (July 14th 2010), you know, that hand-clapping thing? But Holly (Bunny-Boo) made up some Bolt lyrics for it for me.

111. In the end, I did manage to smuggle my Bolt plush to Thorpe Park. He was discovered in my bag 5 minutes after I arrived at school… Fail. XD

112. All the way to Thorpe Park, which took a good 2 hours, I listened and re-listened to the Bolt soundtrack and 'I Found Myself', the Bolt song by Chris Brucker, over and over again about three times without stopping, and had Bolt in my arms the whole way there. It was the same on the way back too.

113. My bedroom door has been re-decorated with tons of Bolt pickies and some of my Bolt fan art, too. Photo being uploaded to Gallery soon… or is already there, depending on when you are reading this.

114. Okay, I've re-discovered with the Poll on my page that there are actually OVER 50 DEVIANTS who believe I am Bolt's biggest EVER fan.

115. I once dragged my parents ALL around the shopping centre in Bournemouth called 'Castlepoint' (bit of a stupid name if you ask me) because of a rumour that someone told me that they had Bolt sticker books on sale there. And there weren't. A trip to Bournemouth wasted.

116. I use my Bolt drawstring/Gym bag as my school bag at the moment, coz it's almost the Summer Holidays and I hardly need any equipment. Just my Mr. Carrot pencil case and my special 'Bolt Art' book.

117. On the front of my school planner, I have a huge, orange felt lightning bolt, to represent my love for Bolt. What? I get bored in Textiles…

118. My friends, if I'm sad or scared, will tell me things about Bolt and tell me I'm the biggest fan. That last one they even do when I'm in a good mood, too. I have them fully convinced!

119. I was in Clinton Cards with Bunny-Boo12 recently, and fell in love with a 12 GBP Alsatian plush called Max. And I only love normal Shepherds and Alsatians because of the American White Shepherds I adored back when I was 6. So guess what I did? I bought Max. 12 quid well spent on a gorgeous German Shepherd plushie, all because of Bolt and his amazing breed.

120. The pickie I have stuck on the actual front cover of my newest Art book is one single pickie of Bolt that I drew with the Wacom pad, but on the inside cover, it's COMPLETELY Boltified. Look out for the photo of that in my Gallery, too.

121. I have memorised each of the phrases that my talking Bolt says, and in the order he says them. 'Hello, hairballs.' 'Your deal just expired.' 'You're a degenerate creature of darkness.' 'Tell the Green-Eyed man that I will not sleep, I will not rest, until my Penny is safe from his evil clutches!'

122. I have also memorised the name of each track in the Bolt soundtrack in the correct order off-by-heart: I Thought I'd Lost You, Barking at the Moon, Meet Bolt, Bolt Transforms, Scooter Chase, New York, Meet Mittens, The RV Park, A Fast Train, Where Were You on St. Rhino's Day?, Sing Along Rhino, Saving Mittens, House on Wheels, Las Vegas, A Friend in Need, Rescuing Penny, A Real Life Super Bark, Unbelievable TV, Jenny Lewis John Powell Home At Last Barking At The Moon (Reprise and Medley).

123. This is all the current Bolt stuff on my iPod: Bolt Original Soundtrack, I Found Myself by Chris Brucker (the rare Bolt song), 15 Bolt Videos (including the full film and some rare Russian exclusive videos) and 110 Bolt pickies (which are the only pickies on my iPod entirely).

124. On my PC, I have some really rare Bolt concept art by Paul Felix that wasn't featured in 'The Art of Bolt' either.

125. I have made my own one of one of those flags Rhino has saying 'Bolt's #1 Fan'. I just printed off the flag and painted a rod burgundy, then stuck the flag to the rod. Simples! And if ANYONE copies me (you know who you are) with that idea, I'm calling Art Theft and reporting it! There is a photo of that flag, too.

126. On my bedroom door, I have a sign saying 'Welcome to the room of the BIGGEST fan of –' then the Bolt logo in silver gradient.

127. My mum thinks I'm so obsessed with Bolt that she has banned me from buying anything to do with it – Like that's going to stop me! I'm still going to do it anyway, and I'll eat the receipts so she can't return the items either!

128. When we have competitions at school to make each other cry (it's weird, I know, we're a weird gang), everyone tells me Bolt is dead. And it always works, every time. I start sobbing uncontrollably, and takes me a while to calm down…

129. I like going 'Internet Window Shopping' and 'Bargain Hunting' for Bolt items such as plushies, posters, stationary, etc… And sometimes it pays off, like just today (July 18th 2010)! My mum says on a BIG condition I can get the official Bolt Disney stationary set! Not saying where from, though… Or I know who will get it!

130. My Bolt Reasons List (the one you are reading) was submitted on May 27th 2010. Misty's first list was submitted much later than that, I remember. I've been a member of dA for 8 months, and Misty has been here for 3 weeks! I has to be later!

131. I have named all three of my drives on my upstairs computer after the three main characters of Bolt. C:/ is Rhino, D:/ is Bolt, and E:/ is Mittens.

132. Just because I don't have a COLLOSAL amount of Bolt merchandise, it doesn't mean I'm not bolt's biggest fan. I love him deep down, more than everyone alive. It's just gut instinct, I'm physically attracted to Bolt! (not in THAT way…)

133. I do WANT all the Bolt merchandise, but my parents don't both work (it's just my dad, who's in a small retail job), and we're on benefits. We can't exactly afford lots of Bolt merchandise, when we're having trouble just keeping up with the rent and bills! I physically cannot afford the 30" Bolt plush… Does anyone have any quick and really easy ways of getting money? PLEASE?? And don't say the Crosswords in the TV magazines, we've tried all of them!

134. If people just keep trying to take my spot as Bolt's number one fan, I will leave deviantART until further notice, which by then one of my school mates will tell me that the people concerning me have either taken off their Bolt collection photos, stopped calling themselves Bolt's biggest fan, or even left the website altogether. Don't want me to leave forever? Then fight for me! Tell the other Bolt fans who's Top Dog around here!

135. Any poor little rich kid who decides to tell me they are Bolt's biggest fan just for having lots of merchandise will be reported to the deviantART staff for not posting appropriate pictures on the website and for bullying. There, I warned everyone upfront.

136. The only reason I know most of the states of America is because Bolt taught me!

137. On the Ratatouille PC game, my profile name is 'BLT', coz you can only have three letters.

138. On my iPod, not only do I have 'Barking at the Moon' in English, but also French, Italian and German! And I've heard it in Spanish, Slovak, and Russian, but I didn't have time to download all of them in that time space. Just wait 'til tomorrow!

139. Also on my iPod, I have two very rare 'VOLT Star Malgré Lui' videos, one an extract from the movie ALL spoken in French, and the other a short, 4 minute making-of video, only explaining how they did the French dubbing (I know a small bit of French, you know!).

140. I can safely reveal now – my old account's (OnyxTheCat88's) password was voltsbiggestfan. It was even on my password! I used Volt instead of Bolt so it'd be harder to guess.

141. I have practiced over and over, and I can now say in a be-awesome strong French accent, VOLT Star Malgré Lui! Took enough practicing, since I'm British!

142. I wrote a special edition of 'The Misadventures of Onyx' named 'I Thought I'd Lost You', which was all about Onyx meeting Bolt. That is in my Gallery too, under the name 'T.M.O.O I Thought I'd Lost You'.

143. I managed to convince the deviant Nipsu7, who is apparently very hard to convince when it comes to the 'Bolt's biggest fan' thing, that I am the biggest Bolt fan! Go on, ask her yourself if you wish!

144. My profile name on a fully awesome PC game named 'Crazy Chicken – Atlantis' is Bolts-Biggest-Fan. (There's loads of those Crazy Chicken games, they're only on PC, only a fiver each, and only be-awesome!)

145. I now have two versions/designs of the Bolt 'Invincible' poster! One with a flame-coloured background, and one with the traditional red background, with orange and gold lightning bolts behind it. Both bare the slogan 'Invincible!'. Photo will be uploaded soon.

146. On Zazzle.co.uk (only for the British, folks! In your face, everyone else!), you customise practically ANYTHING with your own uploaded pickies. Mugs, T-Shirts, keyrings, posters, stickers, canvas prints, postcards, notebooks… Anything! Mum has said I can save for a Bolt T-Shirt, mug and keyring, professionally printed with the rarest Bolt images I have ever saved on my PC. The rarest EVER one, which NO ONE has EVER saved, which is also featured on my current avatar (July 30th 2010), will be on the T-Shirt and the keyring.

147. I'm the best Bolt artist in my whole school! Believe me, there are a fair few of them too, and they ALL look up to me as the ultimate best Bolt artist!

148. When England lost to Germany (4-1: FAIL!!), I had no reason for my England flags. So what did I do? Drew Bolt on them! Both included my fave phrase: 'I'm Bolt's biggest EVER fan!'

149. The deviant named 'PumpkinPrecious' (who is BE-AWESOME, check their page out at some point) chose me over every Bolt fan they might probably know to make me a Bolt-related deviantID! And I thank her MASSIVLY for it!

150. EVERYTHING on my Christmas List this year is Bolt-related. And I mean EVERYTHING. There's only five or so things on there, but they're all so rare and be-awesome! Because my parents can shop online without bother, they told me to save all the links to things I want for Xmas to Favourites, so they can get 'em. How sweet is that?

Seek help, kid. You creep the living shit out of me.

151. The reason I deactivated OnyxTheCat88 was because I was being trolled about being Bolt's biggest fan. There was even a whole webpage about it! A deviant named Octopus-Parade was basically ADVERTISING my astronomical love for Bolt. Sure, I was being trolled about it, but if you think about it, it all comes down to one thing – I must be Bolt's biggest fan! I have to be, with that kind of publicity about it!

152. I was really pissed off some time last year because they didn't do Bolt toys in McDonalds, and did Hotel for Dogs ones instead. Bolt was hell loads more popular!! Even if I did enjoy Hotel for Dogs too, Bolt was still ten times more awesome. TEN TIMES!!!

153. I can write Bolt on a scientific calculator! If you have one, then just do this combination: 801+. For the 'B', you can also just press the Alpha button and select the key with the red B above it, but using an 8 is much more awesome. Eight is my lucky number, too!

154. Okay, I know I am going to seem too amazing to believe for a moment, but trust me, I can actually do this. I have typed 'Bolt' so many times on my keyboard that I can (these are not all at the same time, I can do them as separate skills) type it fluently with my eyes closed, type it fluently with one hand, and type it fluently with the keyboard UPSIDOWN! That is true! Well, I can sort of type with an upsidown keyboard anyway (I've been teaching myself), but 'Bolt' is the only word I can type quickly and off-by-heart.

155. I'm soon to have the Bolt videogame on both Playstation 2 and PC! My mum is getting me Bolt on PC for Christmas this year. Most people don't even have Bolt on one format, never mind two!

156. I'm getting lots of Bolt-related art requests at the moment. That's coz I'm not the BEST at Bolt art, but I'm still better than most! Check out people like ShazTheRaz, PumpkinPrecious and MarticusProductions, they're better.

157. I have made a Bolt Origami figure, based on the instructions to make an origami Scottie Dog. It looks a bit crap, but at least I still tried!

158. When I got given a large square of cardboard, the first thing I did with it was draw a fully awesome pickie of Bolt on it! There was a photo of it in my old Gallery, on OnyxTheCat88, but of course, that's gone now…

159. I created the Plz accounts BoltDogPlz, MittensCatPlz, RhinoHamsterPlz and BoltSuperBarkPlz! Soon to come will be BolttensPlz and BonyxPlz, all made with my own bare hands!... and a computer. So if you use any of these, just remember it was Bolt's biggest fan EVER who created them!

160. I am such a clever genius in the way of finding Bolt pickies on the web, I tried typing 'Volt Star Malgré (can also be spelled Malgre) Lui', which is Bolt in French, on many different image search engines. And it worked!

161. I decided to visit the Japanese Bolt website! I got there, and played a really cool Bolt game, but I didn't know what to do because all the instructions were in Japanese. So awesome though!

162. On shaunthesheep.co.uk there is a Sheep Talk forum, which is basically a chat engine. I set up 'The Bolt Club', which got over 120 pages of people talking about Bolt! That's true! Type 'shaunthesheep.co.uk the bolt club' on Google to find it.

163. I felt a weird connection with Bolt ever since I discovered it. I didn't know what it was, but I couldn't stop looking at the very first advert in that advertising booklet…

164. I ditched the idea of 'Disney's Bolt – The Next Generation', because it had a boring plotline and wasn't really getting anywhere with people. I'm now writing a new Bolt 2, called Disney's ONYX! The tail (lol) of one cat with a lightning mark on her leg who went on an incredible journey with Bolt, Mittens and Rhino!

165. When I was Bolt 'DVDless', I got my friend Liam to copy it for me, and I still have that same disc.

166. I have Byron Howard's email address!! Yes, I finally found it! As soon as Disney's ONYX is written, I will be sending it to him, along with this list of reasons and a list of my Bolt collection and a link to my deviantART page – I want him to tell me I really am Bolt's biggest fan!

167. Bunny-Boo12 is striving to get me something Bolt for Christmas this year. She says she can't guarantee it, but at least she is trying!

168. When I watch Hotel for Dogs, I always spot the American White Shepherd in the scene where all the dogs are running through the city streets.

169. I now have 5 Bolt posters in total, and all of them are on my wall or door somewhere.

170. I discovered and became obsessed with Bolt exactly 2 months, 16 days before the official, 2D UK release of Bolt in cinemas (I'm not counting the date it came out in 3D, that was unofficial).

171. I researched Bolt as soon as I discovered it, using Google, Yahoo! Films and the official Bolt film website and official game website.

172. That very first advert I cut out on the 27th November 2008 was stuck beside me at night so I could stare at it. I just adored the way Bolt looked, but had little knowledge about it. His lightning mark, Mittens' eyes, Rhino's ball all looked so appealing!

173. I have a spare school tie on which I drew Bolt in black Sharpie pen. It looks so cool!

174. Even though I have Bolt on DVD, I still fought through Trojan virus after Trojan virus to download Bolt for my iPod, so I could watch it anywhere. And I succeeded!

175. I have seen Bolt EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since June 15th 2009, which was when I got my Bolt DVD, which is also the day it was released. That actually means I've seen Bolt more than 364 TIMES! (it's 364 in a year, isn't it? Someone correct me if it isn't)

176. I'm getting so much extra Bolt stuff now that I've had to expand my Bolt Corner! Photo of that in my Gallery.

177. I always take my Bolt merchandise out in public, but especially my Bolt plushies, figures and books.

178. I have calculated _ Bolt Days that I celebrate! There's November 19th, when it was released in America, then November 27th, when I discovered it, 4th of February, when it was released in France, 6th of February, which was when the 3D version was released in the UK, then February 15th, the 2D everywhere UK release, and August 9th, the cinema release for Japan.

179. I have kept the packaging and tags and such from the Bolt stuff like my bed sheet, all my plushies, the drawstring bag, the Rescue House and the Bolt Magazine Special.

180. I almost died from the cuteness and awesomeness of a white Alsatian I saw with Edzo08, Bunny-Boo12 and LolRabbbit outside the park, and the park was outside the school.

181. I recently downloaded the French, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese versions of 'I Thought I'd Lost You' by John Travolta and Miley Cyrus.

182. Any random thing I see can spark a new idea for this list. Bolt really is everywhere for me!

183. When I searched up my old username, OnyxTheCat88, it always came up with stuff titled with stuff like 'OnyxTheCat88 – Bolt's biggest fan' and 'The biggest Bolt fan ever, OnyxTheCat88' and sometimes just came up with random pages about Bolt.

184. My favourite and most resourceful pencil to use is my Bolt pencil.

185. I have folders for my art, with the name of a month then the year. Inside those folders are other folders depicting the subject. EVERY ONE has a 'Disney's Bolt Fan Art' folder inside. Every single one.

186. Every other day, I get my 14" Disney Store Bolt plush and brush him with the same brush I use for my own hair. He cost enough for my Grandparents, so I like keeping him neat and trim.

187. When you click on my age/gender/location tab, it comes up with my 'real name', my age and such, and three reasons why I'm on dA. The first one on that list for me is 'to be Bolt's biggest EVER fan', or something along those lines.

188. From #160 to #199, I was writing these reasons down on paper in note form at quarter to 12 at night by the backlight of my iPod, while listening to the Bolt soundtrack on the iPod too.

189. Every time I listen to music and daydream, Bolt is always in my daydream somewhere.

190. In my dA comment signature, the only thing I talk about is how I'm Bolt's biggest fan. Nothing else. There's even a link to this list on it!

191. I've managed to fill a whole 200 page A4 sketchbook with nothing but Bolt drawings. And that does include Mittens and Rhino.

192. Me and Bunny-Boo12 were pretending we owned dogs recently at the shopping centre. She had a Chihuahua named Luna and a Collie named Lavender, and I had my American White Shepherd with a black bolt on his side named Bolt!

193. I changed my phone ringtone recently to I Thought I'd Lost You… Might change it again to Barking at the Moon in Italian soon, it's more rare so I'll be looked up to as the biggest Bolt fan EVER whenever my phone rings!

194. If at anytime I need to take a bag out anywhere, I always bring my Bolt bag, wherever it is!

195. I own a blank gold medal of sorts, shaped just like the Bolt tag logo. I wrote BOLT on it in brown sharpie, attached it to a bit of brown leather with some silver string and made a Bolt collar!

196. Bolt quotes are always slipping accidentally into my everyday speech without anyone noticing. For example (and this is true): "Do my eyes deceive me? Is this some apparition I see before me? Or could it be…? Our Math's teacher!"

197. The tag line for my Bolt dA Group, Bolt-Fan-Group, is 'Founded by Bolt's #1 Fan!'

198. I made my own Bolt cookie cutter recently, and using white, black, pink, brown, grey and yellow icing I made my own Bolt cookies! They went too quickly for a photo, unfortunately… My bad.

199. The fact this list of reasons why I'm Bolt's biggest fan is about to reach 200 could be a reason in itself! And it's not going to stop there at 200, either! Just because the last reason always says 'the very last point' doesn't mean it will stop. It says that because that has to be the last one for reader impact. I just add new ones behind it.

200. I made an account on Triviala.com with the name BoltsBiggestFan.

Even Bolt can't take anymore shit from this girl.

201. On Triviala, I have made the very first and most difficult Bolt quiz on the net, besides the Bolt quiz on Fanpop.com. (I come 4th Place on the High Score Board for that, and I'm going to make a new account to try and get to 1st!)

202. A person who I didn't even know for a day already knew I was Bolt's biggest fan by the end of that day! I had my Bolt bag with me, she saw I was 'Bolt's Biggest Fan' on Bluetooth, I kept constantly making Bolt quotes and I showed her the photos of my Bolt room, my Bolt plushies and Bolt posters! And by the end of the day, she even asked me to draw her a pickie of Bolt! But we never got round to it, shame…

203. I keep constantly going on about Bolt 2 now. I cannot wait! Disney's ONYX is a proposed Bolt 2, once I've finished writing it!

204. I'm planning to pay through the nose when my Bolt 2 is released to go to the Premiere in Los Angeles, go to the opening day in America AND Britain, and see it in 2D and 3D again, like with Bolt 1 and get every single piece of merchandise that is being sold. Anywhere, any price, I will buy it!

205. Out of all the current entries for my Misadventures of Onyx contest, the majority of them include Bolt somewhere. Isn't that amazing?

206. In all the dA families I'm in, I'm either an American White Shepherd or, to be a little less specific, a white Alsatian. Always.

207. I know off-by-heart what the Art Director, the Lead Character Designer, the Animation Supervisor and the Visual Development Artist's names are for Bolt. Just like that. But if you ask, I won't tell – It will reveal the answer for the hardest question on my Bolt quiz on Triviala!

208. On my iPod, I have more memory taken up with Photos (975 MB) than with Videos (846.9 MB) and Music (211.3 MB)! And ALL, and I mean all, of the Photos are Bolt ones. I have ALL of my Bolt pickies on there, and the total at the current time is 879 pickies. I will make a new point for when I reach 1000!

209. I also currently have 13 Bolt videos on my iPod!

210. Bunny-Boo12 is strongly fighting for my side against BoltsNumberOneTopFan, who is a fake! She uses eyeliner and Sharpie pens for her 'tattoos', she's photo-shopped the 'photo' of a Bolt pennant that apparently she made, and also photo-shopped a 'signed' Bolt poster. Bunny-Boo is an EXPERT at Photoshop, and can tell the difference between real and fake. Go ahead and ask Bunny-Boo if you wish!

211. On my door and walls and computer monitor altogether, I have exactly 39 Bolt pickies and posters, no matter how big or small.

212. When I go to type the word 'both', I usually end up accidentally or instinctively typing 'Bolt' instead. I really can't help it!

213. I spent over 20 minutes yesterday counting exactly how many Bolt pickies I'd done since I discovered it, including the digital ones, the ones I did in my Diary leading up to seeing it, and the very first ones. In total, I can't remember exactly, but there are over 1200 pickies, including very tiny doodles and the ones I did in my school planner too!

214. The pickie on my current avatar, well, I FOUND IT FIRST! On the 27th July, I print-screened the proof, and there is a Deviation in my Gallery to prove that! Anyone who uses that pickie for their avatar got it off me!

215. If you type in 'disney bolt' on Google Images and make the size 'Icon' on Advanced Search, it comes up with a pickie of Bolt I did in icon size on the very first page! Try it yourself!

216. I love food not even half as much as Bolt, and believe me, I spend at least 65% of my time just eating! That's a HUGE love for Bolt!!

And now for the last, most important point.

[-+]We've saved the best 'reason' for last..

217. This is the point I treasure the most, as it's the most emotional link I have between me and Bolt. My talking Bolt plushie was at my side to comfort me and gave me something to cry into at about 5 o clock or so in the morning, at the hospital, when my parents announced my Grandma had passed away. I was devastated, and only the soft sound of Bolt saying, 'tell the Green-Eyed man that I will not sleep, I will not rest, until my Penny is safe from his evil clutches!' when I squeezed his paw in anguish made me calm down a little. I sort of felt safe. Know what I mean? That is a TRUE story. Don't believe me? I would NEVER make up a story like that. I'm not that sick as to lie about something like that.

That was the very last point on the list just to make you think. Think that Bolt is not just a film. I don't just love him for the fun of it. I have that mental connection between Bolt and that reassuring comfort he brings in really bad times. That's the main reason why I think I am Bolt's biggest fan. Not JUST for the merchandise. Not JUST because I watch it every night without fail. It's because he was at my side at the worst moment in my life so far, and I will never forget that.

Do you believe me now, TheHorseArtist? Do you now, MistyWolf97? Everyone that either denies me the right to be Bolt's #1 fan and stupidly, selfishly and stubbornly thinks they are themselves OR thinks I'm immature and pathetic? Do you all believe me now? Thankies for reading, because I've been wondering whether I should have told that story or not for a while now, and decided it would make you all think. So get thinking…

[-+]Merchandise She Owns

iconboltdogplz: My Bolt Things Collection! :iconboltdogplz:

Books and Media

  • Bolt Special Edition DVD with shiny cover
  • Disney’s Bolt on PlayStation 2
  • The Art of Bolt book
  • Bolt – The Magical Story
  • Bolt – Book of the Film (the novel, in other words)
  • Bolt Panini Sticker Book that’s completed
  • Disney’s Bolt – Magazine Special, exclusive to its time and cannot be bought now, not even on eBay
  • Mint condition ‘Escape’ cinema magazine, with Bolt as main feature

Figures and Plushies

  • 14” (“ means inch) Bolt Lying Down Plushie, Disney Store Exclusive, with tags still kept from the plushie AND the packaging
  • 12” Talking Bolt Plushie
  • 8” Rhino Plushie, with Tag still on his ear
  • Bolt Super Bark Figure, stand and bone to match
  • Bolt Figure with Tongue Hanging Out
  • Exclusive Rescue House with Furniture and Mittens figure


  • Bolt Activity Set (given to me by ~Edzo08. Thankies Edzo!)
  • Three Bolt Notebooks, two completed
  • Bolt Pencil
  • Two Bolt rulers
  • Bolt Rubber
  • Bolt Colouring Pencils
  • A4 Bolt Sketchbook, completed
  • Large Bolt Calculator (given to me by ~Edzo08. Thankies Edzo!)
  • Three extremely rare Bolt postcards, purchased at a Sci-Fi convention… :confused:

Home and Travel

  • Bolt Single Duvet Set
  • Two designs of the large Bolt ‘Invincible’ Poster
  • Medium Bolt Wii Game Cover Poster, which is really rare with a magazine I got, can’t be found on eBay
  • Long, Uncompleted Bolt Sticker Book Poster
  • Small A3 Bolt and Penny Pullout Poster with Disney’s Bolt – Magazine Special
  • Really Rare Bolt Drawstring/Gym Bag, however you say it (given to me by ~Edzo08. Thankies Edzo!)


  • Bolt Balloon Animal
  • Bolt ‘USA’ Supportive Hat on the 2012 Olympics Day at school
  • Origami Paper Bolt Figure

Homemade ‘Bolt’s #1 Fan’ Flag, EXACTLY like Rhino’s

With thanks to Mum, Dad, Granddad, Nanny and ~Edzo08. Without them, my Bolt collection wouldn’t be possible. It wouldn’t exist. Thankies to all of you for helping me own the WORLD’S BIGGEST DISNEY’S BOLT COLLECTION!

Merchandise she thinks people give a crap about About missing Pics
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TL;DR She's a fat loser who wants to bone an animated dog.


Especially lulzy "reasons" from the list include:

Still think it's a harmless hobby?


What's this? Someone's stealing my Bolt!
Oh wait, never mind! She drew fanart of my OC so that means we're BFFs!

Onyx's biggest rival is MistyWolf97 (BITCH MOVED Look here instead: MistyTheBlueGSD who also claims to be the biggest Bolt fan ever. This causes them to scream and have cat fights with each other all the time, even though they claim to be best friends for life. One of their biggest habits is copying each other and screaming at the other for copying. It's hard to tell who copies who, since they seem to do it at the same time.

However, MistyWolf97 was banned, along with her alternate account, BoltsBiggestFanEVER, because she was underage b&. That is, she was 12 and using deviantART.



Apparently Misty is the reason for all of Onyx's butthurt! It's not that she's Insane and wants to fuck an animated dog, not at all!

The following is some stupid rant she feels worthy of making it a deviation. She calls it "Reunion With Hope".

For your trolling pleasure. Sadly, since the bitch bawleeted her dA account, you can has no trolling. No worries! Check out her Sheezyart!

Also copypasta'd here, for archiving purposes.

[-+]Reunion of Hope Art Description:

Thinking is actually one of the easiest things to do, really. When a Philosopher says they get paid for their job, they've got it pretty good. I consider myself a Philosopher sometimes, because I spend such a long amount of time simply just thinking. What is the meaning of Life? What lies beyond the stars that we all see in the sky every night? When will the last time I see them be? Some call it paranoia, yes, but for me, it's something more than that. But amongst all my thinking and fanaticising I've been doing lately, one subject just keeps on surfacing in my mind… Do I suck? Do I suck as much as everyone's been saying? Really?

For about two or so months, I've been in a sort of Internet exile, been a Web hobo, with no place to go and no one to comfort me. And, please, don't say Fanpop has been a home. Fanpop, ugh, the very name even disgusts me now. I've spent a month being called, for example, 'cocky', a 'fat butt' and 'traitor'. All of my art was spat on and discarded by the nefarious community and my fiction was simply ignored. Anything I did, someone seemed to be able to do better. It was an all time low, the lowest I had sunk in all of my web community history. My friend-turned-devious-enemy had brainwashed all of my old friends and pushed me away. BoltLover, BoltTheSuperDog, DianaCarr, even Anubis… They all turned their backs away from me. I was so alone, shivering in the cold and dusty parts of the Internet where all the old fames and big names go to rot and die away, retired from their job of being adored by a wide number of fans. And I joined them, rotted with them… In the times I wasn't going black under the eyes from staring mournfully at the LCD of the MacBook, I was in front of my upstairs computer, typing, eating and crying. I'd dissolved so much; drowned in the insults and abuse I was receiving from every direction…

I eventually gave up on Fanpop and advised my French cousin Martine not to go there. Good ol' Martine didn't give up, though. She restored a small, tiny fraction of the light that had died inside me, reminding me that not everyone hated my guts. She drew her own Bonyx, or 'Vonyx' pickies on Fanpop, fought my side, not surrendering until her job was finished. She didn't take the attitude of the French army, anyway… And then she emailed me with a link… from Marne'. Marne' Swanepoel. She hadn't forgotten me after all. I knew Marne' to be my best friend, my popular, amazing and be-awesome pal that had always been by my side through anything. During my disappearance, I thought the most upsetting thought… 'She has so many friends now… Am I still her best? Or… does she have someone else up there with her now?' She had more popularity and Watchers than I'd ever seen.

It was Christmas Eve when I got time to open Martine's email. In the link was an image, a print-screen of her Windows 7 (?) desktop with a difference. I looked longer and realised the smiling, fat tan cat on the desktop was none other than… Onyx. My fursona before the depression set in. …On someone else's desktop. That sparked a flame deep within my heart that had been gone for nearly three months. Slowly, ever so slowly… I came back to life.

I started drawing again, starting with a single pickie of Bolt, which turned out to be my best one yet. I hadn't lost my touch after all! I re-signed back up to deviantART the same night, excited to talk to Marne' again. I followed the address bar to her page, waiting to be greeted with that dedication to me as her best buddy on her page, like she always had before. Then I arrived… and it had gone. If anyone else had looked at it, they may think she never even knew me. My beam slowly turned into a frown as I scrolled, seeing all these other amazing friends and pickies they had done for her.

How can I compare?' I thought. 'I'm shit at art, just look at these pickies she has been given! Look at all these new friends she has. I'm just one now, one small little person amongst many she knows…' I looked down and sighed. 'They're all probably in better shape, too.' I looked at my Hermione Deathly Hallows poster and thought one last thing. 'Ron is simply known as Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived's friend, and nothing more. A friend of a famous name… Would I become the Ron to her Harry?'

I commented on her page saying I was back and receded back to my own page, the sincere thoughts running through my head over and over. I thought, 'Will any of my old friends still remember me…?' …Until FireHeartFan15 added me to their Watch. FireHeart, one of my best pals on my old accounts. I was more than thrilled, I was beyond thrilled… be-thrilled! Then TheKittyLover commented and Watched, saying she 'freaked out' when she knew I'd returned. Freaked out? No one had freaked out about me for months, I wasn't exactly familiar with the term or the action, never mind the reaction of cheer and utter bubbliness. Midnight-Sea then commented, saying she was Kaya-Wolf and that she wanted the Holly wallpaper back so she could use it again. I nearly fell backwards out of my chair when one, she said she used it originally, two, she was a big fan of mine, three, she uploaded a print-screen of her desktop with the very same Holly wallpaper she wanted and four, she was going to draw Onyx. Draw Onyx, my fursona? Actually draw her? No one besides Martine had done that in nearly half a year! I was so honoured!

After all of this, I had two more Watches from my old pal JonnoTheHedgehog, an amazing friend of mine, and IggySheltie, a person I hadn't really met before but seemed like they were a pretty awesome artist. I was back on form once again! And this time, there was nothing stopping me. The Dark Mist and her evil, backstabbing minions weren't going to make a wall between me and my title this time, because I had already reclaimed it. My reunion with hope had finally happened! I had an army forming already, an unbeatable one, which wasn't powered by violence and evil, but by good, light and friendship. They weren't going to let me go without a fight…

…Onyx the cat was back… for good!

...riiiiiight. She'll be gone in two weeks, amirite.

Also this gem, which she entitles, "Demoralised... but UNDEFEATED".

Go flame the shit out of this. Also copypasta'd here for archiving sake. This one is lost and bawleeted too. Srsly, OP, get a screenshot next time!
[-+]What she thinks is happening.

It was story time in the digital realms of deviantART, when artists and authors of all ages came together to hear the latest tale of bravery and courage, of loss and depravity, ending in a wondrous joy as the hero or heroine triumphs over evil once again. This time, a cat was telling the story.

The cat in question looked scarred and battled, worse-for-wear and black under her large, hazel eyes. But beneath this damaged look was a fat and jolly tan feline with a solid black lightning bolt embedded in the fur of her back left thigh, who a lot of people thought hadn't changed a bit, despite the eerie blood stains and the messed-up, stressed-up burgundy hair. Her name was Onyx, and she had some wicked mates behind her.

All of her old friends had returned to hear her story, including her best friend Marne, a Sonic-looking turquoise blue cat with chocolate brown hair, Marne's friend Twist, a russet coloured feline with ginger patches, who was from the future, and BluePatch, a shaggy auburn dog wearing a black hoodie with a blueberry coloured patch of fur round one of her eyes, hence her name. There was Rose, a candy-pink feline, Jonno, a grey-and-brown wolf wearing rather awesome red striped arm accessories, Riley, a golden coloured Labrador and Sunny, a rather bubbly small dog with a mark on one eye that looked like a sun. Also, there was Erik, a skinny and handsome blue cat and Martine, a charcoal grey feline with a Pi sign etched into her fur on her left side in black.

"Thankies, all," Onyx said loudly, raising her paws to arouse silence amongst the fursonas surrounding her, "for joining me today, so I may recount the trials and tribulations I have encountered over my time away from deviantART."

A couple of people giggled - she had such a British accent!

"But, before I start, let's go back in time to the simple life, the time we all remember as my OnyxTheCat88 days." Onyx sighed. "Oh, those were the days, eh, those were the days! I had not a single bit of competition in the BOLT's biggest fan race, not a single troll to be found." Onyx smiled with the warm nostalgia. "Life was good, great, shazam! Until…" Onyx lowered her head and her voice dramatically, "… she came.

"She came with the most wicked and evil username that had ever come to cross my path to date, a username which, to this day, still doesn't hold as the truth, and never will - BoltsBiggestFanEVER. The Dark Mist had entered my personal space and mucked up my beautiful, blissful way of life. I was happy, until that worthless pile of competition came along!

"Let us now fast-forward to about three months ago, when The Dark Mist was posing a massive threat to me and my glorious, pent-up reputation as BOLT's biggest fan." Onyx, who had been standing up the whole time, paused to sit and sip the glass of water she had on a table beside her, giving the fursonas a chance to whisper. "I was almost ruined, crushed. I HAD to leave. I had no other option. If she didn't pack her bags, then I had to instead. I saved as many of your pickies as I could into my drive -" she coughed, "- uh, I mean suitcase, yeah, and just got the fuck outta dodge. Couldn't stand another minute being threatened with losing myself!"

"Where did you go?" Twist asked inquisitively, tilting her head to the side.

"To Fanpop…" Onyx hung her head low again, "… where I thought I was still loved. Turns out… I was wrong.

"I returned without a single pleasant comment from anyone. It was all, 'Oh, The Dark Mist's done better, The Dark Mist's superior and you just suck', plus all the names under the freaking sun!" Onyx put her round face into one paw, then muttered, "I was alone. No one was there for me. Not a single person.

"I grew weaker, taking up self-harm, not getting a good night's sleep in weeks, comfort eating and violent imagery, art work, music and literature.

"I left Fanpop a short while after that with a bindle on a stick like in all those movies, with all my close cyber belongings; the old Bonyx pickies and adoring art from all my friends on deviantART, long lost but never forgotten. I kept them close, reminding myself each day there may be a small wave of hope in this sea of black. I'm not drowning, I told myself… I'm not drowning… But it was hard to prove that to myself."

"Did you come straight back here after Fanpop?" BluePatch asked.

"No, I travelled after that. I travelled to a website I cannot and will not say the name of publicly, (IT'S SHEEZYART YOU GUISE) in case The Dark Mist has some sort of spy. Any one of you could be a secret supporter of The Dark Mist…" Onyx narrowed her eyes. "If she joins my other website, I have absolutely nowhere to go where I can just be me! Even now, you are talking to a lie. I'm not myself anymore, I'm something far different. Has no one noticed the difference? No…?" There was a silence. "Good.

"On Christmas Eve, I had a long discussion with my mum about deviantART. I told her all about all the awesome friends I had on there, in amongst the evil and despair, there was light on that site." Onyx then randomly giggled. "Hee heh, that rhymed! Sorry, off subject." Onyx cleared her throat with embarrassment. "After a long talk and a lot of convincing, Mother let me travel back to deviantART again. And well, here we are now."

Onyx stood up as Jonno said, "You're okay now though, right?"

With a long sigh, Onyx let her arms fall to her sides and her head hang. "I don't really know anymore, Jonno. I mean, yeah, I've given up self-harm, but the comfort eating still exists, the aggressive art and music still stands. Point is, The Dark Mist has grown ever stronger in my absence! But…" Onyx stood up straighter, boldly lifting up her head and throwing her chest out, balling her paws into tight fists as she did so.

"I have returned, nevertheless. I may have returned demoralised, broken, dispirited and soulless… but UNDEFEATED!!"

Onyx roared the last word with pride as the crowd cheered, whooped and applauded. "Who has been cruelly taunted and exiled?"

"Onyx!!" The fursonas chanted.

"But who's going to regain power and take control of deviantART again?"


"And who's the biggest BOLT fan…?"

"ONYX!!!" all of Onyx's amazing friends bellowed joyfully, louder than ever. Onyx fell backwards off the stage with a grin, going for a bit

of crowd surfing. She could hear her fursona pals groaning with the weight amongst all the cheering, and laughed to herself. She had never

felt happier! She was so happy, in fact, she could hear a cat meowing and crying in the distance… Huh?

Jess Golden awoke suddenly to see nothing but a black, furry face. The face opened its mouth and another mewl for attention escaped it. It was the black, male Onyx, the real-life Onyx, her pet cat.

"Oh, hello, boy…" Jess said to her cat. "You hungry, little man?" Onyx meowed again and jumped off the bed, waiting patiently by her BOLT covered bedroom door. Jess found herself gazing fondly at the door, staring at one pickie in particular… the digital drawing ShazTheRaz on deviantART did for her, with Bolt and Onyx, Jess's fursona, Onyx, atop a cliff in moonlight. Jess smiled.

"…Who knows? Maybe I'll come back properly after all." With another impatient cry from the real Onyx, Jess looked away from the pickie and down at her cat. "Okay, I'll feed you now. Okay."

TL;DR she cuts herself over an animated movie.


Being banned on Deviantart and FurAffinity, where else is she going to turn to? That's right; Sheezyart.

Getting noticed

Unlike Deviantart or FurAffinity, Sheezyart was not impressed by her works and did not pay attention to her until she complained why no one comments on her art or reads her journals. Since the latest journals tend to be bumped up to the front page, of course everyone saw her plea. Naturally, the users of Sheezyart try to set her right. You don't whine and cry if no one gives you views! Unfortunately, she takes them as trolls and haters, so she bawleets the whole journal!

The next thing to do? That's right! Bawl about the haters you just got on Sheezy (even when they're actually just helping you out). She even adds how other users are stealing her poor, little Bolt and Ron Weasley! Don't you dare draw Ron or Bolt together with your OC, or she'll cut herself and eat until she gets fat. Oh wait, she already is.

TL;DR, she's a butt-hurt bitch who makes sure that only SHE gets Bolt and Ron penis.

Sheezyart has been through some dry and boring days, so this drama was perfect to band together and party hard. Dozens of users gave her a spanking, and some trolled her harder. This journal has also been bawleeted.

If you ever have the time, feel free to troll her as much as possible. The bitch has disabled both scoring and comments in her recent pictures, but that doesn't mean you can't troll in her other pictures and her PM box. Use the other sites she roams in to your advantage too!

  • Draw your OC and Bolt snogging each other
  • Draw your OC and her ugly furry version of Ron Weasley snogging each other
  • Draw her OC and Bolt/Ron Weasley breaking up
  • Anything else that downgrades either Bolt or Ron Weasley
  • ???

After Onyx asked why is she getting so much hate, the users gives the most simplest of answers: That she is a stupid bitch who should never, ever offspring

The Adventures of Boltfag! About missing Pics
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TL;DR: Onyx must make a journal apologizing to everyone for being a retarded prick.

In the end, the fat-ass is too proud to do that. She had a day to comply, but instead of making one immediately, she continued her little butthurt bitching. Sheezy was not amused. Many try to reason with her once more, but you know Onyx! The wuss would make sure to ignore them delete them all!

As of October 5th, the lulzcow made a journal apologizing to the community. She was one to two days late of making one when demanded, which we all know because of her horrendous over-sized whale of a body slows her down. Which means we won't be giving a rat's ass about her until she does something incredibly retarded that it has to be recorded. IGNORE ALL OF THAT, SHE'S STILL A GIANT PILE OF FAIL EVEN AFTER APOLOGIZING. Seriously, this girl will never learn her lesson.

Hey Onyx! Tell your mother that SHE RAISED YOU WRONG.

[-+]The 'apology' journal, if you're interested in reading it.

Bolt lies.jpg

After a sort of brief convo with Axil, I’ve looked back on the journals and stuff and, well… I’m the biggest prick of all pricks that ever existed. Besides Justin Bieber. But that’s beside the point.

The point is, maybe I overreacted. Wait, no, I DID overreact. The journal about no one liking the pickie, yeah, alright, that was sad and lame and stupid, and I see that now. Overreaching, overbearing and dumb. There. A rule of three to show I mean it. My arts aren’t that good and ima just accept that, even try and improve to get better. I’ll see it as learning, I suppose

And then the longer journal… the one I did when I was quite sad… the doctor diagnosed depression that afternoon but, I shouldn’t have gone and blown it all out of proportion and taking it out on the people I love. Which is, the people on Sheezy! Who am I to make such a big mistake? A jackass, that’s what! >m<

To Claire, I apologise. Maybe I offended you somehow, and whatever I said to upset you, I completely take it back and I’m sorry if I did anything wrong. I didn’t realise I’d made you mad or angry and, well, instead of just hating me all of a sudden, if you’d have just said what I did wrong, I could have mended it. Well. I’ve mended it now with this apology. I think. I HOPE. Please can we just be friends again, or at least acquaintances, like the Claire I remember before? The one who drew Onyx and loved it when I drew Mrs Bean?

To Row, ima say thankies actually, for not deserting me after I was, lets face it, a complete cunt who deserves to die in a human-size shredder or whatever else the makers of SAW can think of. Bitch is too light a word in the situation. Really. I deserve to die. But you never left me and I appreciate that deeply :3

And to anyone else who may had gotten mad with this in particular - I own nothing, okay? BOLT isn’t mine, neither is Ron - I’m a fan and I shouldn’t have acted like they belonged to me personally - I know who they actually, you know, BELONG to, I’m just a protective fan who clings to the things I love the most, to get through life easier. I was mad that day and I regret it, alright? ;m;

To anyone involved with the update / creation of my ED page… I’ve looked at my ways, the ones you’ve picked up on and displayed my remorse here. Isn’t that enough to remove the damage you did, just like I’ve done here? Even just an edit - no print-screens and all text or something? Or just remove it all? It was my mum who was more distressed at that rather than me, so spare my innocent mother the pain and at least just edit it, tone it down, like I’ve tried to amend my actions by writing this journal.

To Claire, that artist lady, Azul (was it Azul? The one with first Mufasa, then Scar as their avatar?) and some of the others who thought badly of me - is this enough to be forgiven for the stupid way I acted? I thought a lot about what to put here - I just want to be liked again, just the little sort of nobody like I was before, who would rather have no comments than bad ones, not famous for being hated… I scratch your back, you scratch mine, as the saying goes?

TL;DR, She's just doing this because she don't want to get trolled again like in her last gazillion art accounts. You know how people learn from their mistakes? Onyx is just isn't one of those people.


In other news, she's got a 'Sheezy bestie' called SnivyPokemon. Think of her as the new MistyWolf, only not so bitchy. She's totally BFFs with Snivy but treats her like dirt! Why? Because she gets secretly jealous whenever Snivy draws Onyx' bastardized Ron with Snivy's own OC, Rowena. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Apparently, only Onyx can have Ron and only her! No one else! Yup, she's the best friend one can ever have!

How to treat your best friend About missing Pics
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As of October 7th, another Bolt fapper has appeared in the fray, announcing everyone that SHE was the biggest fan of all. Complete with a Bolt icon and two shitty Bolt drawings to boot, you wonder if Sheezyart is about to snap with all these Bolt fans running about. Actually, Sheezyart welcomed the user with open arms, knowing how much more lulz can be reaped! Just as planned, this angered Onyx. She immediately warned the challenger that Sheezy was a trolling site where everyone stalks your every move and knows about your past.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The challenger has not made his/her move yet, and we're all waiting in anticipation. Nothing has happened and nothing ever will except that we have reaped a good amount of lulz from here.

LOL, the fat bitch is banned from Sheezy now, too.

Yes!! The plan worked, the plan worked!! :D My plan to get banned from SheezyArt worked, and it's all thankies to that dumb fantard Rowena!! Aha she had no idea the was going along with my plan! :D


October 11th 2011, the day was marked holy by all Sheezy artists.

BoltsBiggestEverFan Sheezy ban.jpg

Boltfag was banned for making one final hate-art against SnivyPokemon, and SA banded as one once more against her.

Unfortunately, OP was fucking asleep and wasn't able to get a screenshot of what was happening or the picture in question that raised this hell-fire. :(

Her reaction? She made it look like she planned this all along. She spread her word at SumoPaint and FurNation. She also continues to bully the shit of out SnivyPokemon as if she were PMSing 24/7.

Outside of Sheezy, more trouble brews About missing Pics
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Since Boltfag has been banned from SheezyArt, the place has been celebrating like never before. However, for those who wish to continue her legacy of hypocrisy and such, you may find her at Furnation. Furnation is a blasphemous shithole that's a combination of Facebook and FurAffinity. It can't get any worse!

Link to Boltfag's Furnation account SHIT HER NAME IS FUCKING LONG

A warning though; You must make an account before you can get to peek into anyones profile there. Also, everyone is a fag there and acts like everything is sugar-coated in the site when actually everyone is a crybaby whore.

Onyx and FurNation About missing Pics
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DisneyBOLTno1BiggestFanEVER: DEAR GOD! SHE FUCKING MADE ANOTHER ACCOUNT AFTER THAT OTHER SHITTY ASS ONE WAS DELETED. Looks like she deleted the account or banned there for stealing another user's work without permission to post on that shitty site.


No doubt we have pictures of your favorite obese cat! She's bigger and more horrendously horrifying than Garfield!

Like most tartlets, she thinks her art is the shit and brags about how her schoolmates think she's the best at drawing/drawing Bolt. Unfortunately this is not the case: her art sucks ass. Keep in mind that we're talking about a sixteen year old. SIXTEEN.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Watch the obsessed fangirl scream and cry at other Bolt fans! Watch the fatcat amazes you with threats to kill herself for you mocking an animated fiction movie! Only SHE can be Bolt's number one fan and ONLY HER!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


No doubt we are fairly amused of how the mind of this obese cats works! We've made some delicious fan-art to show how much lulz we milked from her.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

E.D Page Awareness

Ever since the butt-hurt drama she caused in Sheezyart, she became aware that ED has been watching her every move once again for all your lulzing needs. Instead of changing her ways to be a better human being, she decided to stay retarded, including nuking (aka bawleeting) all comments from users who try to tell her to improve her attitude. Way to go!

Bolt ed.jpg

Apparently, she's more eager for her OC to 'fit in' in Sumopaint than to turn over a new leaf. How perfectly sensible. She also tries to cover it up as if she's proud of her own article.

Bolt fag.jpg

Well, go on guys. Make her day.


Being Bolts Number One Fan is hard work. Not to mention that Onyx has made a story for Bolt 2, in hopes that she can propose to Disney. How can you show how much work you put into this? You make a MyFolio account.

According to the website, MyFolio "is a free art sharing website where you can upload your videos, images, audios & files. Thousands of members are creating their profile & portfolio here and connecting with other artists, employers & the general public. Offering dozens of free tools & features, artists are finding a home at MyFolio. No matter what kind of artist you are or how many years of experience you have, you will find within all the tools & features to meet your goals!"

tl;dr, It's an online portfolio that you go to post your shit and show your future boss what you can do.

For your lulzing needs and documentation, you laugh at what she thinks is a legit portfolio.

Does she think she can get a job through this? About missing Pics
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Here, Boltfag decided to continue her work of traumatizing her best friend, SnivyPokemon! I mean, it's what every best friend should do right? After the Bolt Fapper's stay in Sheezyart, Snivy was highly influenced by Onyx's art style, so she used Onyx's art as a reference. No doubt about it, Snivy was improving in miraculous heights. Many praised her for her improvement, but Onyx was not so happy. Why? Because Snivy was getting better!

Apparently, Onyx the Fag thinks that 'referencing' equals 'copying', so she uses this excuse to downgrade Snivy. She might as well be copying millions of Bolt pictures and claiming them as her own art! Click here to see her perfectly sensible mind at work.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Personal Information

Real name: Jazz Gibson

Age: 16

Birthday: July 8th 1995 (You can either curse this day or send her a bountiful amount of Bolt pornography. Either one will send her bawling.)

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset

Country: United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Profession: Being a skinny bitch who's fapping to Bolt porn + seeking a new furry boyfriend (RUN little boy!!!)

Faking Her Own Death

The stupid cunt faked her own death! (Even her "friends" are posting her death was a fake. What a loser)

Furfag told everyone via facebook she had been hit by a car and died. Because she's stupid as HELL she was active on her youtube account AFTER announcing her own death. What a FAIL.



Boltfag somehow managed to get a boyfriend who isn't a fat bastard like herself but as thin as a twig. How she managed to get a catch like that, no one knows. She probably caught the poor bugger using a KFC box. The relationship didn't seem to last long due to being with him since she made that weasyl account. She made a journal about it, baawwwing about him on how much she misses him and want things to be back the way they were before he went to get a new pair of spectacles. After complaining about being single for about two days, she manages to fall in "love" yet again and claimed this boy was her "soulmate", until that boy dumped her for being a prick. She is now on her third boyfriend. (Dumped as of December 2013, because she was immature and clingy in the relationship and was caught, by said ex, flirting with another furry during a fur meet as she was not allowed in the venue as she was not 18)


Journal To Say, No Longer Bolt's Number 1 Fan

This is the quote from her journal, which you can view here on her Weasyl account.

So everyone is wondering why I've given up being the #1 BOLT fan. If you didn't know that's what's happened, now ya do. I'll try and make this brief as I really don't think it's something I should be mourning for ages because heck, it's a new stage in life y'know?

The title I took when I was young meant a lot to me yes, but it's because I had nothing else. The Bonyx pairing was a symbol of my loneliness, as I feared I would never find anyone that would truly love me, hence inventing a fan pairing to try and fill in the romantic space that was aching in my heart. The title was a fight for power, dominance, I wanted to be above the rest in something because I compelled at nothing else and I wanted to feel there was SOMETHING I had going for me - and at the time, it was that title. This was 2009. I was only 12 / 13. It's 2013 now, I'm almost 17 years old, and things have changed. I don't want to cling to symbols of power and loneliness anymore, because now I have Joe, my true soulmate for real instead of a fake pairing, yes people can still support Bolt and Onyx as an OC x Canon pairing but I would prefer it if everyone shipped me with my REAL one true pairing, the one I actually live for real perfectly now, something I didn't have before when I invented such things. As for a fight for power? Who needs it! I was the 'top' of what was essentially kids and young teens who were fans of a Disney film. What was that being the top in power and charge of anything? That attitude doesn't suit me anymore, I want to blend, I've had enough of this spotlight and 'fame' for something that's really not worth it. Also, I find it's a symbol of childhood. Like when Andy gives up his toys as he's moving on to college now y'know? I'M at college now, passing down my title to another kid who thinks they can uphold it, doesn't matter which as it's not my problem anymore. I was tired of the fighting, it seemed quite immature towards the end. Fighting with kids I had never even met before, quite a few years younger than me, over a title which may or may not actually exist etc, basically, everything the trolls told me on dA years ago when I was still too young and blind to listen to them. Trolls, you're no longer trolls. SURE you could have put it a little nicer... But your point was evident none the less, and I've moved on now. I understand now. I'm in a committed relationship, studying for diplomas in a college course, making an income, getting towards moving out of home and starting a life with my loved one, it just seems too much to handle with my stress-filled life now. The younger children have more time for things like this now, and they're welcome to it because I'm gladly handing it down now. It's all people ever knew me for. I'm far more attached to my Furry side now - I would much rather be known for my stereotype as the friend who is the chubby dog, with glasses, who's forever hungry and enjoys feasts of food and even eating other Furries too, I would even prefer my Furry side of me to be my main reputation, than this. Try and make an effort to talk with this new reputation of me in mind, BOLT is not my entire life anymore. Take note of my PERSONALITY, not just my old main interest... You can still consider me the #1 BOLT fan in your hearts, but don't attack those that try and claim it, as it's theirs now if they so wish. My bad days of getting throngs of white knights to 'support me' are over, they really are, that was very childish of me. You can still think this in your mind, and you can still support my BOLT pairing, but it's not my thing anymore - I'll still always love the film and I'm not giving up loving the film or the character, and NO WAY HOZAY am I selling ANY of my merch as I love it all to bits, I really do - I just, I don't wanna claim it as a thing anymore. I don't wanna try and like, push that as my owned property, I just wanna blend and be just another big fan of BOLT like the others. As I'm older now, my #1 fan faze is officially passed. I've inspired many with my story apparently, with my four+ years of keeping the title, and the moral stands, 'Always stand up for what you believe in, because it's your opinion.' But if it's becoming a nasty thing, and it seems silly, then stop - they're entitled to their opinion too, and I've learned that now I've grown up and I have more going on irl, and I have more of a future planned out, I just don't see a place as being a #1 fan in it anymore. Not worth the fights, not worth the hassle, not worth getting me banned from any more sites, not worth me getting bullied by people anymore. I mean on this topic, look at how many sites I got banned from for this! Look at the internet reputation I got from it! It was just not worth it in the end. I AM NOT THE SAME JESS GOLDEN YOU KNEW THREE YEARS AGO, ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA. You can leave me alone now, I'm through with that. I'm a changed fur. I'm working on editing all of my websites to revert to a regular me, a me that just fits and blends as apposed to a me flaunting a title I don't want to uphold anymore, this change won't be immediate and will take time as there's a LOT to fix here. Four years worth to fix.

... When I said I was gonna make it brief I lied Oops >->


Will the bitch change her spots? Will her 2nd 3rd current boyfriend runaway like the last one did? (Looks like he just did). Will she ever lose weight? Find out next time on Who Will Claim The Last KFC Chicken?

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You can also call it the list of shame

    • Furnation Account: She is ACTIVE! You have to make an account to view her shitty gallery and other crap. Also, made her profile friends only.....WHAT A PUSSY! Bawwwww, looks like her account got lost in a server failure. Never bothered to make a new one as she is too lazy to get off her lazy fat ass while stuffing herself with KFC!
    • Her sumopaint Though no longer uses, it's there as a document to show how much people she managed to manipulate to her boltfag ass pairing.
    • Her 'portfolio' HAHAHA.
    • She got a tumblr AGAIN! Take advantage of that Ask box!, Bawwwleted.
  • VK Account:


  • The Legendary Sheezyart Account:

  • The legendary Furaffinity account hopping! Onyx LOVES to ban-evade!
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png Bonyx-BOLTsBiggestEverFan LOLBANNED, we have no idea why yet but you can still see her shitty artwork. About 2 pages.
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png BOLTsOnlyTrueBiggestEverNumber BANNED FOR BAN EVADING and posting shitty artwork. This one has the most boring galleries.
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png BOLTsOnlyTrueBiggestEverFan BANNED FOR BAN EVADING TWO ACCOUNTS. Feel free to read her description there for lulz
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png BOLTsTrueBiggestFan_Photos Photos to compliment previous FurAffinity link. Also banned and boring.
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png A-Fat-Cat-Named-Onyx BANNED FOR BAN EVADING A FUCKING GODLY AMOUNT OF ACCOUNTS. The mods are getting the hang of it too - Onyx didn't even had the chance to upload anything here!
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png haiitsonyxagainlol BANNED FOR wait a minute, she just made this account to whine and spit at her haters. Wow.
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png anonymousfatcat LOLPERMA-IP-BANNED FOR FUCKING BAN EVADING EVERYTHING, but you can still check out her pathetic excuse of a gallery. Contains most of her disgusting vore porn.
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png overweightcaninetechnerd REALLY NOW? DOES SHE EVER FUCKING LEARN?
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png ilikechickenwings OH MY. Banned again. But the fugly girl announced to create a new one. AGAIN. Why doesn't she learn? Perhaps it's the missing brain.NEW
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png jetthewhitewolf Because she lost her job (I bet you really didn't see that coming!) she has now plenty of time to create new accounts on FA and spend money on stupid shit! Banned AGAIN.
    • Furaffinity-favicon.png fatcorgi WHY???? Why does this creature not start getting a life? NEW

Thanx for showing everybody that you are unable to learn ANYTHING, dear J. Gibson aka "Onyx"!

Onyx Forepaw is part of a series on Dying Alone

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Those Dying Alone

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Their Methods

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